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I really loved Butiki’s other plum tea, Traditional Plum Pudding, but it was discontinued and replaced by this one a while ago. Although I was sad about the plum pudding tea, I knew that this one stood a good chance of being delicious as it combined plum AND cheesecake into one tea. The scent of this blend is mostly tangy and cheesy. The plum reminds me more of blueberry, but I bet it will come out in the flavor.

Sipping… I first taste a smooth, almost tart cheesecake flavor. It reminds me a bit of the 52Teas cheesecake blends and is almost artificial-tasting. It quickly changes into a sweet, juicy plum. Delicious! These flavors work so well together.. this cup is so good and so very unique. The only thing that I don’t really like is that the base becomes quite astringent and sort of distracts me from enjoying the cheesecake and plum. I think that I would like a different more silky base because it would really make this tea even better. Still.. this is so original and tasty. Mmm!

Lariel of Lórien

Mmm… plums.

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This cup scared me a little bit with its dark brown color. I haven’t had great experience with darker puerhs, but I’m trying to branch out a little. The scent is familiar: rice, hay and a little bit of something fishy. I typically stay far, far away from fishy puerhs, but once it’s cooled a little bit, this tea loses a lot of that fishiness.

Sipping… this tea seems to be dominated by two main flavors: rice and earth. I don’t necessarily taste that fresh hay that I’ve had with the greener rice puerhs, but this one is very smooth, starchy and sweet. It’s far more tasty than I thought it would be. I’m really surprised at how smooth and sweet it is. The earthy flavor is nice in that it isn’t too much like dirt. Given the choice between this one and a green rice puerh, I’d likely still pick the green one, but I’m very happy to have seen what the other side is like.


I love this one. My first reaction was like it was too much of fermentation. But then i realized that i like it after 2-3 tuo chas. You can pour out couple steeps.


I definitely liked this more than I thought I would! So smooth and sweet… Really nice rice flavor too!

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The first sip of this tea is thick on the tongue. It brings to mind pouring honey from a jar. The main flavor I get is of butterscotch candies, particularly the hard ones that stick to your teeth when you try to chew them. The rest of the sip is where flavors become a little muddled for me. I’m picking up on the white tea, some very light floral notes and something similar to toffee. I can’t seem to taste any of the hazelnut or mocha flavors. The finish is brisk and quite astringent.

I like the butterscotch flavor, but there’s something a little too artificial about it for me. I’m not wild about the base either, but I think it’s because I’m generally not a white tea person.

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drank Snickerdoodle by DAVIDsTEA
602 tasting notes

I’m a little bit nervous to be trying this one. It smells tasty, but also like hot cinnamon gum. It’s so strong that it calls to my nose from the other side of my desk. I enjoy a good Snickerdoodle cookie, but after reading that this blend tastes a bit like cinnamon water, I don’t know if this is the best representation of a Snickerdoodle tea.

It smells like hot cinnamon once it’s steeped and I’m hoping that it offers something more. Sipping… Hm, not quite as strong as I thought it would be. The strongest note is definitely the cinnamon, but it’s not that crazy cinnamon punch I was expecting. It is warming, but tastes very much like cinnamon candies or gum. There is a nice sweetness to the cup as well and it adds another element to keep this from being complete cinnamon water.

I am really happy I tried this one before buying a bunch. It’s not terrible, but really doesn’t resemble a Snickerdoodle to me and has too much cinnamon for me to want to have this permanently. Many thanks to Ost for sharing some with me!

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drank Caramel Apple by Butiki Teas
602 tasting notes

Oh, this is so yummy! I love caramel apples especially during this time of the year and this tea really captures one in a cup! There is a really nice balance between the caramel flavor, apple and the oolong. Everything tastes so fresh, too.

I love that the oolong adds to the buttery caramel flavor, but it also gives off the slightest floral note. The caramel is not at all artificial tasting and remains sweet, rich and creamy. As for the apple.. it really shines towards the end with just a hint of tart skin. The caramel, apple and oolong seem made for each other and they just work so well in this blend. What is most impressive is the flavor isn’t covered up by the oolong. You really do taste all of the elements of this blend with each sip.

I think this is definitely going to be on my repurchase list. I have a feeling that it would become one of those teas that I would need to be in the mood for, but it certainly is satisfying.


It’s perfect, this tea!

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I was expecting this to smell more like rose, but it smells much more like raspberry juice. I was also thinking that it would taste more tart because of the hibiscus, but it’s actually not as strong. The fact that the hibiscus is tolerable leaves more room for the sweet raspberry to shine.

For me, this tea reminds me most of a watered down fruit juice. It brings back memories of a raspberry juice I loved when I was younger. I think this would be awfully delicious iced as it’s naturally sweet and refreshing. I should have made some of this during the hotter weather! I don’t think that I would buy this again to have hot, but it would be a nice iced treat.

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drank Marabout by THE O DOR
602 tasting notes

This tea smells so delicious. Sweet rooibos with notes of caramel and pastry. The rooibos itself seems like it’s of good quality and is actually a little bit finer than others I’ve had. It makes a beautiful red cup.

Sipping… the rooibos is softer and smoother than others I’ve had. There is still a rather distinct woody flavor that always comes with rooibos, but I appreciate how smooth this one is. There is a gentle sweetness that wraps itself around the cup, but I can’t really tell what it is… to me, it tastes awfully similar to a caramel rooibos. This sweetness pairs very well with the rooibos that it almost seems like they’re one. I am a little confused about the apple as I can’t taste any, but I think that I’ll have to experiment with this blend a bit more to see what other flavors I can get.

I really enjoy the smoothness of the cup and love the strong notes of rooibos and caramel, but I feel like I’m missing out on the other apple and toffee flavors. I will play around with this a little more to see if I can bring them out of hiding.

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I didn’t really know what to expect with this tea after seeing that some people haven’t been that impressed with some of DAVIDsTEA’s fall blends. The only other blends I’ve had so far this year have been the pumpkin chai and maple sugar. The maple sugar wasn’t terrible, but needed a bit more maple. I was curious about this one because apple cider teas always get me excited. Apple cider is the perfect drink for fall, but I haven’t been able to find a tea or herbal blend that fulfills my apple cider need. They’re either too sweet, too tart, too spicy or too weak. The real apple cider can be too spicy and have too much sugar for me to have at one time.

Now that I’m sipping this blend, I can say this is probably the most apple flavor I’ve gotten in a tea. Even still, it’s not very strong and remains quite watery. It actually tastes a little like pear at the start of the sip, but apple (including the tart skin) comes out at the end. I also taste a touch of spice, but only at the end as well. The majority of the sip is mostly watery apple with a heavy sweetness. I can’t really figure out what makes it so sweet, but it seems like it’s a rather artificial vanilla flavoring. I think this blend would be better without this as it makes it a little funky.

I’m not sure if I would repurchase this blend. A part of me wants to because it’s the most apple cider-like tea I’ve had, but I don’t really know if I like it enough to own a bunch of it.

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I was in a banana tea phase not too long ago, so I was so pleased to see this pop up on 52Teas’ website. I especially love that this is a simple banana and caramel decaffeinated blend with not a whole lot of excess stuff to distract from the banana. The scent of this blend is more honeybush than banana, but the banana is still there.

Sipping… I’d say that I mostly taste honeybush. I’m assuming that the caramel is blending quite a bit with the honeybush because I don’t taste a separate note of caramel, just the generalized sweetness from the base. The banana is present, but rather faint. There is a bit of a sour finish that comes from the honeybush. This cup is enjoyable, but I want more flavor.

I’m finding 52Teas to be hit or miss for me. This one is more enjoyable than some of the recent blends I’ve purchased. Too often I’m thrilled to order a delicious blend, but find that it ends up tasting nothing like what it’s supposed to. This one was just okay for me – too much honeybush and not a whole lot of banana and caramel. I won’t have trouble finishing off the pouch, but I don’t think I’ll buy more.


I was looking at this blend, especially now that it’s on sale, but I find 52 Teas honeybush blends tend to mostly taste like honeybush so I am glad to see that confirmed in your review, though I am sorry it wasn’t the tasty caramel banana cuppa you were hoping for.


Thanks, VariaTEA! I think honeybush is hard to work with in general since it is such a strong flavor on its own.

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This tea is a bit different than I was expecting! I thought that it would have strong notes of butter, but it’s much more vegetal and floral. It’s not a bad tea, but I prefer my oolongs to be a little bit more on the milky, sweet, peachy side of things. I just don’t think that this offers all that much in terms of flavor.

I taste leaves, some flowers, minerals and salt water. I think this would be a nice tea to drink if you’re just starting out with oolongs. It’s simple, fresh and rather light. I don’t think I would buy any more in the future, though.

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