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I really do love Steepster, but I haven’t had tea in awhile. I don’t know why, the seasons are changing. It was fall back this weekend. So I just wanted some nice black tea, so I settled for Constant Comment by Bigelow.

I’m so excited for Thanksgiving, and my birthday is on the 30th. I will be 35. The big 35!! Then Christmas. I hung up two Christmas stockings by my writers desk. I’m not doing Nanowrimo this year. I’d rather draw to be honest. I like writing poetry OK.

I finally figured out a way to meal plan, and I’m proud of my system. I took a photo 4 by 6? size book. I took same size index cards and wrote on them different meals I know how to cook. Then I took post its color coded with the days and then stuck them on a meal. Genius right?

My mom’s cat passed away. I think my mom is really lonely because of this. I sort of understand. I’m used to being alone, that’s what the internet is for.

Anyways, cheers.

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Smells divinely of peach flavor. First of all, I haven’t added a tasting note in awhile. My grandma passed. Funeral was Friday. This was my mom’s mom. Last grandparent, laid to rest with grandpa, both cream mated. I just need to relax tonight, so I’m drinking tea. I like the peach flavor very much. Wishing everybody well, I haven’t really been around lately. I still love Steepster though.

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I’m sorry about your loss. Grandparents are special people and there is something about losing the last of a generation that makes one particularly reflective. Wishing you lots of love and support from your friends and family.


Awww, that is so sweet.

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So I really need this tea tonight to relax. I’m listening to Yoga music, too tired to actually do Yoga tonight. Need to unwind, I had an incredibly exciting day today, and not much sleep last night. Last night I read until the wee hours of the morning.

I prefer the caramel Yogi Bedtime tea to the regular, it tastes better.

I just want to relax and fall to sleep.

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I really like this tea. I haven’t written a tasting note in awhile. I’m having tofu miso soup, so I should be drinking oolong tea, oh well.

I’m on Spring Break!! Yay!! I’m going to Marietta on Wed- Friday morning with my dad.
I still have to study, and review and everything, but I’m much more stress relieved. I still don’t know my grades for Exam/Comp 2. My teacher left to visit family right after class, in a different city, and I think I will have to wait until the 17th.

If I were still married, the 17th would be my 14th anniversary. Yes, we got married on St Patrick’s Day (my idea, it was on a Friday during Spring break or something). I chose St Patrick’s Day because it is my favorite holiday, and reason to remember the actual wedding anniversary date. I will be in class on the 17th, so my mind will be distracted.

The ironic thing was my religion didn’t allow tea. Kudos if you know what I’m talking about. Now I’m a teafanatic. I love steepster.

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drank Organic Chai by Tazo
34 tasting notes

I like any chai tea, its my favorite kind of tea. I made it tonight because its going to get really cold over the next day. We are expecting storm Titan to hit tomorrow.

I went to Trader Joe’s today with my mom. I stocked up on TV dinners. I have paper plates and bowls and plastic silverware just in case we lose water [again].

I’m supposed to be studying for Spanish Speaking test 1. I think I’m pretty much ready. I’m listening to Pandora to try to relax. A neighbor is playing really LOUD music. (I’m using headphones). I love Chai tea. I like it iced the best with milk.

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I’ve got a lot of this package left, and I kind of want to finish it!! So I rate this tea somewhere in the middle, not my favorite, but I do not dislike it.

We are getting a major storm tonight. It went from around 40 degrees this afternoon, and right now it is 60 degrees outside!! We’ve been averaging really low temperatures, like 7 degrees to 15 degrees. Its just starting to warm up today, but we are getting a major storm. Its going to rain all night long. Yesterday I had a really bad headache, it feels better today. I’m drinking tea to relax, and to calm me down.

The winds are going to be really bad tonight. The storm is starting at 10pmish, and it is 8:35pm right now. I hope we don’t lose power. I have one working flash light. My mom let me know about tonight’s storm, and I checked www.weather.com

Stay safe everybody, keep calm, and drink tea.

I might not go anywhere tomorrow, the wind will be really bad. But we are not expecting a tornado. I’m done studying for tonight, so I might read for awhile and drink my tea.

We had a 3 hour window of a nice day today, so my Uncle took me to TJs and Michaels because I had a coupon. I got iced tea, which I love and breakfast.

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I liked this tea so much, I took the cup with me, and the tea bag, and I’m drinking a second cup at home. I was at the library with my mom, and they sold Crimsom Cup tea. I got all my reserved books: Where Beauty Lies (By Elle and Blair Fowler, I did not want to buy this book), A Number One Ladies Detection Agency book, The Signature of All Things, and Influence by Dr. Robert B. Caldini. Happy reading, and happy tea drinking steepsters!! Oh, you might want sweetener in this tea. :)


I stopped at the store and could not find it! So you might have to order it online

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I love this tea!! I’m sipping some now. I’m studying vocabulary for my exam next Wednesday. I’m going to work on vocabulary tomorrow. Have a good night everybody. I wanted to welcome all my new followers. Thank you.


Such a comforting classic.

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This is beginning to be my NEW favorite tea. I must say, add fresh squeezed lemon, and its a real treat!! I’m having it with my dinner: Simply Salad creamy ranch and bacon. (Yes, I forgot to put in my bio that I am happily single with a few close friends). I have a terrible bad habit of eating dinner at my computer, usually I am on Tumblr. Yes I update Tumblr regularly. I should be on quizlet for Spanish class. I need to study for the exam next Wednesday. I love Steepster’s new layout!! Kudos to whoever is running this site. I’m also having an apple. My doctor says that an apple a day actually is good advice. My mom is into juicing. She says you should only drink tea in between meals. I don’t know why. My dad’s birthday is this weekend, I’m very excited!! A lot is happening right now. I get to see my friend M. tomorrow, I haven’t seen him in 3 weeks due to the weather. And I haven’t seen the good people at Wendy’s in that long either. We are expecting 8-10 inches of snow starting Tuesday night around 9 pm!! Today was perfect!! Partly cloudy, it helped with my mood.

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I haven’t posted a tasting note in awhile. I can’t sleep. It’s 11;35pm here! I’m drinking Constant Comment, my grandma’s favorite tea. Perhaps I should be drinking decaf? I like the new layout for steepster. I should try to sleep, but I wanted to finish my tea.

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I love tea, rarely coffee.
I currently am taking a break from college. I’m 30 something. I love music, poetry, DIYs, YouTube, NetFlix (I’m watching Lightning Point), Scrabble, walking, AUDIBLE.com books (I’m listening to Twilight: Breakingdawn), sometimes I read physical books. Currently I’m reading The Circle Maker and Where Beauty Lies.

I volunteer for a local food pantry.

My Grandma just recently passed, and I miss her a lot.

I’m agnostic/Christian. Currently without a church home.

Right now I’m drinkingBigelow Perfect Peach Herb Tea. My favorite tea though is Chai, especially cold Chai with milk.

I ordered a Billow from www.mybillow.ca they are made in Canada. They will let me read in bed.

My birthday is coming up: NOV 30th.

Peace and Tea


Ohio, USA drinking Tea



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