7830 Tasting Notes

drank Ceylon Golden Tips Black by What-Cha
7830 tasting notes

I didn’t realise this should be brewed at NOT boiling, so i almost ruined my cup…thankfully i noticed it at the last minute. This is an interesting tea…it’s sweet and slightly malty but not in an in your face sort of malt. I don’t think i’ve ever had a ceylon gold tip sort of tea, making this a neat one to try.

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this one was….interesting today. i think i need to have it again when i’m not sick. I remember tasting the flavours almost individually…similar to what i think variatea said. Sometimes it was coffee…othertimes butiki’s pumpkin. not my favourite, but not sure if that’s a product of being sick.

Final count: 162

Roswell Strange

Aww, how many of us are sick!? Too many.

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drank Lime Marshmallow by Butiki Teas
7830 tasting notes

this is very tasty…but then, i’ma fan of lime. I AM sick…but today this was just what i wanted..lime deliciousness. more when i’m not sick


Hopefully not the measles :(


ew! no wai! just sinuses/cough etc…

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drank Raspberry Cocoa by Tippy's Tea
7830 tasting notes

Sample from Caocorax today, all i’m really getting from this one is cocoa with a hint of what might be raspberry if i concetrate a lot. I’m ok with that though, because raspberry seems to be a challenging flavour in teas for me as it often tastes artificial and not really raspberry like at all. Little more of this left which i’ll save for a non sick day, but this was tasty.


Sounds yummy. I’ll have to look in that envelope from Cavo to see what goodies I got – I haven’t had time yet!


I think I sent the Tippy Teas to you as well, Kittenna! :D


Yeah – I was thinking so! Maybe I’ll look now (except I have like 15 teas on the shortlist to try. Ok that’s a lie – 25? 250? :( )

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drank Khongea Encore Assam by Butiki Teas
7830 tasting notes

My cupboard exploded yesterday, as i knew it would…and there’s more on the way. Back up to 162 with about 30? on the way haha. I opted to pull this one out earlier because i don’t want to try my new teas as i wasn’t sure if my tastebuds were having issues and i know this one is fairly safe as far as that goes. A lovely cup this morning in between sleeps :)


I think I bought this and haven’t yet tried it. Bad.

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i’m sick. ugh. I finally succumbed to whatever’s been going around and today my head is going to explode, i have a cough and my sinuses are messed up. So i’m taking it easy today. I started the day with a cold brew of this one – as always steeped half in apple juice overnight. Delicious and just the thing for this morning.


I hope you feel better! :( I’m ‘liking’ you note, but very much NOT liking that you’re feeling awful.


That sucks! I feel your pain. Me too, a cold w/body aches.
“Drink plenty of fluids.” – Another reason to drink MORE tea!


Naps! Have many naps. :)


Nooooooooooo! Feel better! I’m still struggling with a bit of something in my lungs (3 weeks now, ugh), but am much improved. I hope this is short-lived for you :)


Hope you get to feeling better soon!

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so confession time. i DID enjoy adagio’s vanilla oolong when i was in the chicago store. Just not enough to buy any. This is another form cavocorax and it’s a much better blend. I think non black fan blends do it for me more than black fan blends. I like this sort of smokey, vanilla thing it’s got going on…but of course it makes me want to try it with something like mandala’s wilver buds + vanilla and then maybe a little cacao? haha i need to write ideas down… on the whole…not a bad cup but nothing i need to repeat! :) thanks cavo!

Final Count: 141 after a partial add to my cupboard…this will go up tomorrow!


The name of this tea kind of hurts my brain.


Confession: I bought this tea PURELY bc of the name (and the pairing). And snowbud sounded angelic and delicate, which is about as tenuous as the relationship implied. (Why do angels have gender anyway. HARRUMPH)

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tea from cavocorax i might be trying to sneak in some easy sipdowns today before we head off to winterlicious tonight. I caved and ordered 3 puerhs today from streetshop88 which means i’m in even more trouble as far as my cupboard goes. On the upside, they likely won’t be getting here anytime soon LOL

This is a tea that i can get behind in theory… it’s making me want to bust out my non existant blending skills and make a smokey, orange, vanilla tea. Sadly this is an adagio blend so it smells like orange and smoke and delicious..and then tastes like 99% of every other black based adagio fan blend. blech. :( At least i tried..and it HAS given me inspiration!! so still a win in my books!


Haha. Well, that’s something!
I love that Shmiracles created this after reading a story that was the most angst-ridden and painful love story I’d encountered when reading fic. And so I can suffer a little each time. :P You can’t put a price on that!

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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