6607 Tasting Notes

drank Black Pearl Sumatra by Tealux
6607 tasting notes

I need to buy some of this. Mostly because we had an issue in the afternoon that ate up 5hours of my life and resulted in my tea drinking being interrupted. All my thoughts on this one are out the window but i did gulp it down and kept checking my mug to see if any was left…so that’s a good sign! thanks teafairy!


=0) been there!


I really like this one – it’s mostly black, but a little oolong – confusing to me, but a really good tea. :))


yes! i really liked it

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drank Jun Shan Yin Zhen Yellow Tea by Tealux
6607 tasting notes

Thank you teafairy for sending me a sample of your precious yellow tea :) I’m glad i have more of this to have again in the future. I think i still struggle with yellow teas because they’re so close to green/white. This, however IS one that i can get behind. It’s not overly vegetal and has a delicious sweet taste to it that reminds me, as teafairy has pointed out, of a green tea. And yet it’s not. I will have to try and capture more on this one in future. Thanks so much teafairy!


Now you know why I like it so much :-)

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sipdown on this one as i’m passing the other half on to one of my tea friends whose preferences run towards white/green etc… ie the full other end of the spectrum from me haha. It’s not because i don’t like this either, but more because i like to share. Staving student with no tea budget and all you know :) As far as white’s go, this is a lovely light, refreshing brew with no floral notes going on! it’s sweet, and tastes more than just warm water to me haha overall another nice one from Norbu :)

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sipdown! mwahahah because the other half of my sample is going to go in to Terri’s box so that she can try this one as well. I have to say, these leaves are pretty darn big once they expand through brewing :) this is on the sweeter side of things, without being as distinctively sweet as some of the teas from TTC that I’ve had. it still comes across as a bit of a malty sort of tea but not to the extent of say, Tiger Assam. I am really enjoying this because it’s just a bit different than similar teas that i’ve had.

Norbu (greg) included this one for me because i was trying to find a similar tea to the one i fell in love with from Norbu that they have since stopped purchasing because of the lack of demand in the US. SHAME ON YOU US! :) While this IS a tasty tea, it doesn’t hold the same power over me as the other one. Still though, i enjoy this one a bunch.

Norbu has some excellent customer service for anyone interested, and until the end of January they’re having a 25% off sale :)

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Terri HarpLady

Shhhhh….you’ll wake up little terri, & she doesn’t need to know about that sale right now. She’ll start bragging about her birthday & all the presents (tea) she thinks she should get…


Rock-a-bye Terri, go back to sleep
You’ve already got too many to steep…
(cheesy sheepish grin)

Terri HarpLady

It’s true!


hahaha love it!

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Wow no tasting notes yet, and i’m certainly not going to set the bar high lol Working from home today but i’m pretty much exhausted beyond belief. My words aren’t working so well today. This is a decent cup of tea from Teavivre. It’s sweet, with a strong edge that i lik, without being bitter or astringent. Sadly, while i will enjoy this a bunch, it doesn’t knock others out of the top of my list for teas to keep on a permanent basis. I can see ordering this from time to time though to rotate through my cupboard :)

Edit: Also a sipdown because Terri hasn’t tried this one haha. Maybe i can hit 165 today…


I just got the sample packs I ordered of this in the mail yesterday, but haven’t tried it yet.


Hope you can get some rest soon!


Can you sneak a nap in? :O


i wish..back to back meetings today…just hoping to get TEA in :)

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drank Black Currant by Tea Sante
6607 tasting notes

I had this yesterday and it’s on the menu to try as a cold brew now. I have to say that this black currant flavour is intense. I’d take a sip and then be tasting it in my mouth well after i’d swallowed lol. I dont recall much about the base of the tea but i did really like the flavour. This was another share from the teafairy! thank you madam!

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back log from yesterday still – had a cup of this in the evening. it’s more of a morning tea but it was enjoyable enough. It’s nothing i would restock but it’s nice to get a sense of the offerings from World of Tea since my parents are close to it, if there’s ever anything i need.

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picked up a few more of these in my teavivre order, so it will be a while before they’re gone. Had this yesterday to start the day with a nice, malty delicious cup of yum!

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drank Laoshan Village Chai by Verdant Tea
6607 tasting notes

Backlog from yesterday…bad steepster! Always a tasty go to blend in winter, though i don’t prefer Verdant’s winter formulation. I’m back up to 173 teas after my order from teavivre arrived yesterday. fun fun!

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drank Vanilla Plantation by Silk Road
6607 tasting notes

Made a latte out of this one this morning with a small teaspoon of Red Leaf’s Irish cream added to it. oh man…so good. Looking forward to trying the irish cream on it’s own as it added just the right something, something to this today haha

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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