1016 Tasting Notes

drank Golden Monkey by Tazo
1016 tasting notes

I’m in a mild state of mourning regarding the demise of Tazo. I just feel that Starbucks really dropped the ball on this one. They focused on coffee in the stores, where most of the people are coffee drinkers, and then wondered why the Tazo tea did not sell. The only place to buy the loose varieties (which were always the best) was online at the Starbucks site (again, the last place where tea drinkers are going to be looking for tea!), and in one store in NYC, now closed down.

Teavana, meanwhile, had their own huge network of franchises, so obviously they were bound to make more money than the Tazo acquisition, even with primary sales of “chunk o’ food” blends. The Tazo Collection series of high-quality whole-leaf loose tea came packaged in excellent ziplock foil envelopes about a million times better than the nonsensical paper bags provided at Teavana as a ploy to get customers to buy their humongous and ridiculous canisters. Bad management, and the end of yet another once good company, eaten up through the avaricious forces of corporatization.

So today’s afternoon black brew was Tazo Golden Monkey. My first Golden Monkey, and invariably wonderful. Beautiful golden shimmery leaves make up most of the dried tea, with gold dust to go with it. An unsweetened caramel flavor suffuses this rich and luscious brew. I love this stuff. Fortunately I have one more large envelope to go…

Flavors: Caramel

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec 4 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

Demise of Tazo? Just in Starbucks or in grocery stores/online as well?


What cookies said… demise?


I’m not sure about grocery stores, but the whole line is being purged from Starbucks, cookies and Blodeuyn! The looseleaf Collection teas left the website a couple of months ago, and now the tins in the stores are on 30% off to clear them out.


I won’t miss them personally…


I know that a lot of people around here agree with you, TeaBrat, but they were really my gateway to decent tea, the first to take me beyond Celestial Seasonings, so I am a bit nostalgic…

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Looking more closely at the dried leaves of this lower-tier Long Jing from Teavivre, I realized that it resembles Bancha physically! Kind of disheveled and haphazard—not the “fine china serve to guests” Long Jing, but the “I need Long Jing—now” kind.

It tastes good. I drank this two-glass tetsubin after a first meal of the day (MOD) at about 3pm, having slept in past noon. Today’s culinary discovery was yet another excellent surface for Nutella: split and toasted Ciabatta!

Who am I kidding? Every surface, up to and including that of a spoon, is perfect for Nutella. ;-)

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 45 sec 4 g 16 OZ / 473 ML

I like Nutella in oatmeal, with ice cream, and on Ritz crackers.


i forget how much i liked it lol


My cousin had a party where she made dessert pizzas in a bread oven spread with Nutella marshmallows and topped with fresh strawberries after baking.


OMG yyz!


Cheri, I never tried the oatmeal idea. Hmmm…. mmmmm…

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drank Tazo Rest Herbal Infusion by Tazo
1016 tasting notes

Do I really love Tazo Rest more than Pukka Love? It probably depends on my mood. This blend is much sweeter and exceptionally (for nighttime brews) contains zero chamomile, zero mint, zero rooibos, zero hibiscus, and zero lemon grass!

This is really a very original tisane, and I am sorry to say that this appears to have been my last bag. All the more since the demise of Tazo appears to be imminent. Even if they keep some of the white envelope filter bags in grocery stores, the Tazo Collection of loose leaf teas is no longer available anywhere, and I learned today that even the sachets in Starbucks stores are being taken away! This is a mild cause for mourning. (Il ne faut pas trop exagérer…)


Tazo is dying?

Terri HarpLady

Probably cuz Starbucks bought Teavana…

carol who

Wow! I don’t drink a lot of Tazo but I’m always sad to see a possibility like that taken away… especially being replaced by Teavana.


Yes, I am afraid that Teavana won the battle, which is sad because Tazo tea is better, imnsho. They had a fine selection of looseleaf single origin teas. Oh well, that’s corporatization for you!

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drank Love by Pukka
1016 tasting notes

I intended to do a steep-off chez sherapop tonight between Pukka Love and Tazo Rest (three syllables each, plus a rose connection, too!). However, as I compared the two brews side-by-side, I realized that it was like comparing apples and oranges. They are really quite different, despite some overlapping ingredients.

Love is more about chamomile than anything else. It’s a nice blend with lots of other flowers as well, but 25% is chamomile, and it does dominate.

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Boy oh boy oh boy did I screw up. I stored these cellophane-wrapped sachets of Mighty Leaf Organic Spring Jasmine in the same box as some of their mint-tea sachets. BIG MISTAKE! Now the jasmine-scented green tea is mint-scented, jasmine-scented green tea.

The cellophane is a bad idea anyway, in my not-so-humble opinion, but I suppose that one needs to make this sort of mistake only once….


D: Oh no! That sucks! :/


I think we’ve all done that at least once.

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drank Jasmine Pearls by Steepster
1016 tasting notes

I had half an envelope left of these 2013 Jasmine Pearls from Steepster Select, so I brewed up half a glass—twice. It was good. Definitely an above-average Jasmine-scented tea.

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A lovely two-glass tetsubin of Teavivre Huang Shan Mao Feng was the perfect follow-up to today’s lunch of a third of a Ciabatta split lengthwise, toasted and slathered with a lobster-seafood cream spread before piling baby arugula high and then smashing the two sides together into a sandwich.

Same pale greenish-yellow, slightly vegetal but very smooth liquor as before—only even better after this meal!

170 °F / 76 °C 3 min, 0 sec 4 g 17 OZ / 502 ML

Sounds decadent.


I think that the arugula makes it health food, no? ;-)


I guess. I despise arugula so I don’t eat it.

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drank Detox by Pukka
1016 tasting notes

glistening blackness
frozen flame with steaming ice
white opacity

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drank Relax by Pukka
1016 tasting notes

chamomile cotton
fluffy marshmallow pillows
oat straw hay mattress

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drank Revitalise by Pukka
1016 tasting notes

cinnamon river
rushing through dusty meadows
spicy orange sunset

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A long-time tea and perfume lover, I have recently begun to explore the intersections between the two at my blog: http://salondeparfum-sherapop.blogspot.com//

I participate at fragrance community websites, and I care about tea as much as perfume, so why not belong to Steepster as well?

A few words about my ratings. In assessing both teas and perfumes, my evaluation is “all things considered.” Teas do not differ very much in price (relative to perfumes or any luxury items), so I do not usually consider the price when rating a tea.

What I do consider is how the particular tea compares to teas of its own type. So I might give a high rating to a fine herbal infusion even though I would never say that it is my favorite TEA. But if it’s good for what it is, then it deserves a high rating. There is no point in wishing that a chamomile blend was an Assam or a sencha tea!

Any rating below 50 means that I find the liquid less desirable to drink than plain water. I may or may not finish the cup, depending upon how thirsty I am and whether there is another hot beverage or (in summertime) a source of fresh water available.

From 50 to 60 indicates that, while potable, the tea is not one which I would buy or repurchase, if I already made the mistake (I have learned) of purchasing it.

From 60 to 70 means that the tea is drinkable but I have criticisms of some sort, and I probably would not purchase or repurchase the tea as I can think of obvious alternatives which would be better.

From 70 to 80 is a solid brew which I would purchase again.

From 80 to 90 is good stuff, and I probably need to have some ready at hand in my humble abode.

From 90 to 100 is a tea (or infusion) which I have come to depend on and look forward to imbibing again and again—if possible!

If you are interested in perfume, you might like my 2300+ perfume reviews, most of which have been archived at sherapop’s sillage (essentially my perfumelog):



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