4729 Tasting Notes

drank Citrus Dream by Butiki Teas
4729 tasting notes

Bumping the rating on this one since it’s growing on me :) It’s in my sipdown pile for the week and I may just need to pick up a bit more once it’s all gone. Even cold the flavours are nicely balanced. Not a hueg fan of chamomile blends, but since it’s nice to have at least one in the house, this will be my go too since it’s the best one i’ve found so far!


Don’t you just love when the tea grows on you? It’s like a friendship that blossoms over time…


agreed :) There are a few that have done that with me.

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drank Autumn Blend by The Tea Emporium
4729 tasting notes

Ugh. I can’t drink this anymore. It’s just a bitter astringent cup of blech. thank goodness for sipdowns! yay! be gone foul tea!


:) yeah… what’s funny is kittenna found this one not too bad… me, i’m like omg get it away!


I’ve never enjoyed their seasonal blends!


LOL yeah, I liked the flavours I got in here! Gotta try it again :D

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
4729 tasting notes

Had this with dinner tonight and it wasn’t bad. Sill not a favourite of mine but I like the cinnamon and glitter :)

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drank Cherry Pu-erh by Nature's Tea Leaf
4729 tasting notes

mmmmm Another sample that NTL was kind enough to send my way. I probably won’t get to the third tonight but it’s on my list for this week. This tea is another wonderful tea from NTL. If you like cherry flavoured things, this is a pu-erh for you to try! The aroma even before the water hits the tea is CHERRY! What i also like about this pu-erh is that it’s more like a deep rich black earthy base to complement the cherry flavouring. Pu-erh newbies need not be afraid! I’m not nearly experienced as others with pu-erh but this is a wonderful blend of the deep pu-erh taste that I’ve come to associate with the puerhs that i’ve tried, and the fruitiness of the cherry tea.

Thank you so much Nature’s Tea Leaf for this sample!


I really like this one, too.


It was quite good! GMathis shared hers with me! :)

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drank Orzo - Caramel & Honey by Lupicia
4729 tasting notes

The only thing that really confuses me about this tea is that there are strawberries in here. Which I can see, but that’s as far as it goes. So i have to say, I’m in agreement with everyone who has mentioned that this is NOT a tea for you if you don’t like coffee. I on the other hand, am a fan of coffee type latte beverages and so this? This is wonderful!

There is a nutty, sweet, caramel taste to this that I can really get behind. I’m sure if i added some milk to this is would taste eerily similar to a latte. I wouldn’t drink this every day but I am game to keep this in my cupboard for those days when i want something a bit punchier and more reminiscent of a coffee latte. :) mmmmm thanks to Kittenna for inspiring me to get around to trying this heh.

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Nature’s tea Leaf was amazing enough to send me some samples of their tea via my friend in the US. I’ve had them for a bit now, but wanted to make sure my taste buds were back to normal before trying them.

I have to say, if this is a hint of things to come, I am really looking forward to the other teas from Nature’s Tea leaf…even if i do have to get them via my friend in the US. I am totally down to do that! This is a really nice “every day” black. The tea is smooth and slightly sweet, though not so much as my earlier teas from this morning. it’s not an overly malty black but that’s ok because the sweetness and the flavour going on is great. The back end of the sip really is reminiscent of honey.
Thank you Nature’s tea leaf for letting me try this one! I’m looking forward to the others :)

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Sipdown! heh Stacy was kind enough to send this to me with my last order and since I seem to be on a black tea comparison kick this morning, I figured I’d add this to the list.

This is a really great black. It’s neither malty, nor chocolaty but it’s delicious! I’m looking forward to the re-steeps on this one AND being able to pick up more of this from Stacy!

The aroma of this tea is a sweet, not quite fruity but almost kinda could be fruity only it’s not. Sipping this it’s like a sweet candy. There’s no bitterness to this and it’s not robust and rich….it’s unique. I am digging the after taste in my mouth as well.
Stacy! You found another winner!

Edit: Resteeps of this have proven equally enjoyable and delicious.


Great taste!

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Verdict is out, I much prefer the non upgraded version of Stacy’s premium Taiwanese Assam. That’s not to say that the upgraded version doesn’t taste yummy, but the notes that come alive when the tea is brewed are to my preference in the non upgraded version. This version is a bolder, stronger cup of tea that is less fruity and chocolate that the first version. It is malty and i do get the cocoa notes, but the sweetness in the non upgraded version isn’t in the upgraded version. Still a fine cup of tea that I’m glad i tried, but final verdict is that i prefer the other version :)

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drank Premium Taiwanese Assam by Butiki Teas
4729 tasting notes

Doing a bit of a comparison this morning to see whether i prefer this version or the upgraded version from Stacy. This tea is one of my favourites. I love that there are notes of chocolate as well as a sweeter fruitiness almost. I just recently restocked this one and I’m so happy it’s back in my cupboard. I love having this one as part of my morning rotation of straight black teas.


and my Butiki shopping list continues to grow. Thanks for the comparisons!


you might like her other tea that i reviewed today… uh the wild mountain one. It’s different from the usual malty chocolatey teas that are delicious blacks.


Yes, I put that one down too! :)

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drank Mango Silly Antro by Custom (Butiki)
4729 tasting notes

Thank you indigobloom for sharing your custom blend with us! I’ve been wanting to try this forever since i love me some mango. I figure my tastebuds seem to be back to normal so this came out. I have to say, this is pretty darn delicious! I’m not getting much in the way of cilantro but i AM getting the mango and that makes me super happy! Even cold (since i got distracted) this is still delicious!

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Yay! so happy you like it!! :D

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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