6501 Tasting Notes


Hello Captain! You know? I’m ok with this one. I think i’ve figured out that the adagio ceylon is NOT my preferred black base, but it’s not terrible in this one. Yes there’s a rooibos presence, but it’s not dominating. I do get the almond flavour, though it’s pretty subtle. There’s a hint of the chocolate…i guess? i think? but it’s not very strong. Do i like this tea? it’s alright…but it’s NOT captain Jack to me…and it’s not quite what it claims to be.. :)

Roswell Strange

Not sure about the tea version, but I do you me some Captain Jack ;) He can say ‘hello’ to me anytime.

Roswell Strange

**do love me


yeah…it’s weird though when Barrowman has appearances on “Arrow”..my head always goes whaaaaaaaa

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3500 Tasting notes. I figured Martha was a good one for that milestone, since she certainly walked a long long way. This was one of the few that in the sampler that i thought i would enjoy, and i was right. It’s good to know that in looking at the ingredients for each of the blends, i was pretty accurate in terms of how i figured i would enjoy the teas. There are a few there that changed order a little, but not much.

This one is an average blend that is on the sweet side, but not overly so. Just a pretty decent cup of caramel sort of black tea. Not too shabby!


Congrats on 3500!! One day, one day I will catch up to you.


probably! at the rate you’re going haha

Terri HarpLady

3500!! Woo Hooo You!!!


Wow, 3500! :)


Wowie zowie! Amazing!

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drank Laoshan Village Chai by Verdant Tea
6501 tasting notes

This was my other morning tea and it was delicious…though i guess i drank it in the afternoon. I’m almost done with this and it’ll be a sad sipdown, but something to look forward for next fall!

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I seriously love this tea. I don’t love whoever edited the tea and removed the lot number. Sometimes when multiple lots are in cupboards you need that information. So i beg you..whoever you are, please don’t remove lot numbers! even if that lot never comes back…

This was one of the two teas i packed up in a hurry this morning when i discovered my plan for getting work done and drinking tea at home was not allowed because of my computer issues. Every time i have this, i’m reminded of just how much i love these teas…

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I believe this one was from Terri (or possibly Dexter) and since i am starting to amass puerh samples, i really need to take some time to focus on drinking them up. I had this one several times over the course of this morning and over all this is a really nice puerh. I sadly, have since not only spilled water on my notes that i was taking on the steepings but have to get running to work… soooo there will be a better tasting note in future. promise. I have enough to play with again :)

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sooo not my day today. I was supposed to work from home and now my remote access is having issues so i may very well be going in to work only to have my computer taken away from me for the rest of the day and be unable to get work done anyway lol. I had this earlier in the morning and it’s a sipdown. I need to focus on the teas from the ladies in our BBB box since i know that Terri is itching to send it on to me. heh I enjoyed this one a lot, and it makes me want to check out more of the teas at california tea house. thanks tastybrew!

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drank Cream by TeaGschwendner
6501 tasting notes

I figured i should have this one before I get is over to Courtney in our swap. I picked this one up on a whime because they had a decaf caramel creme but no normal caramel creme. So i bought 50 of each, and figured i’d make my own at the least. Plus this way, i get three teas for 2 haha. I will need to play with this one a bit more because i only let it steeps for 2 mins, since that’s what Tea G. suggests. I’m wondering if steeping it a little longer will make it more bitter or just bring out the cream.
At least the cream flavour in this one tastes really nice. it’s subtle but it’s delicious. If this is what i can expect from the other few that i picked up from Tea G, then i will be a happy camper! Hope you enjoy it courtney! and if you don’t, that’s ok too haha

Count: 168…still.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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drank Winter Nog by Della Terra Teas
6501 tasting notes

i’m having this one along with a caffinated tea just because. I had a long day and so i’m trying to get some relax time in before i have to head to bed. I’m going to try and work from home tomorrow, in part just so that i can get some tea drinking in. I’m going to try and hit 155 this weekend, provided no packages end up arriving in the mail tomorrow. I have a plan of attack :) I’ll be good when this one is done, since a 1 oz bag is about as much as i need until next year rolls around. I like the creaminess of this one, but i could do without the stupid sprinkles

Terri HarpLady

sprinkles :ppppp

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drank Sichuan Caravan by Verdant Tea
6501 tasting notes

So i’m lazy..and have zero knowledge of anything going on out there in the land of herbal stuff…but every time i drink the new blend, I want more spice and ginger in it. I want it to be more like the first time i had this…

On a random Verdant tangent…not happy with the new rewards, even if i was hoping for different ones someday…but since i’ve had a 10$ coupon i can’t redeem for the glass steeper, and I don’t much need a sample. So my points will just sit there and accumulate.


That glass steeper better be worth it, lest I be shaking my fists for not acting sooner on the $10 coupon.


i suspect coupons will come back eventually…


I bought the first edition of their glass steeper, I absolutely love it!

Terri HarpLady

I also already have a glass steeper, from when the first came out! Such a lovely way to brew greens!

Regarding the ‘sample’, does anybody know if we actually get to pick what it is a sample of?


No idea…and i haven’t heard a peep via FB yet..

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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