6146 Tasting Notes

drank Osmanthe D'Or by Dammann Freres
6146 tasting notes

thank you shmiracles! this was a tea i wasn’t expecting to like, as it’s a green oolong. So i’ve been putting it off until today. I had the tea earlier today that had osmanthe in it…so i figured today was a good enough day to try this.

Overall impression? Not too shabby. It’s not overly floral, which is a plus for me and it doesn’t have that weird oolong-y taste that i don’t like. But there’s also nothing here to really entice me to come back to it. I’ll drink the rest of my sample but nothing to be wowed over…but it IS another tea off my “ALL THE TEAS” list! :)

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drank Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble by DAVIDsTEA
6146 tasting notes

mmm i like the one. Especially when i get distracted and drink it lukewarm and the strawberry POPS and has an aftertaste of brown sugar. yep. I’m glad kittenna convinced me to get 50g of this even if it was a discontinued tea. At least i found another david’s tea i enjoy and it’s been fun drinking it down :)

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drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
6146 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! (232) Guess my next goal is trying to get to 200 by the end of July even with my inbound orders. eek! I finished off the last of this one by dumping it into a pitcher to cold brew today. Mostly i just wanted something cool to be able to drink tonight while i’m testing over night. Another release…another sleepless night. I find that it’s hard for me to get around to hot brewing teas with releases, so i have a few cold brew teas on the go.

Still enjoying this one quite a bit, so i may need to pick up more someday.


Go, Sil, go! And here I’m so proud of myself for clearing around five teas out of my cupboard over the past couple weeks haha.


hey 5 is good! i’ve been pretty slackadasical about my sipdowns this week…just too busy at work. But i have a full day/night of testing so i’ve been able to get to a few things today. But then i’m gone for a week…bah!

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drank Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake by 52teas
6146 tasting notes

i think i’m almost done with this tea, or it really is just a tea for winter with it’s spiciness. I had a cup of this one because kittena had made reference to French Toast possibly tasting like this one. It does smell like this tea, but the taste is less similar, though i understand why it would certainly remind someone of this tea. Overall, not a bad cup for this morning.

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drank French Toast by 52teas
6146 tasting notes

Thank you Cavocorax for sending this my way! Since kittenna suggested this might tastes/smell like frank’s pumpkin caramel cheesecake tea, i figured i might as well do a side by side since i had some left. Opening this package was like opening a package of caramel pumpkin cheesecake, only slightly different… This comes across as less french toast than frank’s pancake breakfast is to actual pancakes…if that makes sense. there’s cinnamon in this one and it’s more like a cinnamon cheesecake sorta black tea. i think i prefer pancake breakfast as my go to morning breakfast tea if i were picking on.

There’s no astringency to this like there is the potential for with the pumpkin caramel cheesecake…and while this does remind me of that tea, this is a smoother, less spicey tea in comparison. of course without the side by side comparison, i’m sure i would have thought the same thing as kittenna. heh

While not a bad blend, thankfully nothing i must have in my cupboard always. I’ve got another cup or so of this that i may just try as a cold brew for fun :)

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Tangerine Spice by Kally Tea
6146 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! (233) I finished up the last of this one today and i’m not sad to see it go. It’s one of those teas that i enjoyed..but couldn’t really pin point the flavor and it never really called out for me to come drink it.

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drank Lychee Licious by Fusion Teas
6146 tasting notes

I have tried 874 different teas (roughly since i’m sure there are a few i never bothered to log); i have 2101 tasting notes; there are 235 teas in my cupboard with a mandala order, tea spot order and a travelling black tea box on the way (possibly a tea box from TEB as well); i have 2 swaps in the works and i’m looking at placing 2 butiki orders in the next month period (roughly) and would like a few teas from american tea room. I managed to go a couple months only placing 1 small order. I think i’m sliding again LOL

I forgot that i wanted to brew this cold and i ended up making it warm this morning. Strangely this tea doesn’t come across as overly floral even though there’s rose and jasmine going on in this. Still happy with this one, though today it tastes a lot less like “lychee” and is creeping more towards the floral side. Maybe Fusion needs to have their teas shaken up a bit more before pulling tea up? Glad to have tried it, will not be a reorder but i’d drink it if someone made me some :) Thanks NXTDOOR!

(edit: oh yeah..sipdown 234)


That’s crazy! 874 teas in less than a year? If there was a foursquare app for Steepster, toy would probably be the president

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6146 tasting notes

I was hoping for something wow-ing this morning in this assam and it failed to deliver. it’s not a bad cup of tea but it’s lacking the strength that i like in a good assam as well as that bold flavour that keeps on delivering. I’ll likely finish off the rest of this and possibly share it with a few others so they can cross it off their black tea list, but it’s not a GREAT! cup of assam…and i don’t need to keep less tan great assams around :)

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drank Ceylon Osmanthus by Kally Tea
6146 tasting notes

Finally got around to trying this one today while i try and get packed and organised for my overnight of work and my flight that leaves first thing tomorrow morning after the overnight. Yes…i should be sleeping still. But i’m not, so i’m drinking tea and organizing tea and then working on work and packing. This is a pretty tasty peach tea. I’m not sure why i’ve been so hesitant about trying it – i think it’s because it never registered that this was a peachish black. I’m pretty sure i’ll be making this into a cold brew to drink later on as well as the peach taste is pretty decent and not overly sweet, cloying or otherwise.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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oh this was a marvelous treat yesterday. I so very much needed it as a treat to myself for getting through this week. I am so happy my parents were able to find some of this while they were in paris because it is a fantastic chocolate tea. I’ll be so sad when it’s gone but for now…for now it’s here and i’m happy.

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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