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I hate it when reviews disappear. I pulled this one out to be my puerh for today after reading misslena’s tasting note on special dark. :) I haven’t had this one in a long while so i figured it was time to work on my sample of this, especially if i place a mandala order for special dark! I’ll be drinking this most of today and that suits me just fine. My little turtle needs more tea love and this is a great tea. I’d say it’s a toss up on any given day whether i’ll love this or special dark most :)


Yay for my note inspiring you to pull this one out! I should today too, but I don’t want to overcaffeinate..having a black tea right now lol. I hate being sensitive :(


I love this one. Also the Temple Stairs mini tous are good

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drank Root Beer Float by Della Terra Teas
5941 tasting notes

dexter sent this one on to me and since it was a HUGE quantity, i’m going to inflict..er i mean share, the rest of this with the other girls :) Esp now that i’ve tried this both as a regularly brewed tea and a latte. Truth be told the latte was better but it just doesn’t have the strength to it and that deep root beer flavour that i get from the david’s tea black version. A decent cup, but not a favourite :) thanks for letting me try this dexter!

Final Count: 118 so yay for that! Maybe today i can get another 3 in…

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drank Flowery Pineapple Oolong by Butiki Teas
5941 tasting notes

another one from yesterday. I’ve been hoarding this tea because it’s my favourite pineapple tea and i can’t get it anymore. :( I WILL drink it slowly, but it’s locked away in a tin and a metal overflow box because everytime i opened my cupboard i could smell the delicious pineapple taunting me and willing em to drink it. Yesterday it was my treat for a very long night of staying awake for work. And it was amazing and delicious and everything i love about pineapple tea. thank you stacy!!

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mmm this was another from yesterday – the overnight caught up with me and i ended up passing out before i got around to finishing my tea posting haha. I don’t recall much about this besides the fact that it was sweet and reminded me of a darjeeling. I’ll do better next time i have it :)

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not crazy about this one…but then i didn’t expect to be. there’s a slight bitterness to this cup and floral notes in the background. this is more fruity than muscat tasting… it’s sort of like apricot? i guess? sort of that vague fruity note that i get sometimes…never comes across as a specific for me. overall…“meh”

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drank Cache-Cache by Lupicia
5941 tasting notes

this tea is from cavocorax in sachet form. brewed, this is like a fruity, tropical tea that doesn’t really come across as a specific fruit. it smells like peach…tastes a little like mango…it’s a little all over the place. i added a little sugar and it really popped! thanks for the sample cavo!

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yep i still like this one. haha that’s all i really have to say about that!

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drank Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea by What-Cha
5941 tasting notes

This one is a little creamy..sort of a unique taste in my opinion as i’m not sure i’ve had any yunnan dian hong that have had this sort of a profile to them. very smooth brew…a little malty but not too much….some hints of a sweetness in the background…but mostly a sort of creamy taste… interesting!

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drank Keemun Black Tea by What-Cha
5941 tasting notes

this is the sort of keemun i don’t love. This is a fruity, plum sort of keemun. For me, this results in a weird after taste drinking this. I’m glad i compared it against what-cha’s other offering since if this one was the one i’d tried, i don’t know that i’d have ever risked the other one. If you like fruity sorts of teas…this would be a keemun for you. It’s just not for me!

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drank Keemun Mao Feng Black Tea by What-Cha
5941 tasting notes

Another sample from my what-cha order. This keemun says “caramel aroma and taste” I’m not sure i’m getting that unless i think really hard about it. Most people would probably find this one to be on the smokey side, though not extremely so. This is the sort of keemun that i add maple syrup to! However, this has a nice smooth body to it, and i’m enjoying it today. I’d be curious to compare this one to teavivre’s offering but sadly my cupboard is all out of that currently heh


Which Teavivre one? Because I have a bunch of them still, I think.


mmmm i like uh.. the organic one and #2 i think? i’d have to go look lol

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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