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464 Tasting Notes


I grabbed this tea from the traveling tea box that was sent my way recently. It looked very interesting — little rosebuds tucked away in a little plastic bag. I have certainly enjoyed the teas from Bluebird Tea Co. and I don’t mind the ingredients in this blend. It doesn’t smell the best after it’s steeped: herbal, a little soapy and a bit of rose.

Sipping… hm.. this is pretty interesting. It’s very smooth despite it having some ingredients that could potentially make it a little sharp or strong. I definitely taste the rosebuds, but they’re not over the top. The lemongrass is present, but lingers in the background and lends more of an earthy/herbal note to the cup. I can’t taste the cocoa shells which is a little sad, but there really weren’t too many so I can see why.

I’d say that this is a solid cup of tea. It’s nice, creative and calming. I don’t think it’s my favorite from Bluebird Tea Co. and I’m not sure if it’s going to be in a future order, but I’m indeed happy with this blend tonight. Lovely!


I just received some of this myself today, and was also surprised at the little tiny rosebuds. I’m a bit scared to try it now, however after this review maybe I’ll give it a go.


You should definitely give this one a try. It smells interesting, but is very smooth and not overwhelming.

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This evening I wanted another cup of tea, but only an oolong would do! This one looked like a nice choice. I generally like ali shan oolongs, perhaps not my ultimate favorite, but a solid choice. The scent of this tea is buttery and floral. The floral notes are sweet and simply gorgeous! I’m excited to see what this tea will taste like because the scent is beautiful.

Sipping… this is quite delicate! I was expecting more of a floral smack in the face, but this is very smooth.. it’s almost like a whisper of what I want it to be. A tiny bit of astringency finishes off the cup, but otherwise it’s very smooth and almost milky. I wish that this tea had a little bit more to offer in terms of the flower or butter notes, but it’s nice. I think that this could be a good choice for people who are new to oolongs and aren’t sure where to start.

Even though I could use a little more flavor, I could see myself popping this into my shopping cart. Thank you, Teavivre, for a sample!

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This cup is just what I needed to wake up and focus on some homework! It’s a bit thick and a little astringent. This seems like it would be the perfect tea to have with milk, but I’m having it plain today. I catch some smoke and some floral notes as well. The floral notes come towards the end of the sip and help to round out the cup. The smoky flavors are quite mild which is nice as I don’t care very much for teas with heavy smoke. There is a bit of a lingering sweetness with the astringency — quite brisk yet smooth. I’m excited to see how this one will be with milk — I’ll add it next time! Thank you to Scheherazade for sharing!

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Any tea that is milky: milk-scented, milk-flavored, naturally milky is a must-have for me. I’m not sure what it is, but I do like creamy/milky teas more than anything. What’s strange is that I rarely have milk in my tea unless it’s an English Breakfast or I’m having afternoon tea. The scent of the dry leaf reminds me of a milk oolong. Once water has been added, I do smell more of the black tea combined with the milk. It reminds me of milk-flavored candies, not milk from a carton.

Sipping… oooh, this tea has a bit of a thick mouthfeel that I really like. I taste a bit of an astringent black tea with a bit of powdered milk. It’s not really creamy, but has that very distinct artificial milk flavor. Overall, I’d say that this is a relatively tasty cup, but is a bit too fake for my tastebuds.

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drank Graveyard Mist by 52teas
464 tasting notes

This is one of those teas I didn’t know if I wanted to buy or not. I’m not a huge fan of mint, but the combination of marshmallow root and malt sounded quite good. If the mint could be masked, I actually might enjoy it! This tea reminds me of those conversation hearts that are available around Valentine’s Day — the minty ones. Sipping… I’m surprised that the mint isn’t super strong. I don’t taste a bunch of the marshmallow root, sadly. It ends with a very abrupt, sharp and almost bitter note. This tea is on the verge of tasting like toothpaste or mouthwash or gum.. but it’s not as MINT! as I thought it as going to be — so good news! Very happy that I was able to sample this (thanks to the traveling tea box) and not have to buy a full pouch.

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I love angel food cake and thought that angel food cake flavor + a white tea = dream. When I opened the pouch, I was hit with a scent that is almost identical to children’s chewable Tylenol. Oh, it brought back memories of having to a) eat the stuff b) wash it down quickly with water after c) hope to never do that again. It’s funny the way scents bring back memories even years later. After the water has been added, it’s toned down a little bit and the white tea steps forward. I actually get a bit of a headache after smelling this one.

Sipping… good, it’s not entirely Tylenol… but I taste artificial grape mixed with white tea? Eh.. not a good sign. As it cools, more pineapple comes out and the white tea becomes softer. I also get a tiny bit of something sweet in the background that reminds me more of candy than cake. I’m thinking of a Lifesaver candy… the piña colada ones? It’s not explicitly a tropical holiday tea, but I definitely get that vibe.

So, I seem to be missing the mark with my cups of tea today. I hope I can find something to sip on that won’t make me feel sick.


That’s too bad, because a pineapple angel food cake should be instant heaven, no pun intended.


It should! I’m not sure what happened with this one.

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I enjoy a good dragonwell tea and seeing that this was the base for this blend — I thought, perfect! There is something about the pumpkin spices that really bothers me. I can’t put my finger on what it is… the ginger? The clove? Nutmeg? Either way, it’s not something that I want in my tea. I actually don’t mind pumpkin spices when they are mild or mixed with something as in a pumpkin pastry or pie. I think that pumpkin spices are quite comforting around this time of the year, it’s just when I can isolate one of them that ruins it.

This tea tastes mostly like pumpkin spice with a very faint green tea in the background. I do like the base and think it would be a nice tea on its own, if given the chance to be sipped without the addition of other flavors. All of the spices come together to create an outline of a pumpkin flavor, but it’s not truly pumpkin. I continued to sip even though I had a pretty good grasp on what this tea was all about.. it’s just not what I want it to be. As for the toffee? Can’t taste it at all — it’s all about the spices.

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I never would have thought to combine jasmine with a Yunnan tea. I do like the idea, but this one’s a first for me. I received this in a swap and as my message box and my own memory are failing me at the moment, I cannot remember who sent this to me. I apologize, but thank you nonetheless!

Sipping… this one is very interesting. The first thing that I taste is the jasmine. It’s definitely nice and sweet — I like that it’s not stinky as it sometimes can be. It’s awfully strong, though. It stays present throughout the entire sip, but lets the Yunnan peek through every once and a while.. but just barely. The Yunnan is rather weak and tries to tone down the floral notes, but only manages to be present on the tongue for a matter of seconds. The jasmine takes over in the end and contributes a honey-like sweetness for a memorable finish.

This is a nice and unique combination of jasmine and Yunnan. I wish that the jasmine could be toned down a bit so that the Yunnan could shine through. Yunnan is such a nice tea on its own that it’s hard to see why you’d want to add anything else that could potentially mask its natural flavors. This would be a nice choice for anyone who loves jasmine, but might want a different take on the tea base.


Oh yeah, jasmine can so easily take over, it seems.


Incendiare- completely agree! It’s such a nice flavor when it doesn’t take over, but sometimes… it’s like drinking a flower bed.



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I just wrote a tasting note for this tea, but something happened with my internet and I lost it. I really don’t want to write it again… so to summarize, I had two cups of this and didn’t find either of them all that eventful. The scent of the tea was rather nice: floral and sweet. I could mostly taste the flowers with a hint of astringency, but no fruit or vanilla. The second cup was more like perfume than the first, but the astringency balanced out the flowers so I didn’t get a headache (sometimes super floral teas are too much and make me feel sick). I wouldn’t turn down this tea, but there are so many oolongs that are much more delicious.

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The dry leaf of this tea smells like a dark chocolate bar with a hint of coffee. I am a big coffee drinker, so this smells quite good to me: dark, sweet, strong. After water has been added, it seems like the tea comes out quite a bit more and lends more of a sweet, roasted note. There is still a touch of chocolate in the background, but the tea itself is really the strongest.

Sipping… This is quite nice! It reminds me quite a lot of coffee with a hint of dark chocolate. I’m also picking up some caramel notes and a bit of wheat from the tea. This tea has a richness to it that I appreciate, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the coffee/dark chocolate flavors or if it’s because of a weird ingredient. When I think about buying more, the idea of finishing off more of this tea seems a bit daunting… strange because I don’t entirely get the sensation of, “this tea is too much, just a few sips is good enough!” I’ll give this tea another try to see if I can flesh that out a bit more.

This is quite a unique tea that is nothing like I’ve sipped in the past. I think it would be a good choice for coffee lovers or for those who like darker, deeper flavors in their tea.

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