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This cup of tea is decent today. I needed something different.
A bit drying in the mouth, but the flavor is smooth & definitely coconut. I’ve been trying to stay away from Golden Moon ever since my disaster experience with their honey pear. A good, drinkable tea. I don’t think I’ll purchase this, but it’s pleasant tonight.


Good description-it does have a dry flavor…

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Yummy tea! Almost sweet by itself. I love this with some sweetener and a splash of milk. This is a delicious tea to have in the morning or afternoon.

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I thought that I would enjoy this tea more… it smells just like hot apple cider, so I was expecting something much more flavorful. The taste is there.. it’s just, quite soft and not as pronounced as I would have liked. I’m also tasting more of the other ingredients and less of the apple. Good, but not great.


My favorite was to drink this was to combine it with a bag of unflavored green tea. I’d let the green steep for 3 minutes and this one for 10.


Jaime, did you taste a bunch of apple or cider at all?
I’m wondering if maybe I missed the point of the tea by expecting cider notes… instead of the flavor as a whole. I want so much to like this tea more!


I don’t remember much about it, but I do remember thinking it was rather weak. It never smacked me in the mouth and let me know it was apple cider. I almost bought another tin of it though, because I remember taking the last bag out and sadly staring into the empty tin. It was one that grew on me, I think.

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I was excited to try this since I love Republic of Tea, but I’m not a fan of this one. The smell was delightful, almost like vanilla ice cream. The taste is not good. There is a definite taste of black tea, but the sweetness is a bit artificial? Gross? Whatever it was.. I dumped this cup.

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drank Caramele by Lupicia
541 tasting notes

Not as sweet as I would have liked. Mostly a black tea taste with a sweet flavor in the swallow. Not bad, but I won’t purchase more.

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I tried this cold and it brews to a beautiful red. I wish there were a bit more fruit and not as
much of the “spice” flavor. I really dislike teas that have that peppery kind of taste. Won’t be buying a tin of this.

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I really like this stuff.. Very sweet, though.
It’s best cold, but is nice hot as well.

I definitely have to be in the mood for one of these.

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drank PG Tips by PG Tips
541 tasting notes

This is a great, simple tea.
Delicious with milk and sugar.

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Tonight is a very good night for this kind of tea. It’s rainy and quite gloomy. I normally stay away from black teas at night… But it just seems right. The scent kind of smacks you in the face. It’s definitely a mix of coconut and strong spice. I like it! I wish I had some milk so I could try a more creamy cup.. But right now I’m happy.

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This is a bit too much jasmine and not as much chocolate as I would like. I’m finding that it’s not the clean kind of jasmine, but the rather forceful and ‘smelly’ kind. I do like the slightly sweet finish, but it’s not my favorite.


Chocolate and jasmine now that is an odd combo…

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