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Mmmmm another tea in the travel much yesterday. Mostly because this was a sipdown but I was fairly sure that my parents had managed to find more of this while in Paris. I was right – though the way my dad tells it, they had to go to 5 different shops and make the shop keepers dig through the back cupboards for it. But they succeeded. They picked up this one and wedding imperial for me, as well as a dragon well tea from another famous? Shop in Paris that specializes in Chinese tea. All I know currently is that it comes in the most interesting boxes and that I’d rather sneak my dads puerh and box lol but I 100% wil enjoy what they brought back. Dad also picked up mf’s most expensive? Or almost most expensive silver needle, which I haven’t yet tried :)


Careful with Wedding Imperial – it is IMO a pretty fussy tea to brew up right (though weirdly, I got served it in a spa and they had nailed it perfectly there, much better than most of my attempts). Try water at 85 for 3 minutes, or at 90 for 2 first time.

And it sounds like great souvenirs from paris – that silver needle I am jealous of, do review!


bravo :) now you need to come in person to visit Paris !


oh how i would love that! my other half has never been to paris and it’s been far too long since my last visit.

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drank Premium Taiwanese Assam by Butiki Teas
5351 tasting notes

Backlighting from yesterday as my other half and I opted to drive to Ottawa for basically the day. I took two mugs of tea in the car with me just in case and of course drank them both. I like how well this tea works in a travel mug. Even after a few hours when the tea gets a little cooler, it still tastes delicious!

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drank Cookie Dough by DAVIDsTEA
5351 tasting notes

sipdown! thank you again for this sample courtney This is a really nice tea if you’re looking for a dessert tea. It really does remind me of the way that chocolate chip cookie dough smells, and the way that it tastes. There’s vanilla and almond and chocolate and even the dough like flavour is there. There’s a sweetness to this but there’s also the bitterness that you’d get from using semi sweet chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips. Overall a really nice tea if you’re in the mood for dessert! :)


I just might have to try this the next time I’m in-store! :-)


I was quite impressed with the way they got this one to taste. It wasn’t my favourite but it’s my fiance’s favourite for sure.


Ooh, I can’t wait to try my sample of this one!

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drank Monkey-Picked Oolong by Teavana
5351 tasting notes

sipdown! thank you tattooed_Tea for this sample. There are green oolongs i like, those that i wish i could and then ones like this that are just never going to happen for me. This doesn’t have that green “oolong” taste that i have a hard time with, but there is a whole lot of floral-ness to this one that i just can’t stomach. It’s a fairly vegetal oolong as well, with that grassy taste hanging out in the background as well. Oh well, at least it’s another to knock off my list. I’ll try a resteep of this later on as well as a cold brew just to see if that changes how i feel about it.

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sipown! thank you *hallieod for sending this along for me to try. I didn’t think i’d enjoy this much as there is a strong bergamot flavour to this. However, I’m open to trying things just in case! Overall? I wouldn’t ever order this myself but it’s not as iscky to me as i thought it would be. The base is rather smooth and the bergamot is softened by the other citrus fruits in the blend. My only wish? that this was a bit sweeter. There’s a bitterness from the fruits that makes this less pleasant than it could be. Still though…not too shabby :) Thanks Hallieod!

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drank Walter Bishop Honeybush by 52teas
5351 tasting notes

Last tea of the evening! Figured i should round out the evening with a tea that is nearing the end of my package…though for this one i DO have a second package thanks to jackieT

Still enjoying this over the strawberry pie from 52 teas, this one has a much smoother, creamier base to it without the intense cinnamon flavour that strawberry pie has. YAY for a great saturday sipdown :)

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drank Toffee and Cream by Kally Tea
5351 tasting notes

mmmmm one of my last teas for this evening…I managed to get down to 270 teas this weekend, so that makes me pretty happy. I’m picking up a few teas from my parents tomorrow so it will go up a bit but over all it’s looking like i’m on the downward slope again….finally. I won’t make 200 teas by the end of June but I think I can hold out and not buy any more teas until the end of June or keep it to really small orders.

This tea? It’s still one that i enjoy, though i’m nearing the end of it. I’ll have to figure out if i want to re-order this one as i’ve consistently wished the flavour was a little stronger. Still though, it’s a decent one for the no caffeine factor :) Plus kally teas has some great customer service!


Remember that time you got down to 190 teas chasing me? Haha


Lol hey at least I did that….god I’d be in a mess now if I hadn’t!

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drank Chocolate Bananas Foster by Teavana
5351 tasting notes

thank you kallieboo! for this sample as well. HOLY JEEPERS this is SWEEEEEET! it smells divine…chocolate banana but man i can’t drink this because it is a walking talking cup of sugar. Maybe i’ll try the rest of my sample as a latte to see if that helps with the sweet fact because this could be a pretty darn delicious tea….if it weren’t so sweet. omg. seriously. wow.

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drank Fruity Pu-erh by The Tea Grotto
5351 tasting notes

thank you kallieboo! for this sample in our swap :) This is an interesting puerh. There’s an earthiness to this but there’s also a bit of a sweetness here that makes this a really nice tea.

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drank English Blend by Lupicia
5351 tasting notes

I forgot that i’d had this one this morning so that i could pass the rest on to my parents. This is a pretty good morning black. There’s a lightness to it without losing any of it’s strength and it tastes delicious with a splash of milk :)

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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