1567 Tasting Notes

drank Apricot Vanilla Creme by Tazo
1567 tasting notes

Backlogged from yesterday.
I found this in my local grocery store, and it was on sale. And I hadn’t bought any new teas in a very long time, and I could not help myself.
I think this will be nice in the summertime, and during warm days. Its light and fruity, and I swear I can smell the fuzz on the apricot.

Terri HarpLady

I have to confess, I used to be in love with this tea. The tea itself was light & juicy, but the AROMA of the cup, the tea bag, & even the empty paper envelope was so wonderful! There is a local breakfast place owned by a turkish couple & their niece worked there. They had a lousy tea selection, so I’d bring a couple bags of this one, & our waitress (the niece) loved the aroma so much she’d carry the empty envelope around in her pocket, “for aroma therapy” she’d say & laugh. :D

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drank Rose Darjeeling by Lupicia
1567 tasting notes

If you had asked me to sum this tea up in one word I would have to say “strong.” However I would have to say it in a positive way. This is a strong tea. Like, beware those who do not care for Darjeelings and rose flavor. Beware! But the two strong flavors are dancing a bold dance together, and I really enjoy it.
Strong! Good! Tea! (future battle cry, perhaps?)

Sami Kelsh

I wouldn’t have thought to put these two flavours together. Which, of, course, super makes me want to try it.

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Up early, and a cup of this to fortify me.
I’m liking this more and more as I keep drinking it. Of course, I looooove ginger, so anything wiht ginger in it makes me perk right up. Yum yum! I am that kind of person that, when out to sushi, I will eat all the garnish ginger off my plate, and then all of my dates ginger as well.
So, in summation, ginger for the win!


I love ginger too!

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drank Rose Scented by Harney & Sons
1567 tasting notes

Today is a weird day, schedule wise. My coworker who had the seizure recently is going in for her final check up. She’s been good, with no seizures or anything since that scary event. So I’m going in early to cover her shift while she gets her brain scanned.
I am happy to do it, but it did mean I had to get up extra early, so I’m staggering around and bumping into things.
This remains a soft pink cloud of tea. I dont know that I’ve had a rose tea that tastes quite so pink. Its good.

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
1567 tasting notes

This is a good tea, but the balance is critical. I think I steeped it just a hair too long this morning, but its still enjoyable.
Its an interesting combo, the green apple and the rose. I like it.
The storm yesterday has gone as quicky as it came, and now its going to be very warm all day.
Well, onwards.

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drank Caramel Almond Amaretti by Teavana
1567 tasting notes

Storm! Theres a storm brewing! This is highly unusual for my part of the world, and I’m excited. Rain! Cool air! Better tea drinking weather.
Well, who knows how long it will last me, so I ran for my teapot, and brewed up an evening tea.
Blergh. Blergh! What happened? I remembered this as being Forever Nuts-esque, but not as good. Today I brew up a bland cup, with the only note being a faint and artificial sweetness. Ick.
I’m glad this is a sipdown. This is the second Teavana tea that has lead me astray with its name. Caramel Almond Amaretti sounds so lovely, but its been a major letdown, with none of the promise of its name. Gah.
Sipdown, thank goodness.

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drank La Vanille by Lupicia
1567 tasting notes

Nope. I still find that this tastes like…. cola Yeah, cola. Its tasting a bit like a vanilla cola. This would be fine, if it was billed as a vanilla cola, but its not, so this displeases me. Eeesh. I will be soo glad when I’ve killed this.

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drank Fete de Versailles by Nina's Paris
1567 tasting notes

My cup this morning.
I did a very light steep with this today, which was both a good and bad thing. Its not bitter, and it does bring out the orange, but its also a weak cup. Hmm.
Theres just no pleasing me, I suppose.

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Oh goodness, it was hard to get out of bed this morning. Like “what is that loud noise? Oh, its my alarm. I should get up and turn it off” kind of hard. Gah.
Well, then, its a day for one of my favorite cups of tea.
Am I ever going to get tired of Tower of London? I cant imagine it. The fruit and honey are so beautifully balanced.

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
1567 tasting notes

The weather is not fair. Its going to be 93 degrees today. This is absurd. So, so absurd. Its May! It shoud not be nearly so warm.
I am not good in very hot weather. Its just so uncomfortable, I dont sleep well, and my usual delight in a cup of tea is tempered by the discomfort of drinking it.
Nope. Go away hot weather. I am not ready for you.
I thought a “lighter” tea, with its green apple note, would be the best thing for this morning. And it is working pretty well. But I do wish it was cooler, so I could be cozy with my cuppa, instead of being rather miserable.


We’ll take your hot weather anyday.


LOL, keychange, so true!

Hesper June

I agree, Rosehips. I am a cold (or at least cool/cloudy) person.
I am the happiest in a rain coat, jumping in puddles, or curled up by the fire on a snowy day. Heat makes me grumpy:)


Ick! 93 already?? I may get sick of the cold after six months of it, but I’ll take that over 93 – and humid, hot weather in general – any day!


It was so cold this winter that the weekend ahead—low 80s—is being heavenly anticipated. (Problem is, this time of year, weather this warm makes us suspicious. Warm front + cold front in May = tornado soup :(

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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