45 Tasting Notes

Assam Golden Tip by Peet’s: one of my new favorites, this tea has a wonderfully bright flavor. The flavor can be best described as the essence of black tea itself: toasty, round and bright.

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Irish Breakfast blends have a reputation for being robust and flavorful, and Peet’s Irish Breakfast? Check and check! It has a sweetness and an astringency; a subtle malt and fresh floral flavor; a strength and delicacy. One reason I love tea so much is that there can be so much going on in a single cup, in a single cup.

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While I have an appreciation for bitter flavors that are awesome (dark roast coffee, certain teas, wicked dark chocolate, etc), my introduction to Yerba Mate was, “Whoa…too bitter for me.” However, I have such fond memories of my visit to Guayaki in California, I just had to try it again. This time I picked up a box of this cocoa infused blend. I tried it with lots of positive attitude but inner bracing against possible bitterness. OH…my…yumminess! Delicate sweetness, light cocoa and spice flavor, warming and delicious. Frothed with a little milk/non dairy bev. and a touch of honey, this became a latte of cocoa laced with spices; the yerba mate’s earthy and vegetal flavor creating a lovely counterpoint.

180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 15 sec

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I was earl grey-less and then this showed up. Nice! It has that bergamot zest going on, and it also has a sweet blend of black tea that is robust and delicious. I love it.

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Happy Easter! I had a cup of this delicious tea today. Perfectly delicious straight up, the currant flavor is enhanced with a drop of honey. The sweet, almost floral flavors of black currant mingle with the nearly citrus flavor of the tea itself, which also has a faint flavor of malty toastiness. Sip by sip, I savored this tea as the steam enveloped my face, fogging my glasses.

Josie Jade

Happy Easter! Sounds like this was the perfect cup to celebrate with. :)

Miss Starfish

Happy Easter!

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I love how Earl Greys are open to interpretation: this one has a bright orange flavor along with a faint base note fragrance of saffron. The black tea blend is light, blending nicely with the citrus flavors. Taja Tea is marketing this as a health promoting tea due to the saffron. Is there enough saffron in each serving to truly have a health benefit? Well, let’s just brew another cup and see!


Saffron Earl Grey? That sounds fantastic!

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drank Rainforest Mint Guayusa by Runa
45 tasting notes

This was a gift…from me to my husband, but extreme fatigue had me reaching for it in desperation today. Delicious earthy flavor, mild, slightly sweet; the mint is fresh tasting. I added a squeeze of lemon, and a few drops of NuNaturals stevia (for some reason, I love when mint teas are just a little sweet and lemony.) Really tasty! And, I got no jittery, unpleasant feeling, the way I do from coffee. Hmmm, might be reaching into my husband’s guayusa again soon!


I adore guayusa, it’s so refreshing and the caffeine affects me quite differently than coffee.


Alphakitty: You are so right: hours later and NO crash, unlike my memories of coffee, and even black tea at times. I’m wondering how guayusa tastes as a chai masala…


if you want a lemony guayusa you should try Butiki Tea’s Good Morning Sunshine :D


I second Butiki for guayusa! They sell a pure one as well that you could mix up your own chai blend. Maybe with Verdant’s chai spices… now I want to place more tea orders! ^^;


Thank you, Helena and Alphakitty! Perfectly lovely suggestions for my wish list!

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drank Citrus Lavender Sage by Teavana
45 tasting notes

I got this for Valentine’s Day and I love it. I will admit that just by looking at the name of this tisane, I thought there’d be too much going on. I am happy to have been wrong: the flavors of citrus and pineapple and lavender and sage = pure deliciousness. Imagine if a fairy lived on a tropical island: this is what she’d drink in the evenings.

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Tried this again: two tea bags in one mug, and upped the sweetener (stevia), and I am liking this tea more. The flavors are more pronounced (duh, Serenity, you are using twice as much tea). I will try the double tea bag bag approach stovetop style and see how it goes. Watch: next note will be all: I used 1/4 cup of milk and 3/4 cup water and four tea bags and bazinga!

Terri HarpLady

I always feel like Numi is a little stingy with their tea, it takes 2 bags to make me happy


Yep. You know, I feel that way about nearly ALL teabags. But somehow I can’t resist the lure of the impulse buy when I am grocery shopping!


Second the double-amount approach, both for teabags and loose tea.

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The unique flavor of roasted rice makes this tea so terrific. Have you ever had it? Do you like popcorn? The rice, which puffs and sometimes pops as it is being roasted, has a toasty, savory-sweet flavor a bit like popcorn. Do you think dogs’ paws have a popcorn-y fragrance? I do. There is something wonderfully comforting about the jiffy-pop, dog paw aroma of this tea and as it may be obvious, it is a favorite of mine, and has been for so long.

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Although I can be heard to mutter “Dust! Fannings and dust!” when drinking a poor cup of tea, I really don’t think I’m a tea snob. Want to talk about your favorite tisane with jelly beans in it? I’m there. Want to talk about gyokuro and assam? Done. I welcome the chance to discuss all things tea and tea related because I’m that kind of nerd: a tea nerd. Other things I’m passionate about: my family: my husband and daughter and our Chihuahua and new cat; literature, and social justice. I have poor eyesight, a good temperament, an odd sense of humor and a lot of curiosity.



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