1359 Tasting Notes

drank Daruma by Lupicia
1359 tasting notes

For some reason, I’ve been thinking of spicy things to get rid of my cough. Madness? Regardless, thats what I’m doing.
Started off with a lunch of mushrooms and asparagus sauteed with a truly hillarious amount of garlic. Pretty good.
And now this, slightly sweet, slightly spicy tea.
In other Lupicia news, I saw that the Hawaii teas are avalible online, and I moved so fast to get myself some Loke Lani. Ha. You win, Lupicia.
This is never going to be a favorite, and I doubt very much that I will ever get more, when I am done, but for now its hitting the right spot. Strong, so I can taste it through the gunk, and a little bit spicy, which makes me feel like it could be helping to clear out the gunk.
So much tea to be consumed.


Yes! You finally scored some Loke Lani!

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Dear gunk in my lungs-
I’ve been coughing for hours and hours. Why wont you go away?
Cough cough.
Look, I’ll drink lots of tea. Please go away.
Sincerely, me.


uggh I hate coughs. Feel better!

Holly Faye

Yuck, I’m so sorry. For me, the gunk is all up in my head this morning. :/ Feel better!

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I like it. It being this review. :D

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I am almost well. Amost. If the cough would stop.
So, with my long day tomorrow looming ahead of me, I’ve decided to stay home from fencing (boo), and drink a lot of tea.
This is the first cup of the evening. Lots still to come.
Mint is really noticable today. Good. I like mint.


I hope you feel better soon!

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drank Cookie by Lupicia
1359 tasting notes

Lupicia is convinced, convinced that I want a lot of individual sachets of Cookie sent directly to me, whenever convienant.
Well, they are not far wrong. Its a really nice blend, a buttery little cookie in a cup.
And, this morning, its just the right thing.


Why aren’t Lupicia convinced I want that?! Cookie would ALWAYS be convenient for me! Grrr.


Haha. I should let them know!


Plz. 0_0


Ah man, maybe that’s why they were out of stock when Sil/Kittenna/I did our jointorder! /shakesfist/ Haha.


They were out? I honestly don’t think that’s even legal.


Out! Gah! Obviously they need to stop sending it to my endless cookie jar….

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Aw man. I want this cough to go away! Its ruining my sleep.
So I am drinking a lot of tea (of course) as the solution to the problem.
This is a quinticentially winter tea to me. And we are getting the teasing taste of spring, so I should work on the amount I have left. Spring flavors are coming!

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Undrinkable? No. But I am still finding this bitter. I am not sorry that its gone.
Many thanks to my sister, who gave me this, but I am not at all displeased to strike it from the cupboard.

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The ginger is excelent for the dregs of sore throats. Mmm.

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drank Almond Black by Simpson & Vail
1359 tasting notes

I spent all of yesderday coughing up various chunks of lung. Yay.
I seem to be a bit better this morning, thank goodness, though still coughing. I swear, if I have any more Ricola, I will start to yodel.
But! Its time to move away from the lemon teas, and try some more regular teas. But still not the precious favorites.
Well, enter Simpson and Vail.
This, I think, is my favorite of the S&V teas I got. Its actually living up to its discription.
And you got to love the soothing properties of tea.


Feel better. Coughs are the worst. I hate it when I cough so much so long my back and side muscles start to get sore.


Yep! I’m at that stage, unfortunatly. Well, I’m taking it as easy as I can.


Feel better soon :)


Oh no, I hope you feel better soon!

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drank Cafe Vanilla by Della Terra Teas
1359 tasting notes

I am now well enough to go back to work. Boo. I dont wanna!
I still have a thrillingly magnificent cough, though, so I’m going to require all sorts of hot tea to get through the day.
Up first is this.
Mild, mellow, nice. An easy tea on the throat.

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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