892 Tasting Notes

drank Chamomile by Stash Tea Company
892 tasting notes

I found another stray bag of Stash Chamomile (in the yellowish gold foil envelope). It’s chamomile. Really. I’m starting to realize that adulterants are overdone in many chamomile blends. Not here. This is a true soliflore.

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drank Organic Oolong by Touch Organic
892 tasting notes

I don’t have a huge amount of experience with oolong, and I recall having encountered some in the past which did not agree with me. Out of curiosity, I decided to gamble on the Touch Organic Oolong at TJMAXX because I was pleasantly surprised by their generic China green filter bags.

This light golden brown brew smells remarkably like genmaicha to me. There is a seriously cereal-esque flavor here—popped brown rice, to be more precise! The brew wafts vaguely also of barley tea, which I never really understood and have never been able to drink. But this taste is a lot closer to genmaicha than to barley. Does it taste like oolong? That is the question.

I finished the cup, so clearly this is potable. I’ll probably drink this now and then—whenever I am craving genmaicha but have none on hand. Perhaps I’ll use some of these highly economic bags (five cents each) to take an oolong bath…

update: okay, now I’m getting the weird headache-y feeling which I recall having experienced in the past with some oolong and jasmine teas. Having second thoughts. Not quite to the point of gag reflex, but something has gone wrong here… Probably won’t drink this tea after all.

Is it possible to be allergic to some treatments of oolong????

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 15 sec

How are you with black or green tea?


I did have a pomegranate oolong tea that did that to me, but very inconsistently — I drank all of it and was fine most of the time, but a handful of times it gave me a vague headache, very weird.


Starfevre: I love black tea and green tea, and I never, ever feel nauseous from either one of them! There is something in jasmine and oolong which appears to be incompatible with me, alas. It’s a strange sensation. I should say that I sometimes feel that way with very light-roasted coffees as well. I only like dark roast, preferably super-dark roasted. So maybe it has something to do with being neither fully cooked (black) nor quite raw (green)? I don’t know. It’s too bad, though…


Yeah, that is too bad. Only suggestion I have is to try a quality oolong, maybe an organic one and see if it still does the same. Honeybush gives me a headache so I understand your frustration in taking out an entire type of tea from your life.

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
892 tasting notes

Another bizarre case where I have found the cup prepared using a filter bag better than the previous pots using loose tea! Probably this is because the filter bags are carefully constructed so that even the most inept tea brewer on the planet cannot mess up.

Delicious and smooth today—with light cream as before. Glad that I have a box of 50 of these filter bags—now 49 and soon to descend…

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This still seems a bit tannic to me, but maybe it is the extra citrus added?


you are braver than i, i am SUCH a whiner about bergamot, lol. i’ll do hibiscus over bergamot.


JustJames – I now have an image in my head of you and Sil high-fiving because you both hate bergamot. :p

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When in doubt, drink sencha.
When not in doubt, drink sencha.
Therefore, drink sencha.

Kyla Hedrick

I would really like to try this tea. I am trying to find a place to buy this and/or obtain a free sample. Any suggestions?


Hi Kyla, I just sent you a pm…

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drank Chamomile Citron by Tea Forte
892 tasting notes

Tonight my small pot of Tea Forte Chamomile Citron was not very good—somehow both bitter and sour at the same time—but I severely oversteeped it, so now I know not to do that again!

Boiling 8 min or more

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Another lovely pot of this white tea blend. The fruity flavors really came through today—especially the peach.

The second infusion was very good. The third was a bit weak. I’ll probably stick to two in the future… I’m using a cast iron testubin-type pot and allowing the leaves to fully blossom (not using the mesh basket). I might try the basket next time to see whether my belief (that tea is better infused in a larger volume) has any basis in reality.

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citrine peridot
shiny gem in liquid form
golden gleaming green

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yellow buds and fur
tumbling about on the ground
catnip chamomile

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drank Organic Spicy Ginger by Tazo
892 tasting notes

The minute I took a sip of Tazo Organic Spicy Ginger, the first words out of my mouth were: “Tastes like Settle.” This was a pleasant surprise, because I’ve been finding pretty vast differences between the newer white-envelope filter bags and the loose leaf teas.

In this case, the filter bag does a pretty good job of offering a quick and easy version of the excellent ginger infusion. The bags smell like piquant ginger and orange oil, with faint wafts of licorice and a mélange of other stuff.

Looking at the box, I found that the current batch of Tazo Organic Spicy Ginger lists exactly the same ingredients as those of Settle (the loose leaf version), and in exactly the same order:

ginger, orange peel, green rooibos, lemon verbena, chamomile, fennel, licorice root, natural flavors, orange essential oil

Clearly Tazo has changed their recipe from the colored-envelope Ginger tea pictured above. A positive change in this case, unlike some of the others (especially Calm and Thrive). This is a good ginger tea, not as good as fresh, and not as good as Settle allowed to infuse for a lengthy period of time (such as overnight!), but it’s one of the better filter bag ginger teas out there.

If you like Settle, you’ll like this. If you like this, you’ll like Settle.
If you dislike Settle, you’ll dislike this. If you dislike this, you’ll dislike Settle.

Boiling 6 min, 45 sec

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A long-time tea and perfume lover, I have recently begun to explore the intersections between the two at my blog: http://salondeparfum-sherapop.blogspot.com//

I participate at fragrance community websites, and I care about tea as much as perfume, so why not belong to Steepster as well?

A few words about my ratings. In assessing both teas and perfumes, my evaluation is “all things considered.” Teas do not differ very much in price (relative to perfumes or any luxury items), so I do not usually consider the price when rating a tea.

What I do consider is how the particular tea compares to teas of its own type. So I might give a high rating to a fine herbal infusion even though I would never say that it is my favorite TEA. But if it’s good for what it is, then it deserves a high rating. There is no point in wishing that a chamomile blend was an Assam or a sencha tea!

Any rating below 50 means that I find the liquid less desirable to drink than plain water. I may or may not finish the cup, depending upon how thirsty I am and whether there is another hot beverage or (in summertime) a source of fresh water available.

From 50 to 60 indicates that, while potable, the tea is not one which I would buy or repurchase, if I already made the mistake (I have learned) of purchasing it.

From 60 to 70 means that the tea is drinkable but I have criticisms of some sort, and I probably would not purchase or repurchase the tea as I can think of obvious alternatives which would be better.

From 70 to 80 is a solid brew which I would purchase again.

From 80 to 90 is good stuff, and I probably need to have some ready at hand in my humble abode.

From 90 to 100 is a tea (or infusion) which I have come to depend on and look forward to imbibing again and again—if possible!

If you are interested in perfume, you might like my 2300+ perfume reviews, most of which have been archived at sherapop’s sillage (essentially my perfumelog):



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