1667 Tasting Notes

drank Eight Candles by Della Terra Teas
1667 tasting notes

Ooof. Posting will be light, my tea friends! My internet is down and will not be mended till Thursday! Oh the humanity!
This came out rather light as well this morning. Hmmm.

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I remember this from the last time Lupicia sent me this as a sample. Oh boy, in the sachet the strawberry smell is perfect, with a coco note that is quite strong.
Brewed this effect is lost. Its a lightly chocolate, lightly strawberry tea. Nothing to write home about.
Drat! I wish the liquid could cash the smells checks.
Sipdown, though!

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drank Jingle Bells by Lupicia
1667 tasting notes

The Lupicia Fruit department really worked overtime for this one. It is most absolutely grape!
I for one enjoyed this a lot, though still I don’t quite get why it is a Christmas tea.

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I realized the other day that I’m feeling some small amount of stress about the amount of tea I currently have, and its starting to edge in on my enjoyment of those teas. I’m starting to think about un seasonal flavors and sipdown potential, rather than “ooh, I like this one!”
I’m going to try to relax a little about it. For the time being, I’ve got a tea buying ban on, and that helps, and I’m looking to work on the teas that are “autumnal” as it turns into summer.
That said, this is still a lovely pumpkin tea. Rich and layered, with a good balance of spices and squash. I’ll certainly have this again in Autumn, but I’m working on drinking it down now. Not quite there, but soon!


I totally understand what you mean. Lately I’ve been working on teas I want to be done with rather than drink for enjoyment.


When I got stressed like that, I picked out things that I never reach for and had a stash sale. Then I turned around and bought more…


I have sent teas to people I think will like them more than I do, I have packed up extras in a box and given them to friends and family, I have sworn I will not order more tea, and then…ah well. Fortunately, my youngest daughter says she usually doesn’t care what she is drinking when she is writing or drawing, so she asks what teas I would like to have finished!


With spring/summer upon us, it’s a little easier not to succumb to new tea lust—there’s much in my kitchen to ice down and drink up before fall.

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drank Cranberry Autumn by Harney & Sons
1667 tasting notes

Due to life complications, I now have less time in the a.m. to get ready. Boo! That cuts in on my tea drinking time!
This tea is really red in the cup. Has it always been like that, or was I just not paying attention? Hmmm……

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drank Capri by Harney & Sons
1667 tasting notes

Tea of the morning!
Monday just rolls around faster and faster every week, doesnt it?
I’ve got a nice day in the office, though. No one else is here! I can actually get some serious work on long standing projects when I don’t have others interrupting me with smaller and more time sensitive projects. Hooray!
This is such a creamy tea. Its one of those teas that serve as a warm bath for the soul. Rich and tasty.

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So this interested me. A black tea with chamomile? How strange!
I didn’t get so much chamomile in this, but I did get a very nice flavor of rose. More research is needed.

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drank Rose Royal by Lupicia
1667 tasting notes

Not enough sleep! Ugh.
So a pot of something light and springy was in order. Hey presto, we’ve got Rose Royal.
If you don’t like rose teas, you won’t like this. There is a very distinct taste of rose.
But if you do, this is one of the most adult “elegant” type rose teas you can have.

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Gah! Why does it take so long for me to get a single tasting note in? I drank this this morning, which was one full work day ago. Sheesh.
I like this, its an uncomplicated fruit and black blend, something I really like. Its not an especially memorable or exciting fruit/black blend, but there are days when simple and too the point is exactly what you want. Bingo, Black Current. Keep on being dependable!

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This is a sad farewell to this lovely almond dream. This was always a tea that I could turn to as a gentle and delicate friend, comforting me when I needed it, and adding just the right amount of sweetness to my day.
Farewell, Almond Indulgence.


Aww, hope you can someday find something similar as a replacement.

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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