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This tea has a beautiful smell and is definitely coconut. I think it would make a really nice iced tea, but as for hot.. the black base is a bit overwhelming, at least for me. I prefer tea bases to be somewhat “smothered” with the added flavor. This is definitely a pick for someone who loves a more balanced relationship of coconut and black tea.

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I love the name of this tea and wanted it to be great. The smell is of a creamy, rich chocolate. The taste, however, is significantly different. I can get hints of chocolate, but now as much as you would expect from the scent. Isn’t there a darn mate (or other tea, for that matter) with a rich, creamy chocolate taste? I might be asking too much.. trying to find a healthier, but equally satisfying replacement for hot chocolate. Anyway, this tea isn’t awful, just a bit disappointing.


Have you tried 52teas’ Malted ChocoMate? It’s got a pretty strong chocolate flavor!


I agree Janefan!! I love their Malted ChocoMate…too bad I’m out.


Janefan and mrawlins2, I will definitely look into this kind! Thanks for your suggestion! :)

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(Psh.. no, this isn’t my fourth cup of tea today… I’m not obsessed!) If I didn’t know this was an apple tea, I wouldn’t have suspected any apple in the scent. When I think about apple, though, I can smell it! All of The Republic of Tea’s red teas seem to have a strange spicy scent added. The actual taste isn’t anything special. I sense no caramel and only a slight hint of apple in the aftertaste. A little bit of sweet is there too. It’s not bad, but nothing special, in my opinion.


So 4 makes you obsessed, huh? lol! Well I have 8-12 on an average day. And that’s only if you count my 16oz cuppa chai as one.


Cofftea, that’s quite a lot! I guess I considered my 4 cups to be in excess because they were all so different and varied.. not any kind of resteeps or anything. ;) I usually have 2 cups of tea + 2 cups of coffee each day. 8-12 sounds delicious, though!


Well 4 1st infusions may be a lot of caffeine (especially w/ that coffee… do you EVER sleep? lol), but it’s not a lot of tea:) Just curious as to why you choose not to resteep.


I try to have tea without caffeine if I have had coffee already. Sometimes I’ll skip the coffee and have just tea with caffeine if I feel like I “need” it.

Not resteeping is wasteful on my part due to laziness. It usually happens because I bring the tea from the kitchen to my room to work on homework and leave the teaball/teabag downstairs. I also tend to get distracted with things and simply forget about the leftover tea in the kitchen. Haha :)

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So I can’t quite get a grip on this tea.. there is a lot going on. It tastes tangy and slightly sweet. It has a kind of calm fruity presence. The funny thing is.. I don’t really taste either pomegranate or vanilla, so where are the flavors coming from? What I love is the tingling effect it brings to my tongue — I think that might be from the ‘fruit’ aspect of the tea. This might be a good tea to have iced as well. Overall, this tea is enjoyable!

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This is a very unique tea. I haven’t tried anything like it before. It’s very sweet with a light drying effect at the end. The scent is slightly milky, but also with something else.. I’m not sure what. The experience was pleasant overall, but very difficult to describe! It makes for a very sweet, aromatic and smooth cup of tea. Beautiful. I think I’ll enjoy the rest of this, but won’t repurchase until later on because it is awfully expensive!

Made this tea again and I love it even more.. so much that I’d adjusted my rating. One of my favorites!

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Oh I loved this tea at first sip. I thought that it smelled great.. of pure cinnamon and was nicely sweetened by itself. The flavor was something unique, spicy and uplifting. Maybe I had had too many cups.. but after a while, it just started tasting like rubber, literally. I took a break from the tea and came back.. and again, rubber. I want to be able to drink it as it was a nice sweet cup, but won’t be able to get around that flavor.

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I was really excited to try Ginger Peach Green Tea by TROT because they say that it’s one of their most popular teas. The smell of the tea is slightly peach, slightly something… gross? I can’t really describe just WHAT the smell is, but I am not fond of it. I guess I was looking for a bit more peach. The taste is actually a bit more subtle than I expected, and it is drinkable.. but for me, it’s just that. I didn’t notice anything special in the flavor.. and wouldn’t go out of my way to try this one again.

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drank MateVana by Teavana
513 tasting notes

I had high hopes for this tea and it wasn’t that they weren’t fulfilled… it’s just that it’s much different than I expected. I think this tea has a nice, complex flavor to it… I only wish I could taste the chocolate a bit more. When I think I’m getting some chocolate, it’s more like a drowned flavor mixed with bark. The woodsy taste is part of its character, but I think it could do with a little more sweetness. The tea also leaves a bit of a drying effect in my mouth and is almost acidic on the way down. Again, it’s not bad.. but I don’t think I’ll buy this again.


I prefered My Mate by Teavana better than this one…but neither taste very chocolate-y to me. More like a roasted flavor?


Exactly! Roasted is a perfect word to describe this tea.

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drank Earl Grey Creme by Teavana
513 tasting notes

I’m finally back in the tea business after my recovery from Golden Moon Tea’s horrid Honey Pear. I was seriously put off of tea (GASP!) for quite a while because of that disgusting brew.

Anyway, Earl Grey Creme from Teavana is delicious. It’s smooth and not overwhelming. I don’t taste much vanilla, but there is somewhat of a creamy aspect to the way it goes down. My mouth would love more of the cream element. I’m not the best at noticing the differences in Earl Greys, but this is currently my favorite. This is a pleasant cup to drink without any milk or sweetener!

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