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4026 Tasting Notes


Sipdown! I think i may need to pick some of this up, though it might be a toss up between this one and the kenyan blend that terri sent me Either way this is a really nice every day sort of black tea. Not too much going on, but no astringency and a just a smooth blend for those everyday moments.

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drank Premium Taiwanese Assam by Butiki Teas
4026 tasting notes

Backlog. I haven’t had this one in a long time so I pulled it out last night to drink, since earlier in the week dad had mentioned that of all the butiki and verdant teas I had given him to try from my stash over Christmas, this was his favourite. I think that means I’d better order more for dad :)

It’s good to see that my love for this tea still hasn’t diminished. I’m still enjoying the delicious sweet notes peaking through the wonderful black base. :)

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Another backlog from yesterday. Had a mug full of this one while playing some board games with friends and having a grand old time. I still really enjoy this one when I want that sweet dessert but don’t want to actually have dessert. Mmmmm….


I think it’s not a bad dessert tea but am I the only one who doesn’t really find the taste of pineapple in there?


No I don’t think anyone can find the pineapple lol but because I love it as a cake tea, I’m ok with that. The pineapple is pretty much hidden in this one. Heh


Oh, Thanks Sil… Not having read many reviews of it, I was wondering if something major was going on with my tastebuds!


If its your taste buds its mine too lol.


I can’t find any pineapple in this one either.

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sipdown backlog!

I can live without this one. While is a decent enough cup, it’s just not to my preferred liking when there are so many other options out there that are better. Still enjoyed my cup though, so no complaints there. Thanks again terri!

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drank Blue Mountain Nilgiri by The Tea Spot
4026 tasting notes

sipdown backlog! finished off this one as well over the past couple of days. I think this might be a reorder in a small size just to have a chance to revisit it. thanks again terri!

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sipdown backlog on this one as well. Still a very coconutty blend, which just doesn’t scream “eleven” to me but hey, to each their own :)


I wouldn’t pick coconut for him either. Fish fingers and custard? For real though I think his blend would be strong and maybe tart or nutty. Now I wanna make character blends.

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backlog! Sipdown!

bumped the rating up on this one a little since i enjoyed my last cup of this a little better. Still nothing to write home about but i wouldn’t turn my nose up at it immediately :) thanks again terri!

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drank Cinnamon Swirl Bread by sTEAp Shoppe
4026 tasting notes

backlog as i’ve been mia for a few

sipdown! on this one and i’m sad to see it go. I’ll be picking up more of it since this is not only a tasty delicious cup of goodness but it resteeps incredibly well. Hard to beat that!

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drank Queen of Hearts by The London Tea Room
4026 tasting notes

Oh… this is really good. And apparently has bergamot…but not in the way that i dislike bergamot. It’s more like the bergamot that’s in the upton tea that i enjoy.

i’m exausted today. No idea why i came in today. should have worked from home. Looks like my other half made enough of a stink at work today that they’ve given him the time off again..so back to planning mode lol. eesh!

edit: oh yeah..the tea? delicious berry taste, though not so much with the vaniilla. I do like how this one blends together though it’s berry without being overly sweet or too generically fruity.

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drank The Sweet Life by PureAromaTea
4026 tasting notes

Getting sooo sleepy so my apologies for the poor tasting note on this one. Especially as a first tasting note.

1) this tea is like a smorgashboard of fruit chunks! It really does look like either a bag of candies or something that should be at the bottom of a cereal box lol.

2) not sure how they managed it but yes, this particular combination of fruit leaves a largely vanilla marzipan taste. Which is funny because i quite enjoy this tea (though it makes me sneeze a little) while i hate marzipan lol The tail end of the sip does turn slightly fruity though.

Boiling 8 min or more

I also don’t care for marzipan, yet like how it works in this tea. Interesting!!

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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