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29 Tasting Notes

drank Pumpkin Spice by Teaopia
29 tasting notes

Pleh. There is nothing “pumpkin” about this tea – it’s Papaya Spice. Sure, the spices are those associated with pumpkin pies, but coming in expecting something with that great, earthy pumpkin feeling… I was disappointed deeply. To me, the papaya is too summery, as well, so even as a seasonal tea I wouldn’t care for it.

Also, I’m not a fan of papaya, so there’s nothing actually redeeming it for me. _;

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This one’s a sometimes-tea for me. Another blend we have for my boyfriend’s benefit in the house. I find this blend very dark and rich, but not earthy. There’s a light note from the “buttered” side, but generally I find this one a little strong for me. A nice tea for wintertime, but not my favourite!

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drank Toasted Walnut by DAVIDsTEA
29 tasting notes

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drank Whisky White by DAVIDsTEA
29 tasting notes

My boyfriend loves this, and I cannot stand it.

I’m afraid I personally have nothing good to say about it; it makes me feel nauseous, and makes my gag reflex act up. It smells SO LOVELY and like a banana-coconut blend before it’s brewed, and I don’t pick up the whisky at all. But once the water’s in, I get whisky.

I’ll add – and I think this is IMPORTANT – I don’t drink. Ever. I can’t. So I don’t know if my reaction to it is related to that, but for me this is just too much. But the boyfriend finds it quite nice. _

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This tea is a pretty nice mango blend, but I think I’m oversteeping it; I find it’s hard not to make a bitter mango tea! Until I can master brewing this baby properly, I’ll leave off on any in-depth reviews! ;~;

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drank Creamy Nut Oolong by Teaopia
29 tasting notes

I didn’t think I would care for this tea – don’t know why, I just assumed. How wrong I was – when I finally smelled it, it was everything I had been looking for; I just hadn’t known where to look! This blend is so sweet, but not overpoweringly so. It’s got caramel and almond that I had expected Caramelissimo to deliver, but I didn’t find it did. this was just what the doctor ordered. The almond isn’t super powerful, too, whereas some almond teas can taste entirely different. Give this one a sniff while you can (before Teaopia is gone to become Teavanna!) and decide quickly if you’d like to take some home! And don’t forget to try it as a latté with vanilla soy if you like it sweet! 0

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drank Pink Flamingo by DAVIDsTEA
29 tasting notes

This tea is suh-weet! I don’t mind it hot, but I’d rather drink something else. But iced? Yahoo!

It is so delicious, with a great medley of flavours great for an iced drink that is very sweet. If you have kids, I’d say this is a great alternative to sweet drinks loaded with additional sugars. Plus you can always throw in some lemon if you like to taste! I made this in my home (no kids here) where we rarely stock iced tea, and it disappeared in no time! The bright red/pink colour, too, will trick kids into thinking they’re drinking their Kool-aid wannabe stuff. But nooo… It’s tea! So great!


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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
29 tasting notes

This spicy tea is just lovely! I got it from my sister (!!) when it was being discontinued (tears were shed!) but then it came back!! But because of its rarity back then, I drink this tea quite sparingly, and generally only for special occasions! It really makes this tea special to me, so, yes, I’m biased!

The dragees add a cute, very “David’s” element to the tea, and when you steep it, look into your cup to see it sparkling gently! So pretty! You’ll feel like royaltea! ^^ They do nothing for flavour (like dragees ever do. =_=) but they really do add a level of richness to the experience! This tea makes me feel so ritzy! And I just adore watching it sparkle; makes me not want to drink it and make them go away, but that’s why you make a big pot!

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drank Dreamsicle by DAVIDsTEA
29 tasting notes


I find it’s not nearly as satisfying as the smell if you don’t steep the heck out of it, but that could just be me. A lot of people seem to think the scent beats the flavour, but who knows! I guess you’ve got to try it.

To think that it’s flavoured with white chocolate kind of shocks me; I don’t care for white chocolate, but it really works nicely. The orange is really nice – it’s a great tea for getting away from spiced orange and into sweet orange; a big difference! Don’t expect it to blend perfectly into kts namesake popsicle, but you can always try! If you want, a neat thing to try is making a latté with vanilla soy! I find it really… Wow. But not always something I’d want!

170 °F / 76 °C

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