1020 Tasting Notes

drank Salted Caramel by DAVIDsTEA
1020 tasting notes

The scene- my kitchen.
The players- Me, and DAVIDs Salted Caramel tea.
(a kettle whistles, ROSEHIPS picks it off the burner, scalds a yellow tea pot, and then steeps a basket of Salted Caramel tea)
Me: Alright, set the timer.
(she sets a timer, and wanders around aimlessly until it dings. She removes the steeper basket, managing not to burn her fingertips. Much. Sits down with the yellow tea pot, and a polka dot cup)
Me: Alright tea, lets do this.
(She sips. She frowns, and takes another sip. Puzzlement.
Me: Why is this never quite what I expected it to be? Wherefor art thou, salt? At least thou art devoid of coffee flavor today.
(The tea says nothing, only sits and lets off steam. Rosehips picks up her cup again)
Me: Well, try try again.
(end scene)


bravo! =0D


Haha! Great post!

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Unfortunatly I am prone to migraines, and I got one yesterday. The trouble is, by the time you feel it, its too late, and you either have to go so sleep or wait to die, whichever is first.
Its gone this morning, thank goodness, and I am rewarding my body with a cup of this gorgeous tea.
I say it every time, but it needs repeating. If you like any of the following- black tea, caramel, vanilla, joy, you need some of this gorgeous blend.


Aww, migraines are a bummer :(

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
1020 tasting notes

Done with work for the day, and soon will be going to the first birthday party for my tiny niece!
In celebration, as she’s sure to be a tea drinker like her mama and her Aunt and Uncle, I thought I would drink the sparkliest tea I own.
I still feel that is not quite cold enough for this, but its still pretty nice.
Now, what does one wear to a one year olds birthday party?


casual clothes with a clown nose. that’s my vote. =0)


Something washable for one-year-old chocolate frosting kisses!


that is a very good point! definitely a clown nose though…..

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drank Boston Blend by Harney & Sons
1020 tasting notes

This morning this smells more than usually wonderful. Its amazing how the smell of something can just put you in a good mood. This has done well in giving my morning a dreamy haze.


This is the perfect season for Boston Blend.

Josie Jade

I love this one! I just finished off my sample and need to get a tin of this ASAP!

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Today is my brothers birthday! He’s far away these days, but I can drink a cup of Earl Grey, his favorite, in his honor before I call him and tell him that he’s old.
I like this more than the first time I tried it. It seems creamier. Still is not a favorite of mine, I never really connect with the good Earl of Grey, but the addition of vanilla will induce me to try just about anything.
Thanks again to Fuzzy_Peachkin, who is is the giver of this.
And sipdown!
Happy birthday, little bro.

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drank Rose Congou Green by DAVIDsTEA
1020 tasting notes

Mini sipdown. Does a sipdown count if it was just a sample? Yes, I suppose it must. It is a tea gone from the cupboard.
Its a very nice green tea. I love the rose aspect to this. Its what a green tea needs to maximize its appeal to me.
Warning to rose haters- this is not for you!

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drank Mint Herb Tea by Bigelow
1020 tasting notes

I cannot be sick right now. My boss was sick today, so I sucked down some of this in an attempt to head em off at the pass.
Wish me luck, and no germs!
Usual opinion of this, perfectly fine mint tea.

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This is probably the thing that most closely resembles a no frill chocolate tea, and its pretty good! You really do get a dark chocolate flavor. I’m almost done with this, and next time I’ve got a little experiment that I’m going to try with it.
I dont know if I’ll be getting more of this, but I do like it. Its no frills, which is sometimes just what you need.

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Breaktime! And I can actually cook lunch for myself today, so I sauteed zuchinni with lemon pepper, scrambled some eggs, made some toast, and brewed up a pot of this.
This is a shut down tea. No matter what is happening, I take a sip of this and I immedietly shut down and go “ah”, and am transported to a happy place.
A good lunch, and a very welcome break during a busy day.

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I have not been sleeping well at all. I will need vast quantanties of tea today.
First up is one of my sachets of this. In addition to being exsausted, this is my early day at work, and so I dont have time for a proper steep of loose leaf, and not the emotional energy to appriciate it.
When this is gone I will probably cry.


want to try this so badly! I hope you get tons and tons of sleep tonight.


Luckily you know where to get more. ;-)


Awww. I hope you get through the day ok. :(

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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