4923 Tasting Notes

drank White Christmas by 52teas
4923 tasting notes

Brewed this one today at a really really low temp (like for greens) and it brewed up much nicer than before. I’m really not overly fond of finishing this one up though, so if I don’t like it the next time, maybe ill swap the rest away.

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Sip down! Having the last of this today as a latte. This package didn’t taste nearly as delicious as the first time I ordered it, which makes me a little sad. Nt sure what’s changed but ill likely stick to some of the other mint chocolate teas that I’ve tried.

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drank Golden Yunnan by thepuriTea
4923 tasting notes

Loving a small cup of this today on my sore throat. Still enough to have another last cup once I’m feeling better, but this morning, this is delicious.


Oooh sore throats are the worst! Hope you feel better!


Feel better!


bon rétablissement Sil


Thanks everyone. I hope I bounce back fast since we’re off to Montreal on Tuesday :)


hey so you can visit the tea shop selling Betjeman & Barton teas ?


Oh! Is there one in Montreal that sells them??


I hope that you will feel better soon.


yes :
Fouvrac – Maison des Thés
1400 rue Fleury Est
Montreal Quebec
+ 1 514 381 8871

Le Fouvrac, c’est le paradis de tous les grands amateurs de thé au Québec! Vous y trouverez en exclusivité du thé Betjeman and Barton de Paris,a voir aussi, une collection magnifique de théières en fonte émaillée, en porcelaine et en terre cuite.

Horaires d’ouverture :
Ouvert tous les jours du Lundi au Mercredi de 9hr30 à 18hr , Jeudi et Vendredi de 9hr 30 à 20hr30 , Samedi de 9hr à 17hr ,Dimanche de 10hr à 17hr

maybe call them before just to ensure they have what you would like to taste :)

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drank Cherry Pu-erh by Nature's Tea Leaf
4923 tasting notes

Spdown! Figured thiswould be a good one to have since I’m not well today…both the piers and the cherry being strong enough to it through any sick that might be messing with my taste buds. Haha I was right. While this is a pretty good puerile blend from natures tea leaf, I’d prefer to see if they have a flavour other than cherry since this one is a little artificial tasting as you go through the package. I love that the puerh taste doesn’t get drowned out by the cherry flavour! Over all a really nice tea from natures tea leaf, just would rather a different flavour :)


It’s so hard to get good cherry! Hope you feel better soon. I have been sick topo :(


Booooo for sick!


Oh geez, autocorrect got you good..puerile blend? :D Hope you feel better soon.

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
4923 tasting notes

Had this yesterday while running around the city with cam. Life is good even though I’m super sick today. :)


Feel better soon! Toss some honey in there (well not to laoshan, some other tea lol)


That sucks dude. Hope your Montreal trip goes ok!

Terri HarpLady

Sorry to hear your sick, it’s probably cuz you’ve been working so hard. Pamper yourself & feel better quick!

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drank Miami Mango by Steep City Teas
4923 tasting notes

I have a pitcher of this one in the frige so I can drink it cold brew over the next few days…this is basically a sip down once I get through the pitcher so yay for that. As a cold brew, this is much preferred. Nt sure if ill reorder since I didn’t love the crap out of it, but I wouldn’t turn it down. :)

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Nt too shabby for a bagged tea! Thank you CHAroma for the wonderful teas you sent. I’m enjoying getting the chance to try a few of the bagged versions from this company. I am not getting an overly strong pomegranate taste, but there’s enough to balance out the green tea and make this a decent cup :) something I might consider for those times when I don’t have enough time to brew up loose leaf.


Glad you liked it! :)

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drank Blueberry Fruit Tea by Teavivre
4923 tasting notes

Tying to catch up on things, though it won’t go well. I have company for the next week or so and I’m sick. So yeah. My order from teavivre came and I’m trying to drink a few of the sample sizes I picked up so that I don’t technically have to add them to my cupboard :) saving a couple of them for mornings when we’re in the hotel.

A far as this one goes, it’s not blueberry enough for me (though that may be the sick factor) and I don’t like the tartness in it. I was hoping for something a little sweeter. However, if you add a little sugar and don’t tik of blueberry, this is would be a great cold brew for summer. :)

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stupid steepstereating my notes. pssst it’s friday! i am leaving on time. i will.

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stupid steepster…ate my tasting note. soooo tried to use today to compare this vs stacy’s taiwan tea but i forgot which was which…and not that it should be difficult to tell but it’s been a while. soooo at least i have enough for another cup of this and i’ll just do a three way comparison with this, lot 157 and stacys’ haha

Terri HarpLady

I was actually thinking of doing the same thing. One of the teas from NofarS that I’m sending the rest of to you also might fit in there.

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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