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caile had another keemun from teavivre the other night and it reminded me that i should have more of this one – i’ve got lots of this one left :) 100g is a little much for me when it comes to tea purchases even if i love the tea but i know i won’t get tired of this one so i had just done it! :) still one of my favourite keemuns


I’d agree it’s 100 gram worthy! :)

Terri HarpLady

Yup, this is one of my fav Keemuns too :)


I was just about to write up some tasting notes on this. I’m a big keemun fan and really like this one. Happy that I got it and happy that I have a good quantity to put in the rotation (although my son recently discovered it so it may not last as long as I thought).


nice :) glad to hear it!

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long day is long. I started with this one as my flavoured tea for today and it was a good choice. There’s not much to add to this one that i haven’t said before. it’s lost a little bit of it’s appeal, so it’s not a long term tea that stands the test of time, but then i’ve yet to really find a flavoured tea that is. :)

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had this one tonight with a little lemon, mostly because i was trying to decide if it was one that i might want to pick up while i’m in Chicago. I’ve had it a couple times now, but after every previous cup, i’ve wondered how this would do with a little honey…and tonight i remembered! :) With a little honey, this is even tastier than previous cups. As an evening herbal, i can get behind this one for sure, especially in winter for that calming hint of warmer times :)

Final Count: 99 – double digits!


You totally rocked it!!! And… I’ve got 77 teas to go before I catch up to you. Bwahahaha. Still…. how much was that in one month? 100 sipdowns?


Double digits! Congrats!


Cavo…something like 80 I think….I could go back to my June 30 last tasting log to find out lol. I think the plan now is 5 more every month until I can’t handle the lack of options in my cupboard lol so I can see how small my cupboard can be….this will also give me incentive to focus on my poor neglected puerhs.


Which is why you need three pots now? :P It’s a good plan though. I think we’ve all established that 150-200 is too much variety. I’m curious what the right amount is.


i was actually totally ok with 175 as my cupboard… it was a good size. i didn’t want it to be smaller..now that it’s smaller i’m like…oh ok i can do this.


I still have too many teas that I haven’t opened because of all those small samples floating around. :P I’m getting through them though – maybe 20 to go?


yeah that was my problem, and why i focused on all those samples.. now i’m excited to start digging in to my unopened teas! :)


Yay! New-to-you teas! :D That’s a pretty sweet reward.

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mmmmmm…opened this one tonight in celebration and it’s a good one! I’m generally a fan of caramel rooibos blend but this one is even more delicious than others that i’ve had. the caramel here is almost rich enough to come across like coffee if that makes any sort of sense. It’s just a darn delicious cup to end the evening with!

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drank Tangy Lime Sherbet by Teaja
7538 tasting notes

I hit 100 teas (god i remember being up at 350+ so it’s been a ride…) and now i’m staring at teapots. I blame teafairy for buying one of the ones from Mandala that i’ve been looking at….and Dexter for informing me that it was ok…i only need three. sigh sooo now i’ve basically picked out one from teavivre and one from mandala that i want to save for so that i can get my first pot(S). Except that i need to save if i’m going to do that since our move was a little more expensive than we planned and with all the travelling and wedding planning and crap…i shouldn’t be splurging. but i waaaaaaanttttt…. sigh

Anyway….i opened this tea up since now that i’ve hit 100 i feel like i have a bit more room in my direct cupboard for some of my more recent purchases so a few more teas can be opened. I started with a few of the non black teas that i’d picked up and this was one of them.

I had higher hopes for this tea. It smells wonderful! tangy and lime-y and once again, falls short. I’m hoping that i can figure out the right steeping parameters to coax out a little more flavour and a little less rooibos. Oh well, always nice to try new companies!


Hahaha, you only need three. :D

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WHAT UP PARTY PEOPLE! Ok so anyway..i’m celebrating because while it’s not my goal… ONE HUNDRED! it’s like race that i’ve been running for a few months now so yay for finally getting this far! 5 more teas to go…only the 5th one should prove challenging as far as my cupboard goes. The other 4 are all lined up (literally on my table) for the next 2 days haha I picked this one as my 100th tea, well because it has the word dragon in it. I’ve been sipping on this all afternoon and while there is nothing crazy exciting about this puer, it’s been a relaxing afternoon full of a calm sort of tea. this one is on the earthy/mushroom side but not “stick your head in compost” sort of level of intensity lol Really happy to have a chance to explore more puerhs. I really need to take more time to get through my other samples – i could probably survive on my puerh alone for over a year lol.

Thanks to Boychik for sharing this one with me. it made for a lovely afternoon!




i admire your ability to drink so much tea. just Wow!


it’s my happy place. And i don’t have kids…or pets…soooo i have more time than the average person with those things hahaha. i see drinking a WHOLE lot less once i have kids…or a dog. lol

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drank Masala Chai by CJay Tea
7538 tasting notes

YYZ sent me this one and now i think i’m officially finished with the wonderful tea journey her samples sent me on. As far as chai’s go, this one was quite lovely. There is still a distinct clove flavour going on here, but it’s not overpowering the other spices and steeped in milk, this softens into a really pleasant cup of tea. “Masala chai” was the first tea that really got me in to loose leaf so i love revisiting companies takes on it. Especially since there are so many different varieties! Thanks for sharing YYZ! I rather enjoyed this one :)


I’m glad you liked it!

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soooo much tea, only not nearly as much variety as i normally go through when working from home because i’ve been trying to get through some puerhs today as well and i like to sit with those for longer periods of time even if i don’t track each steeping :)

this one came my way from MissB and i’ve been saving it for a more dreary sort of day. I’ve had this one before, so not much to say about it beyond YAY for revisiting good tea…though this is for sure more a winter tea than summer haha

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drank Muscat by Lupicia
7538 tasting notes

Sometimes when we do group orders with the crew here, we seem to randomly pick things that we wouldn’t normally try on our own but with three + people splitting it…it’s no big deal lol this was one of those things where cavo said… i want that! split with me? and i said…sure! because really..why not.

I tried this as a cold brew first since something about the idea of a grape tea sounded refreshing as a cold brew. I was right. I really like the way this one turned out. The base didn’t over power the flavouring but it’s clearly grape TEA and not grape juice.

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cavocorax provide me with this sample which i’m willing to bed was the second package from samples she would have picked up from Angel heh. teavivre really is generous when it comes to their samples. I’d be happy with ONE package as a sample and they nearly always send at least 2!

This reminds me of Wild Monk from Mandala but without the smoke that i adore. this is more of a green sort of puerh than an earthy one – leaning towards coming across as vegetal. It reminds me a little of some of the green teas that i’ve had recently from teavivre but without the juiciness. Instead this is more subdued..bordering on almost nut like versus snap peas or something similar. Over all, quite lovely through a few steepings!


I really like this one too :)


I believe I have a sample of this on the way! Woo!

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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