1592 Tasting Notes

drank Boston Blend by Harney & Sons
1592 tasting notes

Oh its been a hectic few days. Soooo hectic.
I officially got the job I applied for, and got my official start date, and gave my notice at the current job.
I have seriously mixed feelings. On one hand, its time to move on, and on the other, I’ll miss this place. I really like my boss, and I think he’s feeling around as sad as I am.
Plus all this newness is freaking me out. I’m a worrier, by nature. I always survive the changes, but I’m always worried about them.
I’ve got a lot to get done in two weeks.

Evol Ving Ness

Congratulations! Here’s to new beginnings!
(But yes, endings are sad.)


Congrats, Rosehips! So bittersweet.


Congratulations! and I can relate to worrying about life changes, but I strongly suspect you’ll be ok either way.


congrads! I hope you like the new job!

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Backlogged from last night.
I was in Whole Foods the other day, which is always an expensive proposition, and I went down the tea aisle. This can be a risky proposition, but there hadn’t been anything new there the last time I had been there, so I thought I might get by unscathed. So I boldy wandered down.
“Tea Pigs,” I said, thinking to myself. “Isn’t that a British Brand? I don’t think I’ve seen that here before. Oh, Liquorice and Peppermint, haven’t I heard of that? Well, I like peppermint, don’t I? Lets go ahead and put it into the basket.”
Its really, really sweet. Absolutely no sugar is needed for this. Its going to blend I won’t want every time I drink a peppermint tea, but when I’m going through cravings for something super sweet (like now) it will be good.
And now I have a new brand to try. Huzzah/aarrhg!

Maddy Barone

We don’t have a Whole Foods near me. Probably a good thing. Right.


Whole foods in Canada is SUPER expensive. I only go there when I need some specialty item that probably won’t be found elsewhere. There are a few other knockoff stores I’m afraid to go in as well! :/

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drank Honeycrisp Apple by DAVIDsTEA
1592 tasting notes

I brewed a small pot of this yesterday, to serve as my writing tea.
I have a complicated relationship with green teas. Well, maybe not that complicated. I want to like them! And sometimes I really do! And then, often, I feel a little queasy after I’ve drunk them.
So I had the dreaded quese yesterday, after drinking this (which is a lovely, and quite apple-y blend), and felt a little annoyed. Come on, stomach, lets just enjoy it, eh?

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drank Boston Blend by Harney & Sons
1592 tasting notes

Its not technically true, but I always feel that autumn ends at the end of November. December= winter to me, and so I’m trying to tidy up the autumn teas I’ve got. December will be winter tea time!
Plus, I want to order a lot of teas of black Friday (blowing my budget, but oh well), and so I’m working on a few good sipdowns!


In meteorological science “winter” dose indeed begin on 01 December. You’re a meteorologist and just don’t know it. :p


I feel the same way!

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
1592 tasting notes

Today is the anniversary of something rather hard in my life. I’m feeling quite sad about it still, and I’m all alone this weekend, friends and family being pretty far flung.
So its a be-nice-to-myself day. I started off with a pot of this glorious tea creation, went to get my hair cut, and ran a bunch of fun errands, buying holiday body products and about a million books. I went to every used book shop in the city, and Barns and Nobel too.
I just cooked myself a nice dinner, with a nice glass of wine. After dinner teas will start soon, and then a Skype date with my best friend.
Its actually been pretty nice today.

Evol Ving Ness

I am sorry for the bad part. But you are excelling at teaching the rest of us how to properly do our best at banishing the blues. I am taking notes.

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drank Boston Blend by Harney & Sons
1592 tasting notes

Tea of the morning, and I underleafed it. Drat!
Its been a crazy morning. The finishing up the application/background check stuff for my new position is proving extra tricky in one respect, which will eat up my lunch break today, which is annoying, as I have other things that need to be done urgently. Grrr.
And I’ve just learned that the current job is moving, which we the staff were not informed about, until the Realtor just showed up.
Argh! This might force my hand into giving notice, though I really don’t want to do that before I get the official go ahead from the new job.

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drank Cranberry Pear by DAVIDsTEA
1592 tasting notes

Done so far today – first shift of work, workout, grocery shopping, and 600 words on the novel. I’m trying to get the writing in before I have to go to second shift of work, and, if I’m diligent, I probably can.
I love a cup of tea while I’m writing. It helps me focus.
This is a very gentle cup, which is the perfect chaser from the bold tea I drank first thing this morning.
Its also a sipdown, which is great, as I’ve got a lot of winter/holiday teas coming in soon.

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Cup I drank this morning, while moving at screaming high speeds. It was one of those mornings when I couldn’t decide on anything, which is always a bit annoying.
This is really strong and bold. Its not my usual cup of tea (ha), but I like it none the less!

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drank Capri by Harney & Sons
1592 tasting notes

Today a calming, comfortable cup.
I’m so busy! I’ve got a bunch of documents to submit to do for the new job (which I’m going through a background check for), I’ve got my current job’s duties, and then I have some work trainings to take tonight for my part time job. That can be done online, which is lovely, as I can drink a cup of tea while I do it, but still.
Sheesh. Plus Nanowrimo!
I can’t wait till things get less busy.

Roswell Strange

What’re you writing for Nanowrimo?


The worst novel ever! Its supposed to be a romantic comedy, and it turns out that I am neither romantic or funny. Grr. I knew I should have done a steampunk adventure.

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drank Boston Blend by Harney & Sons
1592 tasting notes

Tea of the morning!
I’ve got such a lot to do.
In addition to being in the middle of Nanowrimo (and on track, thank you very much), I’m also running around finishing up paperwork for my new job, and still doing all the duties of the current job. Sheesh.
So I wake up in need of power! And power I shall have, in the form of this most autumnal of my teas. Yum!


Hope it helped you zing through your busy day!

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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