5360 Tasting Notes


back log from this morning. Trying to have some of my favourites these days to mix in with my new teas and sipdowns. Work got away from me today so i haven’t had a chance to log anything. I still love this assam and i’m super glad i was able to pick it up with free shipping to canada. I love the tiger tin :) and the tea’s pretty damn good too!

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drank Vanilla Cinnamon Bun by Compass Teas
5360 tasting notes

Thanks joonsusanna! another tea that she was looking to get rid of that i scooped up. Truth be told, apparently my taste buds are off because i’m not getting the orange that everyone else has. Now, i’ve had 52 teas cinnamon roll honeybush blend thingy that i LOOOOVEEEED the first time i had it and then stopped loving it a little while after that. If i was looking for a cinnamon bun tea, i’d be going for the steap shoppe’s cinnamon swirl bread. however, in a honeybush, this tastes closer to a cinnamon bun than 52 teas, which has a whole lot of cinnamon with some more cinnamon. this one is a smoother, less cinnamon and more bun version.

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drank Irish Cream by Compass Teas
5360 tasting notes

Let’s not talk about how i’m back over 300 teas lol. Thank you joonsusanna for this one! I’ve wanted to try compass teas for a while now, and when she was getting rid of a bunch of her teas, cavocorax and i were blessed with her willingness to send us a bunch of them for the two of us to share! I’m so used to steeping my rooibos for 7+ mins. Compass recommends 3-4 minutes for this one, but i think i’ll try much longer with the rest of my sample. At 3.5 mins this is a creamy sort of rooibos but i wouldn’t call it irish cream just yet. I hope that with a longer steep, more of the flavour will come out a bit :) For those that don’t like rooibos too much, so far this does have that rooibos taste, so likely not a first choice for anyone curious if this is a rooibos-y rooibos lol it is.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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drank Copabanana by DAVIDsTEA
5360 tasting notes

thank you courtney for this sample. Even though i don’t much love coconut, i wanted to try this one just in case. While this smells really nice…as a tea it’s pretty gross. There’s a slimy oily film on the top of this tea that makes me cringe. totally glad i got to try this but uh…yeah this small sample was a good amount! :)


Sorry! Oh dear. I love it mixed with Guayusa, but i find it slightly lacking on it’s own, though I can still drink it haha.


don’t be sorry! i want to try ALL THE TEA! :) i’ll try mixing it up as you do just for fun…there’s some left :)


Oh dear. Not looking forward to my sample of this, haha!


Lol! I really didn’t like this one hot. Saving the rest to try it cold once my takeya iced tea maker gets here!

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drank Black Forest by Simpli-special
5360 tasting notes

thank you KittyLovesTea for this sample!

Sadly i don’t get quite the sample depth of flavour that you have, though in the after taste of this one i can almost taste what your tasting notes seem to reflect. It’s a fantastic dry looking tea with big cherries and a great looking base. However, even after steeping for a longer time than i normally would for most blacks, it’s more like a nice smooth black, than a flavoured tea. I have a bit more left to play with so i’ll see if steeping it for even longer helps! That being said, in the tail end of this sip there is a distinct chocolate cherry taste that is almost within reach..

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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drank Black Dragon Pearl by Teavana
5360 tasting notes

mmmmmm thank you tattooed_tea! for sending along these lovely pearls as a surprise in our swap. These? these are great! it’s almost enough to make me want to go to teavana. I was drinking this in the morning with my caramel toffee tea and i have to say that the combination of the two was also fairly awesome. this one lending the beautiful chocolate cocoa notes while the other tea highlighted delicious sweetness with the toffee.

i really enjoyed that this tea was just a malty, cocoa cup of delicious. I’m relaly looking forward to resteeping these to see how they hold up over time. thank you tatooed_tea!

Terri HarpLady

I think this is the best tea Teavana has, but everytime I stop by there, they don’t have any :(


The best eh? Maybe I should give them a try!

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drank Caramel-Toffee by Dammann Freres
5360 tasting notes

thank you shmiracles I had this one about a zillion years ago today. It is divine! I absolutely love this one! the black base is nice, and smooth and just serves to complement the wonderful buttery caramel goodness that is this cup of tea. i really have nothing more to say than this week has been full of delicious!

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drank Black Cherry Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
5360 tasting notes

Treated myself to a matcha smoothie this morning, largely in part from the fact that i just picked up 15 new matchas that i’m not allowed to open until i get through some of the ones i already have open….that’s in addition to the 5 or so that are already sitting there unopened…waiting for me from previous orders lol. At least i know that i can drink matcha all night long on satuday night if i so choose.

Still enjoying this one quite a bit, unlike other flavours that waned over time. :)


Top of the Mornin’ Matcha to ya!


haha yeah i haven’t been drinking nearly as much matcha as before. Which is unfortunate because i have probably close to 30 in my cupboard heh.

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sipdown! So looking forward to the weekend to really tackle my smaller sizes of tea that can be finished off relatively quickly. Especially since i have some new teas that i received in swaps and from orders that i really want to try but have to wait. go go self imposed restrictions!

Another lovely tea that Terri shared with me that i enjoyed. Confirming my suspicions that i really do enjoy assams. :)

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drank Butterscotch by Simpli-special
5360 tasting notes

sooo i shouldn’t be drinking tea tonight. I’m so exausted that i can barely think straight. Had a small cup of this one courtesy of kittylovestea Looking forward to meeting this tea again when i’m not so sleepy…

…also? 282 teas…crap. lol


You go through so many teas in one day! How do you keep up the pace?


More like the yellow butterscotch candies or pudding? I am hoping like pudding!


Fuzzy….not that many if you think about how long my days are….up by 5:30….in bed around 11 to midnight. Just wait until Saturday….I have to pull an all nighter for testing so I’m drinking tea most of the day and then into the next day lol course then ill likely crash on Sunday but yay! Actually looking forward to being able to sit with my teas for an extended sitting…might be able to get through some of my puerh in the morning :)


282? Yowza.

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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