1866 Tasting Notes

drank White Christmas by Lupicia
1866 tasting notes

Perhaps a good resolution would be to quit drinking new teas when I’m flying at high speeds in the morning.
Up extra early and off to the races, and by races I mean taking the boyfriend into school early, as he has finals. He’ll be delighted to be done with school, and so will I. Of course, I’d be delighted if he got his car repaired, so he could take himself in, but still….
Impression is favorable, but a lot more tasting is needed. Did I get chocolate and fruit here? And not just the fruits more classically blended with chocolate, like cherries or strawberries. I felt like it was something more interesting than that.
More is required to be sure. Hmmm.

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Cup of the evening. I really like this. Its creamy, rich, and just the right blend of vanilla and peppermint. Its really lovely, and I’m enjoying it on the cold nights.
Tonight is extra good, as I have a lovely dinner, a fire going, and a fun movie on the TV, with my significant other beside me. A good end of the weekend.
Now, alas, to start the week again.

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Tea of this afternoon. I was feeling nutty. :)
This is layered, complex, sweet, but with the warmth of the nuts to keep it from going too sweet. There were, in some sips, almost too many flavors, but once I slowed down I could pick out the various elements.
It made for a lovely cup on this winter afternoon, but I think it would be spectacular in spring.

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drank Figgy Pudding by Della Terra Teas
1866 tasting notes

So, time for tea first thing this morning, and boyfriend says he’d take a cup. So I open up packages of tea and shove them under his nose, until he picks one. He’s actually remarkably good humored about my tea obsession, and honestly enjoys it as well.
We settled on this. Its so smooth! The earthy fig flavor and the rich black tea blend very well, so there is a delightfully soft fig taste woven seamlessly through the tea. Much enjoyed this morning.

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Hello Tea Friends! I’ve been missing my notes because my brother is in town, a rare occurance, so I’ve been extra busy.
Today we’re all going to the Dickens Fair, the bay area Dickensian festival. I love that place, its so much fun!
I’ve got to go lace myself into my dress and apply the bonnet. I go in costume, as does my significant other, though my brother will not.
This tea is lovely, I really like it. I can’t wait until I can write proper tasting notes again!


Have fun!


Sounds like a fun day. Enjoy!

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drank Celebration Tea by Harney & Sons
1866 tasting notes

Thought I would give this a try again this morning. The trouble is, Thursdays are too high speed for me to really get an idea of what I’m sipping on.
Is that apricot? Its tasty!

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drank Celebration Tea by Harney & Sons
1866 tasting notes

Hmm. This will require more cups to really get a handle on. First impression is that this a smooth and light fruit black. (Side note, what is with the holiday teas all be fruity this year? I mean, no problem, but still! Was there some sort of secret meeting of tea designers or something?)
General first impression is positive, but not spectacular. More sipping to be sure!

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
1866 tasting notes

The perfect tea to chase away bad dreams. Sweet, simple, and rich.
Alright, lets do this, day.

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Its been a rough day after a series of rough days.
“Have you had any tea since breakfast?” asks the boyfriend. I say no, “Well, theres your problem,” said he. “Drink a lot when you go home.”
Its good advice, so I do. And, even though I might regret it, come bed time, I pick up a black tea.
This smells so creamy in the bag. Its just like a rich custard, though I don’t detect much of the nutmeg.
Brewed, at first I thought it was lest custardy, but as my cup sits next to me, I keep getting whiffs of this decadant smelling dessert, something you’d order in a restaurant. I can taste the nutmeg more than I can smell it, its certainly a presence.
This tea is so rich, so layered! Each new sip brings a slight variation on the flavors. Its gonna be a fantastic winter tea.


I hope things will get better for you!


Thanks, Fjellrev! I hope so too! :)


Oh man, hope things get better. At least tea helps :)

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drank Carol by Lupicia
1866 tasting notes

The little Christmas tins are adorable. And I like the little mini sizes.
I really like Carol, its a lovely touch of strawberry and lightness. Its not exactly what I think of as a “holiday” flavor, but its really quite good. I’m enjoying it.
All the Lupicia holiday teas seem to be fruity and light. But I’ll enjoy that!

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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