7437 Tasting Notes

drank Chaud Les Marrons! by Lupicia
7437 tasting notes

i have not had nearly as much tea as i wanted today, which doesn’t bode well for my sipdown goal for this month…even if i am making good progess. This was one of my afternoon choices and a good one at that since the nutty tastes was just what i wanted when we cooled off inside with air conditioning. :) Glad i restocked this in a small quantity as it’s a nice one from Lupicia!

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this was another one from this afternoon – my other half and i went out to enjoy the day and pick up new tires for his bike – the old ones just weren’t working well with his new rims. I opted to splurge as well today and we went for dinner and i got to have my soup dumplings again! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiaolongbao). I’ve missed them ever since i got back from china…just sooo good with the vinegar and the fresh ginger… mmm and this tea! smokey with a hint of maple!


I’ve had those at Asian Legend. SO good

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drank It's Chai by Informal Tea.
7437 tasting notes

missB sent this one my way and i am a fan! there’s something about this particular blend that makes me pretty happy. I figure it’s probably the cardamon and the lack of cloves… :) I steeped this for about 5 mins and it was a delicious blend of chai for me :) thanks missb!

Sami Kelsh

Ooh, gorgeous. The words “lack of cloves” are like music to my clove-ambivalent ears.


Ha. The name is pretty informal. Cute!

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drank Choc Chip Chai by T2
7437 tasting notes

Another tea from missB i figured i should try some of the chais, she and others have sent me or i’ll never get to them until the fall lol Chai tends to be more of what i want in the winter than summer. Although, some of these days i should make it traditional style and then ice it…that might be delicious!

Anyway, i didn’t get much chocolate from this one but that might have beendue to the ration of things in the sample. Instead i had a relatively pleasaant cup of chai tea that had just a little more star anise than i would normally want, but was still tasty. I wish id though to add just a bit of cacao shells to it but it didn’t occur to me until after.

thanks missb!

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Received a sample in the spring sampler that i won, much like stephanie :) this…this was not what i expected. In contrast to Stephanie, i found this to be much lighter than i expected rather than bold…but i agree on the sweetness. This was a lovely tea to wake up with – lasting for several steepings with the sweet flavour coming out more as i went along. Since this was produced this year, it would be interesting to see how this one ages as i can imagine it would be fairly lovely…at least that’s what my limited experience with puerh says haha. I’m certainly no expert!

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drank Assam Beast of the East by RiverTea
7437 tasting notes

apparently i’ve had this a few times and not reviewed it, or steepster has eaten my reviews again. :( this one from RiverTea is a pretty decent average assam. it’s got a medium kick to it, with a slight malty taste to it without being bitter or in your face. There is an after taste here that is almost drying in my mouth but not quite. Overall, the sort of tea i imagine would be even tastier with a little milk if someone was inclined to drink tea that way…which i don’t haha.


I’m certain you’ve reviewed this one before…


yeah.. it’s weird… steepster is messing with me

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drank Dragonberry by Cornelia Bean
7437 tasting notes

another cold brew tea courtesy of dexter let me first start off by saying that unlike the one that David’s tea came out with recently…this smell of this one doesn’t make me queasy. I cold brewed this one and while it looks similar to the one from DT – it’s a much nicer brew. :) also the giant chunks in this one are kinda fun! thanks a bunch dexter!

Final Count: 117 (22 left to go for anyone counting lol)


Oh, I so loved this one…This is what I call a REAL fruit blend!

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drank Frisky Rhubarb by Cornelia Bean
7437 tasting notes

Another cold brew of this one tonight – had a few glasses of this today and it was fantastic. Exactly what i needed after our morning bike ride. I have to say, i’m not sure if i’d call this rhubarb but it was tasty and so that’s all that really matters in summer with cold brews lol is it tasty? check. drink it! :)


I agree – not really rhubarb but still tasty. :))

Roswell Strange

I love the name of this one.

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drank April in Paris by SAHARA TEA
7437 tasting notes

haha this was another tea i had with dinner earlier this evening sent to me via missb her review sort of sums up the way i felt about this tea. A little too floral for my tastes as that’s all that i really got from the cup. Oh well, at least i had the chance to try it! go go new teas! thanks missb!


Where has MissB been?


I’ve wondered about her too. Maybe busy in the summer ??


She’s been travelling and keeping busy over the summer. Oh to live her life! :) she’s still doing well :)

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drank Enchanted Forest by Joy's Teaspoon
7437 tasting notes

dexter sent this one my way and i made sure to try it before reading any notes on it or figuring out what was in it. For me – this is a REALLY cherry green tea. I’m not getting much in the way of almonds but this is refreshing and very much a cherry cup of tea heh. On the whole not a bad cup of tea, especially since i am a fan of cherries! :) thanks dex!


I love this tea’s name!

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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