1187 Tasting Notes

drank Fete de Versailles by Nina's Paris
1187 tasting notes

I’m working on drinking teas that are not deeply thrilling to me, and this falls on that list.
A light steep helps keep the base from taking over compleatly, which is an important part of the whole arrangement. When I can get it right it has a decent orange flavor, but nothing completely overwhelming.
Well, thats at least a bit more down of this. And the tin it came in is gorgeous.

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drank Vanilla Rooibos Parfait by Tazo
1187 tasting notes

Almost a little caramel-y tonight. Interesting.

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
1187 tasting notes

Its an interesting balance, this tea. Its a delicate dance between the apple and the rose, and a light steep is really whats needed for the most harmonious blending.
A light tea, and it acted as my morning writers fuel. Sip sip.

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drank Rose Scented by Harney & Sons
1187 tasting notes

Up and at em.
I’ll be heading into the office soon. I dont know if my coworker who had the seizure on Friday will be back in today. I’m not sure she should be, either. Yeesh.
Well, a cup of tea to fortify me, and off I go.


yeah that sounds kind of scary…

Sami Kelsh

Hope your colleague’s making a speedy recovery! Seizures are no fun.


Yikes. Hope she is better.

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drank Champagne Rosé by Lupicia
1187 tasting notes

This mornings pot of tea.
I’m up early to try and do as much writing as I can, as its going to be another busy day.
I act as model for my friends Etsy shop, which is great fun. I get to wear the adorable knit caps and the fun dragon shaped scarves, and its always fun. We’ve got a photo shoot today, so I’ve got to get my writing and tea drinking done bright and early.
I oversteeped this a little bit this morning, so the base came through just a bit too much. Still, a good start to the morning.


sounds like you have a positively fun day ahead! enjoy it :)

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drank Yume by Lupicia
1187 tasting notes

Backlogged from yesterday.
It was one of those days with only a single pot of tea, so I decided the delicious, creamy cloud that is Yume was the one to do.
I wrote a lot for camp, got my hair cut, went to work, and went to a Disney movie viewing party (Mulan and Frozen), which was all delightful. But busy.


Sounds fun!

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
1187 tasting notes

I had this this morning, and that feels like a very long time ago.
Early today one of my coworkers in my tiny office went into a seizure, out of the blue. It was terrifying, and my boss called for an ambulance and I got her out of her chair and onto the floor, and tried to keep her from failing into the furniture. She may not have been breathing for a minute.
The ambulance came and got her, and she was awake and talking by the time the paramedics arrived and got her out, but I’m still feeling pretty shaken. And, as we are not family, we wont hear anything unless her husband calls us.
We’ve never had anything like this before, either as an office or in my own personal life, so I’m a bit shaken.
Boyfriend came and brought me tea, something pepperminty, when I called to tell him. The heat helped.
I really hope she’s ok.


Wow. Tea is absolutely necessary after an adventure like that. Hope all is now well.


That’s really scary. I’m so glad she woke up quickly. Hang in there!

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A life lesson, a presented by Rosehips-
Dont try to write your word count, listen to music, cook rice, and drink tea all at once. You will burn the rice, and be very cross.
However the tea will be delicious.


ooo, I have an electric rice cooker and I do not regret buying it :)


Agreed, I was always too cool for a rice cooker, but now that we have one I LOVE IT SO MUCH

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Someday, when I have my life all figured out, I will not need to wake up early. That will be the day I know I’ve made it.
Sitting here, bleery, and ready to fall back into the embrace of my bed, but that wont do. Lots to do today, work, writing, and working out all needs to be done.
Very gingery this morning. Good. Thats just the way I like it.

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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