8069 Tasting Notes


HA! i found it lol another from MissB and this one is totally smells like maple and chamomile…but then you take a sip and it’s mostly just sweet chamomile, with no trace of maple anywhere. It wasn’t bad, but i had higher hopes for this one than the resulting brew. poop :(

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drank Toffee by Harrods
8069 tasting notes

do do do…another from MissB this one… is a little weird and i may have to try again. I was getting some fruity vibes from it today while i was drinking it at work in my travel mug. I suspect they’re there because i didn’t use any filters but it was weird to get nice toffee…black base…fruit? lol


It’s just a weird tea, I had a similar, “what the hell?” response when I drank it.


ooooh k glad I’m not the only one! Quite astringent as well. But not in a bad way?

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drank Thé Roi Soleil by Ladurée
8069 tasting notes

I did NOT expect to like this one as much as i did because it’s a) green and b) has bergamot. lol however, this one isn’t bad. It has NOTHING on the other one from laudree as far as i’m concerned but in the grand scheme of things, liking it as much as i did says something about it… fruity and caramel… just that darn blergmot interfering….anyone who really like green + bergamot, would likely quite enjoy this one :) thanks again MissB!

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drank Lime and Ginger Sensation by Twinings
8069 tasting notes

Another from MissB i swear i’ll through all of these some day! The nice thing is they’re tea bags so i can get through them quickly. I suspect tomorrow might be a better day for my to try the looseleaf from her :) I really like the lime flavouring in this one. There isn’t a lot of ginger – it comes through mostly as a sweet sort of taste to the lime. This is like those lime popsicles that aren’t around all the time. yummy! esp for a teabag!


These unusual Twinings flavors are intriguing me!


Had the same experience with this one – I wanted ginger, but the lime was tasty. As for the flavors, they’re all one-off bags I grabbed from the Twinings store in London, where you can actually buy anything they sell (if it’s in stock) per bag.


gmathis – they’re really neat! i’m grateful to missb for sending them back our way


Yum!! Lime tea = awesome.

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drank Jin Pin Black Tea by Yezi Tea
8069 tasting notes

nom! so many teas, so little time…. and my poor cupboard is about to explode tomorrow..or at least this weekend lol

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tea from today – i wanted bolder and familiar this morning as it’s COLD! stupid weather being warm then freezing in the same week span. blech. Still loving this one, which makes me happy given i’m on my second tin of it heh

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drank Nutty Chocolate Assam by Twinings
8069 tasting notes

mmmm “nutella” tea. Another from missB this was a win for me. the right balance of chocoalte and nut along with a decent base. It doesn’t replace my MF mousse au chocolat but i DID enjoy this one a bunch, especially for a tea bag!

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drank Winter Wonderland by Twinings
8069 tasting notes

Another tea from MissB that i had a few days ago…just trying to get caught up on a few things. What i remember most about this tea was that is REALLY reminded me of something that i couldn’t place. Also, i swear MissB reviewed this but i don’t see her review. This isn’t overwhelmingly pear…it’s more chamomile than anything for me. Still though, it was a decent enough cup but nothing i will crave.

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little needle! yep…that’s all i’ve got because dinner is awaiting!

wait..i know… go watch this:



Lol! Thanks for sharing!


speed rounds! hehe love this game

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love this tea and will be sad when it’s all gone because it will really be all gone. Added a splash of maple syrup this morning because i could and had a fantastic time drinking this at work today. go me!

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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