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in SHARP contrast to the other nasty cup i had..this one is actually quite pleasant for a bagged tea. I don’t get a lot of rhubarb from this one but the blackcurrant and vanilla is nice for a bagged tea. Certainly nicer than a lot of the teas we have out here in bagged for, that’s for sure! thanks again missB!


The box is pretty.


I think rhubarb would be a difficult flavor to master in tea.


stacy did it..with my tea


Well Stacy is just awesome! Wish she would change her mind & keep selling tea, even if just a few blends as she had time.

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drank Mango & Strawberry by Twinings
7966 tasting notes

another from missB and this one is like sticking my mouth into a vat of potpourri…and then finding the strawberry as i’m spitting out leaves. Gross. lol




Yikes! I’ve seen some blends that look like potpourri… I would hate to experience a tasting of them.. Gross!

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drank Cool Cactus by DAVIDsTEA
7966 tasting notes

not sure how i feel about this one, so i’m glad i have a little more to try. I didn’t hate it, but i’m not sure i got “cucumber” from it :)

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drank Apple Crunch by Twinings
7966 tasting notes

green apple tea. check. :) snother from MissB i swear i will get through all these tasty samples eventually :) this is a pretty good one if you’re looking for a fresh apple tea that is just apple and not apple caramel or some other variation.

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drank Juicy Orange by DAVIDsTEA
7966 tasting notes

i picked this one up from David’s tea based solely on my love of orange teas and the positive review from aisling of tea, though others have not loved this. DRY, this smelled AMAZING…like delicious tangerine orange wonderfulness.

Brewed, it comes across more like a herbal than a puerh but more like i sometimes wish puerh stored in oranges would taste like. There is a sweetness to this brew that is similar to the sweetness i get from stevia or licorice root that is at the tail end of the sip. Agree that this is more like tang than orange but i think that comes from the tangerine flavour. It’s not a bad cup, but the after taste is bothersome….it makes me want to add a bit more puerh to the blend to see if that deepens the tea a bit. Still not bad, though i likely won’t need more than this sample

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I figured that i should start trying a few of the new tea that are in my cupboard so that I’ll know if a re-order is warranted and so that I can share a few of them as well. I’m a fan of golden needle teas so i wanted to see where this one might end up in my list of teas.

this is a very smooth tea…slightly malty with a little sweetness, though not overly so. There’s a little astringency to this but nothing that is overwhelming or out of this world. just a really nice up of tea.

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Another from Nicole because i really don’t want to increase my cupboard lol Also…deliciousy flavoured tea that is making my kitchen smell AMAAAAAAZING..hells yes! This one smells a great deal like the creme brulee from bayswater, though this one is decaf. mmm this is delicious! sweet….caramelly and delicious. there’s a toasty sort of quality about this as well. Like other creme brulee teas, it’s not exactly like creme brulee but it’s tasty.

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drank Supreme Yellow Sweet by Vital Tea Leaf
7966 tasting notes

This is another from Nicole and another one from a company that i’m not familiar with. This is a malty and sweet tea, and as i understand it, this is a black tea rather than a yellow one. Really enjoyed this one as well :) thanks nicole!

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oh man. Nicole sent this tea my way…from Silk Road tea, not to be confused with Silk Road in Canada which i find infinately confusing, as i think there are a lot of teas from the US company i need to try…

So the upside, is that Nicole is awesome and always manages to fine me interesting teas from places i haven’t tried many teas from. The downside is that it tends to add yet another tea to my wishlist and with the dollar being the suck, it may be a while before i get around to placing orders at those places.

this tea is fabulous. I’ve resteeped it a couple times this morning trying to eek out as much as i can from this sample. it’s sweet…with a bit of almost maltiness but not…there’s a rich flavour from this one that is unique..it’s not fruity like a taiwan tea…just sweet and delicious lol on to the wishlist.


The exchange rate is killing me. The only upside is that it’s helping me resist buying more tea, but I know my will power will only hold out for so long.


i’m using it as an excuse to focus on trying canadian companies as much as possible this year


Glad you liked this one. :)

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YAY! this one is finally back in my cupboard after i missed the black friday sale. i had this one last night, but it didn’t taste as i remembered so i’m going to have to try it again at home when i can have it in a travel mug. I really hope my tastes haven’t changed on this one…


Love this one! just restocked it


ya! glad this one is finally back in my cupboard


I ordered 250g of this one during their Boxing Day sale in the Steepster US group order.

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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