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nom nom nom nom…this + honey + a waaaaaay too much alcohol in it drink = perfect evening lol. This is almost gone and that makes me sad, but i’m glad i only got a little bit while i was with Terri….means that i can order more teas soon! woot woot!

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Sil is getting wasted off spiked tea on a Friday night. That’s my Sil!


butterscotch ripple liquor. enough said.

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drank Maple Taffy by Bayswater Tea Co.
7735 tasting notes

Figured i might as well hit up my two maple teas at the same time :) This one is close in sipdown range, so i’m going to force it and let another tea friend try this one out hahaha. I enjoyed this, but i’m still not convinced the popcorn had a place in this tea lol

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Final verdict on this one after several cups of this, is that it’s not the tea for me. The “nutty” factor in it, ruins what i like about it. It was a decent enough time while i had it, but i’m over it. :)

Sami Kelsh

The name of this tea is what does it for me. Maple seduction! HOT

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i think that this tea is the correct one. KallieBoo sent these my way a while back and i haven’t yet had a chance to sit down with them. I’ve been drinking this over the afternoon while helping my other half feed the little one he’s looking after. I am apparently better at making kiddo eat solids lol I don’t have much to say about this one beyond it’s feeling very middle of the road for me. It’s not bad, it’s not knock your socks off…it’s just kind of there. being tea. neither FANTASTIC! or OMG GROSS… just there. Glad to have gotten the chance to try this, but nothing i need to restock. :)

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i think it’s the stevia in this one that is off putting…if the ingredients are wrong and there is no stevia, then it’s something to do with the orange. I don’t hate this….but the artificial taste that’s going on here leaves me thinking there is much to be desired here. Glad i only had a little sample of this.

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Bonnie sent these my way a while ago and i thought that they would be perfect for today. I’m working from home so i wanted to get around to trying a couple of my puerhs since i have the time. I THINK the ones she sent my way are these ones, and not the other entry but i’m not sure how to confirm. Either way, let me just say. YES! YUM! love these!

It really is like like sweet flavored kettle corn. I will have to look in to more of these since these are really tasty and could be handle for travelling.


Love them. have you tried rice shou ?


nope heh


i think i like shou more. Those fr Tao Tea Leaf are incredible. Lao cang pretty good and so cheap on YS. they sell them on ebay too.


I like them both :)


mmm good to know! i’ll check it out esp since i may cave to a YS order…for that other cake yo guys were drooling over..


which one, Sil? I drool all the time ;) that code i posted yesterday is only for YS puerh. Silly me, i was so happy, wanted to get couple samples


Another vote for rice shou. I’ve had it from Tao, puerhshop and a few places off ebay. All have been heavenly.


I have quite a bit of this tea and it never quite appealed to me. I found the sticky rice flavour too much. If you want more let me know!


will do!


That’s a good one. Apricots all the way. That’s YS puerh so it’s eligible for 12% off


You will like this one.


yeah… a couple reviews from you and a few others and boychiks comments have me decided. I’m getting it lol just need to find a few moments to place an order.


You will not regret. But if you happen to not liking it I will buy it fr you;) don’t want to tempt you and give more suggestions fr YS


hah i already think my cart is going to be up there.. just wish the dollar was stronger :(

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drank Je t'Aime by Nina's Paris
7735 tasting notes

Had a cup of this today in order to see how i still feel about it. It’s one of those teas that sometimes i really LOVE and other times it’s a little “meh.” today it’s a tasty cup of tea, though sadly it went a little cold while i got distracted with wedding planning lol

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mmmmm this is fun and tasty. I like the spicy edge to it that makes it interesting. Really glad that folks have been awesome and let me try out a number of WP teas before i went to place an order (there are a bunch of you! so thanks!) it’s like an echo of sichuan caravan…only not because it’s a totally different tea and has no puerh lol but there’s something there that reminds me of it while being very much it’s own tea :)

Final Count: 96

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sooooooooo….i picked this one up, since a number of folks were fairl certain that this would be a tea for me. Also, the idea of pine needles in teas, appeals to me because i adore bellocq’s pine needle tea. What i failed to realise…and that’s on ME…is that this has a jasmine presence. As in…that other thing i dislike a lot…though not as much as bleramot…though sometimes MORE than blergamot lol.

Soooo i love every thing about this tea…. the needles…the initial sip..the brew… until the jasmine punches me in the face. I can probably finish off the rest of the ounce i picked up, but this is not for me.


Funny, I don’t even remember the jasmine in this tea (although I do love jasmine). I just remember the pine and the light sweet nutty taste. Loved this one.

Terri HarpLady

I haven’t tried this one.
On another note, I stopped by Traveling Tea & picked up the first half of our order! I also picked up a new finnum, a few tea samples, etc. :)


did you want me to set aside a cup’s worth for you terri?


done and done. heh

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Terri picked this one up for me and i’m ever so glad to have it. The only thing that makes me sad is that i like 2013’s harvest a little more, but i waited too late to try and place my own order. So now, the only version that i can pick up is this one. And it’s not bad…i really like it…but i recall loving the 2013 a little more heh. That being said, i love this and want more. Thanks so much for facilitating this one landing in my cupboard terri!

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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