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Having this a year later, new batch of course. I must it was a bit more enjoyable this time so I have bumped my rating up from 67. Goes to show how important it is to try from different harvests.

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Thank you Teavivre for sending me this sample. It has been enjoyed. For a full review…


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A surprising tea. Especially for a girl that isn’t particularly big on jasmine teas.

Video Review: http://iheartteas.teatra.de/2012/01/video-tea-review-jasmine-dragon-pearls-green-tea-teavivre/

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Love the video reviews! You speak very well – clear, easy to understand, great sound quality! I have terrible speakers and can hear you so well!

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So this wasn’t my cuppa. Solid but nevertheless.

A quick video review for your viewing pleasure…



I subscribed :)

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Aww thanks. I’ve listened to your radio shows too. :)

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First, I’d like to thank Tea Forte for sending me this sample.

I found this tea to be very tart with a taste of blueberry in the background. I can tell why they call this a merlot. Being a wine drinker, I can taste hints of that merlot sort of flavoring. As for accuracy it is what it says it is. However, I do believe adding sweetner to this tea would actually enhance its flavor. I would imagine that the tartness would be deminished and the blueberry flavor stronger. Unfortunately, I usually don’t sweeten my teas and I didn’t make an exception this time either so as is this is not something for me but have high hopes that it can be worked with and as a result be more palatable.

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Thanks BijaBody for sending me this tea to try. This is my first video review of any tea. I hope there will be more to come. Check it out…


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A basic overview of what comes with the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker and how it works. I had a few people that were curious about the basic so I put together a quick video I hopes will help to answer some questions.



I agree that it is a little difficult to clean, and the 500ml minimum got me at first too, but I’ve gotten used to that. But, my thoughts are this: It is a definite step in the right direction. If you go to any department store, in the housewares department you’re likely to find about a whole aisle dedicated to the various coffee makers out there, but, anything for tea? Maybe a couple of tea kettles, but that’s it. I love that some attention is being shifted to those of us who drink tea.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I completely agree LiberTEAS and that is precisely why I believe those to be minor drawbacks. Super minor setbacks. It is wonderful to finally see something for tea and something so phenomenal at that.

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Please be gentle this is my first ever video that I have made with the intent of sharing with all my tea friends. It is a little long and a little boring but still I hope it captures my excitement I was feeling when I finally got my first chance to use this lovely Christmas gift I received from my dear husband Ralph.



As for the tea – The Milk Oolong I used turned out amazing. I absolutely enjoyed this just as I would have if I had made it the traditional way.


Lucky girl!!! I want one of these… so very badly… *sighs
did the tea taste any different than when you’ve made it otherwise?

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

No difference in taste what so ever. I am very sensitive to taste and this was also my concern and was so thrilled when I experienced no trace of usual after taste or anything. The only reason I gave it a 97 instead of 100 is because you have to make a minimum of 500ml of tea (Just over two cups) and it is a bit challenging to clean because you can immerse or use running water on the external part of the carafe.


nice! sucks about the 500ml. Makes multiple steepings a little awkward.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Oops…can’t immerse the carafe

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After a day of putting away the Christmas decorations my husband and I decided to make this tea as a treat for a job well done. I was concerned he wouldn’t enjoy it since it has walnuts in it but sometimes tea doesn’t react the same way as food so I made it anyway. This particular tea happens to be one I received as a sample with my order and boy am I glad. The moment I opened the package the aroma was intoxicating. I only hoped it would translate into the finished product. Once steeped it did translate but not as strong. Still enough to make one delicious cup. My husband didn’t even taste the walnut. He thought there was a strawberry flavor. I didn’t get what he got. I got the flavor of a dense warm slice of banana nut bread. I love banana nut bread. A great cuppa. I suspect I will have to order a larger bag in the future. Thanks for sending me this sample DAVIDsTEA

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Dry paper, flowers, and perfume. Read my full review here…

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white teas always mystified me but now I like them much better when they are steeped with lower water temps and shorter times.

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