7630 Tasting Notes

drank White Monkey by Little Red Cup Tea Co.
7630 tasting notes

i know…not my usual cup of tea. But i bought a sample of this (that was huge! and cheap!) for those days when i really want a white/green/ sort of tea lol. today was one of those days. :)

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drank Champagne Cassis by Bayswater Tea Co.
7630 tasting notes

this was another from omgsrsly and for some reason, one that i was reluctant to try…for no reason at all beyond the fact that every time i went to have it, i was like….mmmmm maybe later lol. This is actually quite a tasty tea. even cooled it’s got a great flavour to it and it really enjoyable. with a little sweetner this would be perfect! thanks for the share omgsrsly!

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drank Yi Fu Chun Black Tea by Yezi Tea
7630 tasting notes

mmmm another cup of this. I am happy that i picked this one up from yezi. Not uch else to say on this one besides the fact that it falls in to the “like” bucket :)


Hmmmm interesting – maybe we don’t like the same type of black teas – I’ve been under the impression that our tastes are similar. You put this under “like” – I wrote that it was really close to my perfect black tea and for sure my favorite from Yezi…..


i think we’re similar but i think that we’re not the middle of a ven diagram. we’re two separate circles hahaha. i ADORE some of the same teas as you, and others i’m meh about. lol

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drank Mount Wellington by The Art of Tea
7630 tasting notes

another from VariaTEA who picked this up from Memily. I have to say…this one is strange. It’s vanilla like but it’s also very much NOT vanilla like as well. Not sure how to wrap my brain around this one. It’s like a floral, fruity, creamy sort of weird thing. lol not my favourite, but i didn’t hate it haha thanks ladies!

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drank Coffee Ice Cream by Butiki Teas
7630 tasting notes

the last cup of tea that i had last night, again from VariaTEA. I was super excited about this one because it was one of the teas that i wasn’t able to get from Stacy before things sold out. As i was drinking this last night, i couldn’t figure out what it was reminding me of…but it came to me this morning….this tastes very much like the matcha coffee smoothies i used to make in the morning with redleaf’s matcha. It’s creamy, sort of melted coffee ice cream…if that makes sense..though it’s not as strong as actual coffee ice cream. It was a great cup to end the night with, but as it turns out, i’m ok with just getting the one cup. Cheers to you Stacy!

Final Count: 76

Cameron B.

Yum, coffee ice cream tea sounds delicious. :3

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drank C'est a toi by Lupicia
7630 tasting notes

another one from VariatTEA! that i had last night. This is a smokey tea. What’s interesting though is the blending of oolong, puerh, black tea. It was a really interesting cup last night and even the addition of a bit of maple on the back half of my cup, didn’t seem to phase the tea…it was like…yeah? maple? i can eat that and still be the same lol. Still a neat experience :) thanks VariaTEA!

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drank Menghai Puer by Lupicia
7630 tasting notes

VariaTEA passed this one on to me, from her book of tea i suspect. I would totally recommend doing something that for any new tea drinkers out there, or folks still trying to figure out their preferences because hey, 100 teas? lots of different types? with just the single serving (that can likely at least be resteeped).

This is a pretty decent average sort of puerh. it’s for that slightly earth taste to it but it’s not overwhelmingly dirt like, mushroom like or any of the other sorts of things that people tend to have a harder time with. it IS strong though…and very much puerh. I had a couple cups last night using the little tea bag and it wasn’t until the 3rd steep that it became a softer puerh. This would be an interesting one for a puerh latte i think. thanks variaTEA!

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drank Black Opera by Mariage Frères
7630 tasting notes

Going to have to agree with variaTEA on this one…it’s a fairly “boring” tea. Sadly this falls into the same range as a lot of other MF “red fruit” teas for me. Which makes me sad because i was contemplating picking this one up myself, but didn’t because i am TRYING to keep my spending down. This was a surprise samples from VariaTEA, once i’m super happy to try. It’s just that, in the usual red fruit fashion, of MF…this is too, subdued? delicate? beyond me? It’s a very smooth tea, and the base is lovely…but i just don’t get excited about “red fruit” anymore. heh. They all seem to be not wanting to make up their mind or something. A lovely cup, but that’s all i really need. thanks so much variatea!!


I’m glad you got to try it without committing to a very expensive 100g. It’s nice enough but, like you said, boring.

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mmmm so glad terri shared this one with me. I love the way the tea looks and the way it tastes! win win!


Yes very pretty!

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steepster acting up…irritating me.

Sami Kelsh

Same. It needs to not be a poop. sends snuggles


Yeah it was acting up for me earlier. Wouldnt save a note, then made it look like I drank the tea three times. Finally the note went through. It’s working okay for me now.

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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