531 Tasting Notes


I’m liking this one. I tried it iced this time. Very fruity and light. Good for the summer!

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This makes a decent cup of tea. I like the crisp ending it provides. No cream/milk, no sugar. I don’t know if I’ll repurchase seeing that there are other teas I like more, but it’s fine.

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Oh, Marco Polo! Why do I not like you as much as I thought I would? I have read reviews upon reviews saying that this is a delicious, fruity, sweet and beautiful tea. The cashier commented on the tea saying that it was a big seller and that everyone loves it. I steep the tea and take a whiff. It’s definitely fruity and somewhat creamy… but I just don’t like the flavor. I have even tried this with a splash of milk and little bit of sugar and still.. something is just off! Too much black? Too much fruit? I don’t believe I’ve been over/under steeping or scalding the tea at all. I’m very disappointed since I seem to be missing out on a wonderful taste. What am I doing wrong? I’m out $20 on a whole tin of this thing and wish I could doctor it to make it as delicious as everyone says it is! It seemed like it was the ultimate dessert tea… and boy, do I love my dessert teas. Help?

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I don’t think I’ll purchase this tea, but the cup that I did drink was alright. It smelled exactly like chocolate and raspberries. I think that I prefer this combination in an actual chocolate square and not in a tea. I made it about half-way through and then realized that it was a little too… rich.

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I tried this tea iced. While it was fruity, I didn’t detect BLUEBERRIES, specifically. I found that there wasn’t anything that really distinguished this tea from Republic of Tea’s other fruity blends. Perhaps if I try it hot, I’ll get more of a blueberry flavor. I love blueberries so I hope it’s true!

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Sleepytime has been a staple in my tea cupboard for a long time.. years, in fact. It’s got that familiar simple, soothing and minty taste. I love having this before bed when I can’t seem to settle down. I wouldn’t say that it’s anything spectacular, but it does have good memories tied to it and is something that I’ll always keep around.

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drank Spicy Chocolate by Kusmi Tea
531 tasting notes

This is a pretty good tea! I don’t taste too much of the chocolate.. mostly the spice only. It’s pleasant without milk and I look forward to trying it with milk as well. While it’s not my favorite dessert tea, it does make a decent cup.

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I am starting to think that Zhena’s tea is just not for me. I’m not tasting any of the vanilla. There is a tiny hint of sweetness, but it’s mostly just a bland tea taste. I’m not impressed.

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drank My Morning Mate by Teavana
531 tasting notes

I haven’t been terribly impressed with Teavana teas,
the ones I’ve tried have been just okay or too over the top. I very much like this tea! Yummy! It’s very smooth, sweet and has a pleasant flavor. I’m glad I gave Teavana another chance. Delicious!

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The tea smells exactly like a pastry or scone with raisins and almonds. I like the idea of these sweet foods, but maybe not in my tea. It doesn’t provide a superb taste.. Maybe a little bit too much raisin? Too much of the “bready” tone? I think this would be fantastic if you like the idea of drinking a breakfast pastry.

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Favorite teas: Milk Oolong, Flavored blends, Dessert teas, Creamy Teas, Rooibos, Oolong, Black, Green
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My Rather Picky Ratings
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80-89 – Quite good! A very pleasing cup.
70-79 – Room for improvement, but not bad.
60-69 – Mediocre.
50-59 – Bad. Will not purchase.
49 & below – Depending on the more specific rating: Undrinkable. Yuck. Will not purchase.

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