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Tart. A bit juicy in feeling and taste. The only traces of the green tea is a bit of light bitterness and a medium spring green color taste.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec 2 g 6 OZ / 177 ML

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Sort of like asparagus without the heavy dark parts to the taste. Light thin body, bit of bitterness in the upper back throat. Medium finish.

Not bad but nothing special either.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec 2 g 6 OZ / 177 ML

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Green and it’s fishy up in my nose. A slight bitterness. Sort of yellow. Mildly astringent.

I’m not sure what I think. It’s an odd mix of flavors.

I’ll need to continue a few tastes over time to decide what I really think of this one… So far I like it I think… Odd.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec 2 g 6 OZ / 177 ML

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Rather pleasant. No astringency, the green tea is soft and a light pale green flavor, the mango sweetness isn’t sweetness… It tastes very lovely balanced with a tiny flowery touch. There is yellow, pink, and a light golden green.

I’m not huge on fruit flavored teas, but this is almost refreshing. Not something I’d have often but nice to get to have tried.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec 2 g 6 OZ / 177 ML

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A bit sweet, a bit of gold, a little darkness. Some green bitterness at the back of the throat and roof of the mouth.

The sweet wraps lightly around the front sides of the tongue and the gold is a feeling throughout the mouth. I like the sweet touch to this. I’m not usually much for oolongs but this is nice.

2 g 2 OZ / 59 ML
Rumpus Parable

Interesting reading my previous note… The experiences are so different, though on thought I can pick up a bit of flowers in it.

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Very dark and earthy flavor. Short to medium finish that is very, very top of the back of the throat mostly.

Second steep is really sharp almost black. Also a rich brown, coffee-like almost. Thick mouthfeel, yep almost black.

A weird bit of not really there sweetness.

It puts me in mind of a light espresso, really…

Flavors: Earth

2 g 2 OZ / 59 ML

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The earthiness some puerhs have is light in this one on first steeping, not deep or strong. The tangerine aspect doesn’t come across as fruit at all, that sweetness the is still in the rings usually… Instead it gives a pure rind hint to it where the fact that it’s tangerine is in no way clear. It’s just that hint of rind that very vaguely comes from them.

It’s a light and subtle puerh on first steep. Nifty but nothing special to me.

Second steep, much earthier. There’s no clear tangerine influence of any kind detectable unless that bit of bitterness in the back of the throat is it….

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 2 g 2 OZ / 59 ML

Did you brewed this tea together with small Chenpi pieces? If you prefer a stronger flavor of orange in the tea, you can break 3 or 4 small pieces of Chenpi off from the whole peel, and brew the tea together with Chenpi.

Rumpus Parable

Yep yep, had pieces :)

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I’ve had other smaller versions of this type of cup was curious but wary due to the negative points of the ones I owned. After handling and speaking with the vendor at the Coffee & Tea Festival NYC I went ahead and got the 14oz.

It is sturdy, holds heat really well, doesn’t leak, and the brew space between the two lids is quite good for a travel container. I’ve used it a good number of times already this week and am very, very pleased. It is awesome.

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Due to bad head math I screwed up my normal tasting proportions, but hey, here ya go:

This is green-yellow in first hot taste. I absolutely cannot think of what food it is that it tastes like, but there is a specific one it hits pretty much exactly. I’m sipping and trying to find it in my memory. The green tones are almost a light asparagus flavor but asparagus isn’t the full thing… those yellow and somewhat golden tones round it out to something else that I just can’t name! Total brain dump.

As it cools it gets to be a darker green with a gentle, gentle bitter to the back of the tongue where it meets the throat.

The finish is sort of flat and rests mostly like a layer over the tongue.

There are zero sweet tones to this tea, but it’s also not strongly vegetal. As said, the greens and yellow are a mix that I can’t place and the green isn’t dark.

I’d not buy this again, but I do think others may like it.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 30 sec 13 g 41 OZ / 1199 ML

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Bought at the Coffee & Tea Festival here and it is lovely.

I am not usually one for lapsang souchongs as the smokiness is usually too intense.

This one, you can taste a little hint of smoke, but also sweetness… a fruity sort of feel but I can’t place the fruit in mind.

Mid-tongue is a medium to almost black brown color flavor, a harsh orange at the back of the throat, and wrapping around the front sides of the tongue is a light yellow-medium-beige color if that is clear at all… I can see it but can’t quite describe it, hope someone else gets that last color.

Oddly, this is the first thing I’ve ever tasted that actually has a purple taste. It’s around the top of the mouth and top back of throat. It’s a reddish purple, not too dark but dark. A rich color.

I quite like this. It’s a gentle tea. I’m having it as my morning tea today and the flavor is bold enough as a black to hit that need while also not having that overwhelming level of smoke that I mentioned above. Mildly astringent with no bitterness, for me.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec 11 g 41 OZ / 1200 ML
Joseph Wesley Black Tea

Thanks for visiting us at the Coffee and Tea Festival. I’m happy to read that you enjoyed the tea. Cheers, Joe

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Note to those who read my reviews:

I only about a year ago learned I have synesthesia and that is why I’ve always wrote my reviews primarily in colors. Clearly, if you’ve read any recently, that’s still how I write most of the time as that’s still how I best describe flavors. Today I realized that may be worth putting out there for folks who come across my reviews.
Moving on:

Unless otherwise noted, I use 2.25g of tea to 6oz of water for my tastings.

Geeky, vegan, dominant, serious, non-gendered, childfree, eclectic, alternatively-styled, friendly and open-minded are good descriptors of me, I think. Also: extremely introverted, but not at all shy.

I grew up on bag teas, mainly Lipton, at my father’s and great-grandmother’s homes. I loved getting up before everyone else and sitting with a hot cup and reading or watching some quiet tv in the morning.

I didn’t bother much with tea for the years of my teenhood because of no longer seeing either of these people and my mother’s house wasn’t one for tea… more coffee drinkers, instead.

During my adulthood I started drinking it again, but still mostly bag teas like Lipton, Tetley, and some herbal mixes. I enjoyed these but went no further…

…until I was at a restaurant one night and ordered a Darjeeling tea to give it a try.

I fell back in love with tea and have since been trying all sorts of loose leaf and some bag teas.

I’m currently delving mainly into white teas, but my tastes wander.

Not sure what else to say here… if you like my notes or are interested in chatting about something, do feel free to send a note. I love meeting new folks, especially since we share at least one interest, being on this site and all.





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