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674 Tasting Notes

drank Mint Herb Tea by Bigelow
674 tasting notes

I cannot be sick right now. My boss was sick today, so I sucked down some of this in an attempt to head em off at the pass.
Wish me luck, and no germs!
Usual opinion of this, perfectly fine mint tea.

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This is probably the thing that most closely resembles a no frill chocolate tea, and its pretty good! You really do get a dark chocolate flavor. I’m almost done with this, and next time I’ve got a little experiment that I’m going to try with it.
I dont know if I’ll be getting more of this, but I do like it. Its no frills, which is sometimes just what you need.

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Breaktime! And I can actually cook lunch for myself today, so I sauteed zuchinni with lemon pepper, scrambled some eggs, made some toast, and brewed up a pot of this.
This is a shut down tea. No matter what is happening, I take a sip of this and I immedietly shut down and go “ah”, and am transported to a happy place.
A good lunch, and a very welcome break during a busy day.

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I have not been sleeping well at all. I will need vast quantanties of tea today.
First up is one of my sachets of this. In addition to being exsausted, this is my early day at work, and so I dont have time for a proper steep of loose leaf, and not the emotional energy to appriciate it.
When this is gone I will probably cry.


want to try this so badly! I hope you get tons and tons of sleep tonight.


Luckily you know where to get more. ;-)


Awww. I hope you get through the day ok. :(

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Hmm. I was expecting more from this. More of a chocolate mint KAPAOW! What I’m getting is a pleasant but mild “eh”.
Not as full of chocolate or mint flavor that I crave, despite me clearly seeing chocolate chips in the mix! What gives, tea?
I have the tiniest tin of this, and so I wont be saddled with it for too long. I’ve never been overwhelmed with anything by Mighty Leaf tea. Maybe its just not my brand.

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My morning cup of meh. This seems to never go down. Hmm. Must drink it up!
The more I drink, the more sure I am that this brand is simply not the brand for me.

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Goodness. This was a solid wall of rosebuds this morning. I guess they all settled to the bottom of the tin, and now that I’m nearing the end, I have found a ton of them.
I also think I understeeped this this morning. Its a little light this morning.

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
674 tasting notes

All the tasting notes of this say that its a delicate tea, so I’ve been somewhat nevously avoiding it, because I do not have the gentlest steeping hand.
Hmm. The apple taste is a somewhat more sour apple taste, which I actually like. I’m a fan of crisp apples.
The rose is the factor thats a little puzzling to me. Its a nice rose, but at least in this steeping, I’m not seeing an immediet relation between the two flavors.
Further experimentation is needed!

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Pensive Lemur tea! Hurrah!
Its actually really good, especially for a bagged tea. Not too warm, due to the pleasant note of vanilla cutting through the cinnamon. Very nice.
Only a little of this left. I’ll have to try it against Glitter and Gold and see how that all shapes up!

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I found the tiniest tin of this at my local Marshalls, and justified myself into buying it.
Hmm. Pear. I never know quite what I feel about normal pears, but this isnt half bad. Its not quite as caramelly as I was hoping, but you get a nice earthy note, and the pear tastes properly like a pear, not like something from a bottle.


For a while, I was finding all sorts of unexpected tea bargains at TJ Maxx (a Marshall’s “cousin”) but their tea shelf disappeared last time I looked :(

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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