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Got this for Christmas and figured now that the cold is gone I could start drinking new teas again. So this was my pick from my new Butiki stuff.
I definitely get a sweet cheesecake smell from the dry leaf so I had high hopes for the brew.
Unfortunately I didn’t get that same wonderful-ness in the brew. My first impressions were bitter and strong astringency with a sharp-ish sort of grass sensation. It’s so astringent that the back of my throat is fairly clicking each time I swallow. I vaguely get what might be a cheesecake taste after adding some sugar, and this strange other taste that I can’t really identify. Maybe that’s the ‘Irish Cream’ taste, though since I’m not sure what that tastes like by itself, I have no way to verify.
So this one’s a no go for me. I’m not going to give it a rating though because I did add a smidge more leaf to the pot since I was using just over 8oz of water, so maybe that would account for the bitterness. But I can’t imagine that it would count for the astringency.
So into the no bin this goes.

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drank The Black Lotus by Butiki Teas
219 tasting notes

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Wanted something light today since I’m shaking off a nasty headache this morning so I actually opened my bag of this. Not to mention I’ve been craving it lately. Lol.
I might’ve used too hot of water on it because it was a bit more ‘green’ than I remember, but it’s still delicious. Adding some truvia and it turns into a creamy blueberry muffin sort of taste. I’m not sure the blueberry inclusion in this version (Fancy Tea: Afternoon Tea) really did too much to the overall flavor. At least, I didn’t notice any difference from when I drank just the straight Elevenses. /shrug/ Except maybe some clumping in the bag from where the leaves stuck to the blueberry pieces.
I’m so glad that this was released again. So delicious. Always a reorder.

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Made this earlier today and it was tasty. Roasty (but a lighter roasted flavor) and kinda almost nutty. And fruity, which was nice. Added just a bare smidge of sugar which made it delicious (for me at least because I can’t seem to have a tea without sugar in it yet. But I’m working on it.) No astringency that I can tell, or just a little bit if I think about it.
I wasn’t able to finish it because I had to go help my Mom bring her Christmas stuff down from the attic. But when I got back home, though it was stone cold, it was still drinkable. But I definitely prefer it hot.
I also gave steeping the leaves another shot. About 175* for 6 min with just a little more than 8oz (Originally I had measured 2 tsp-ish for 12oz of water). I vaguely remember that the first time I had made this, the second steep wasn’t really drinkable (to me) and that I poured it out. This time it was definitely drinkable. Overall a bit more toned down from the first steep, with more of an emphasis on the roasty-ness and now with a woody note to it. But it’s definitely drinkable.
Actually I may just be moving this to my ‘occasionally reorder’ list rather than have it on my ‘finish off’ list, I’m enjoying it alot more than I did the first time.

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So this one one of the free samples I got when the company was offering them. I’m just getting to them now, but at least I’m getting to them. Lol.

The leaves are beautiful. Twisty with silvery fuzz on them, but easy to measure out with a normal tsp.
Honestly, if I were to go by smell alone I’d have dumped this tea without trying it. The smell was very musky and reminded me of the smell that hits me when I go into the Australia house at the Zoo. Bleh. Thankfully I don’t get that same taste when I drink it. It’s kinda fruity, with just a hint of musk (though more woodsy musk and not animal musk). It’s pretty astringent to me, especially as it cools.

Glad I gave this a try, but as with many other darjeelings I’ve tried, this one isn’t my cup of tea.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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Tea #12 from Another Traveling Tea Box

So I’m not sure if I did something wrong or it was something else. I don’t think it was me because I followed the instructions on the package. Though maybe I over leafed it since I drink 8oz and the instructions were for 6oz.
Anyway, this smelled good in the bag, and even the wet leaf had a vaguely fruity smell to it. But the execution pretty much fell on it’s face. It was very bitter for me (and my Mom who was over having dinner). Even after adding sugar it was undrinkable. I’m debating on if I want to try again with less leaf and shorter time since I think 4 min is much too long to brew black tea. At least, for me it is.
I’m holding off rating this until I try again, or I’ll just leave it unrated because I’m not sure I want to try again. Lol.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Iced Princess by Teaopia
219 tasting notes

Tea #11 from Another Traveling Tea Box

So despite the rather unhappy reviews people seem to post for this, I still had to try this one. It just smelled so good. Lol.

Brewed this up and then eyed the rather pink brew in my cup dubiously. But I made it I might as well try it. It smells pretty fruity with a hint of green-ness to it. The first sip is kinda watery/weak and pretty unpleasant actually. It’s kinda tart and has this weird herb-y sort of taste. It’s not a green tea sort of taste, or at least not one I know of. I wish I actually knew what was in this aside from the types of tea and the fruit bits. Then again, I guess it doesn’t matter since I ended up pouring this one out. Even after adding some sugar is didn’t help one bit. Lol.
So this one is a no, despite how tasty it smelled.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Fruit Bowl by ESP Emporium
219 tasting notes

Tea #9 from Another Traveling Tea Box

I’ve had this box for nearly a week and I haven’t gotten though everything I wanted to try yet. So I figure I’d better get my butt in gear and start trying some stuff. Lol. This is the 2nd tea I’m hoping to get through tonight, though I started later than I wanted, so we’ll just have to see.

This one smelled very fruity in the bag, though it did have a vaguely plastic-y sort of edge to it. But mostly I just smelled fruitiness.

Brewed I get plenty of fruit and it’s actually a pretty tasty tea. Straight it tastes like unsweet fruit juice. The fruit comes out so much better after adding a bit of truvia to it. Though it’s still strangely weak/watery tasting to me. Maybe that’s because I’m used to drinking black/oolong tea that have a bit more body to them. Next time I might try brewing this a bit longer, or possibly upping the temp a bit higher just to see what happens.
Watery-ness aside, this is one green tea that I wouldn’t mind actually ordering in the future.

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drank Cinnamon Fig by Art of Tea
219 tasting notes

Tea #8 from Another Traveling Tea Box

After the failure I had with the last tea, I figure a tea with cinnamon in it will at least reassure me that my taste buds aren’t dying on me. Lol.
I get cinnamon and something fruity/figgy. The sip is very full and I get a nice figgy-ness from it. The cinnamon thankfully isn’t as in-your-face as I was fearing with as many cinnamon chips as was in the scoop. It’s a decent enough tea and I’m glad I was able to sample it, especially considering it’s not really one I would’ve ordered myself. But I still wouldn’t consider ordering it now.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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I wanted to cut soda out of my life, so I started drinking more tea. Now I’m quickly becoming addicted. But that doesn’t seem like so bad of a thing considering all there is out there to try.

I started with blacks, but oolongs are quickly becoming my new favorite. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to find a green or white tea that I really enjoy. Eventually maybe.

Always open for swaps. If you see something in my cupboard that you’re interested in, feel free to send me a message about it. I do have alot of sample sizes in my cupboard, so there might be a few that I won’t be able to swap. But it never hurts to ask. ^^

Likes – Fruity teas (Peach, Apricot & Pineapple to be specific, but I’d likely be open to others). I’m always on the lookout for a good caramel tea too…and a vanilla one. Or any sweet, dessert teas.
Oolongs and Blacks over any others.

Indifferent/Undecided – White teas are a bit delicate for me but I’m not opposed to trying something new. I haven’t yet found a green tea I like since I dislike vegetal flavors, but there has to be something out there. Coconut can be too strong, or alright depending on the tea.

Dislikes – Spicy/chai stuff not so much since I can’t seem to get past the spice taste to anything underneath. Anything overly astringent, though I can’t imagine anyone /liking/ astringency (but I’m probly wrong. Lol). Earl Greys, heavy florals, tart/sour teas, rooibos heavy, mint of any sort, vegetal, musky/leathery, citrus, hibiscus, coffee-esque flavors, lemon.

Allergies – Mangos, some nuts especially walnuts, cherries. Rose petals/heavy rose teas make me ill though it’s not an allergy so to speak. Heavy artificial flavors also make me ill.

Brief ‘How I rate things’ scale:
(Subject to change at any time. Lol)
100-80: I’d definitely reorder this/Keeping this in my cupboard.
79-50: Possibly reorder these. Either if there’s a sale or I’d consider swapping for it’s on a list and I don’t see anything else.
49-40: It’s alright. Glad I tried it but I won’t be ordering/reordering this.
39-20: Glad I tried before buying ‘cause I’d be ticked if I bought this. Ick.
20-lower: UGH! Get it away!


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