6399 Tasting Notes

drank Peach Melba by Lupicia
6399 tasting notes

another rooibos to balance out the other teas i’ve been drinking today. Not a sipdown but another tea that’s close to the edge haha. 222 is anyone’s paying attention and counting. Yeah..that’s right EIGHT today! and i may not be done lol. Mostly i’m just trying to wrap up some of the smaller ones i have left to see if i can get through them. This one isn’t half bad but i don’t think i was much in the mood for peach once i’d actually brewed it. Hoping i can use the last of it to try a cold brew and see how that goes :) overall not a bad peach rooibos though.

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mmm thanks again for this one fiddling another sipdown, another tea experience! not too shabby but nothing i need to restock. just happy to have tried it :)

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drank English Afternoon by PureAromaTea
6399 tasting notes

mmmm some good stuff in this one. Sadly i absentmindly sipped this one while on a conference call today so i have nothing more to say than it was a pleasant distraction from my conference call hahaha there will be better tasting notes in future!

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SIPDOWN! mwahahahahaha i feel like the count today! in any case exciting eventual and productive work and tea day today. Made some baby steps forward with someone who i find challenging to work with (she likely finds me the same way so no issues there haha); got some things off my plate, drank a bunch of tea and i’m one day closer to vacation! woot woot!

I have relaly enjoyed drinking this one so thank you bunches angrboda!

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drank Creamy Eggnog by Butiki Teas
6399 tasting notes

mmmmm hello delicious creamy eggnog that i can drink now that you’re back in stock… oh yes…. you are mine. mine! all mine!


love that one!


I sadly didn’t order this one because it was out of stock. It sounds so good! And now I want to make another Butiki order!

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drank Library Blend by Murchie's Tea & Coffee
6399 tasting notes

soooo this is a bit of a cheating sipdown. cavocorax was kind enough to send some of this my way since i really want to try more of Murchie’s teas because they’re canadian. i can’t drink this one. there’s a floral note in here that makes me feel like i went and shoved my face in a garden full of pink and white peonies.

Appreciate the share a great deal cavo! just not for me…so i’m totally foisting this on to terri lol


Too bad it didn’t work, but at least this one’s all packaged up and ready to pass on!


Haha for sure!

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drank Vanilla by Fru P Kaffe & The
6399 tasting notes

mmmmm had this again today and i have to agree that this is a damn good vanilla black tea. Pretty much ranks right up there of all the ones that i’ve tried so i’m thankful to angrboda for sending some my way. Still enough left for another giant cup too :)

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drank Wild Orange Blossom by Teavana
6399 tasting notes

sipdown! trying to alternate today with a few caffeine and non caffeinated beverages since i’m at home and drinking a lot more than i usually do in a work day. I enjoyed this one in a sort of juice tea kind of way. The orange was nice and there wasn’t the usual tarty hibiscus thing going on that is in most herbals! thank you again fiddling

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drank Autumn Blend by PureAromaTea
6399 tasting notes

Sipdown! i am all over the place today so some teas i’m getting time to write about, others i’ll catch up on later when work lets me take a breather. I had this one cold brewed just to make sure i don’t like it. I think this is officially the first of the purearoma teas i just don’t really like. I feel like i SHOULD like it..but it’s just not to my tastes. It’s really just a preference thing, nothing wrong with the tea just something about the combination of spices and fruitiness that i’m not down with. oh well! can’t love every tea or my cupboard would be insane!

Iced 8 min or more

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drank Caramel by Fru P Kaffe & The
6399 tasting notes

had this again as one of the recent reviews from angrboda was on this one. I have to agree with her on this one. While it smells aaammaaaazing! the taste is almost muted and not nearly as deliciously caramelly as it seems like it should be. it reminds me a little of some of the della terra caramel teas but with a smoother black base that has a slightly less artificial taste. still haven’t found the sweet spot with this one. but man, does it smell wonderful!

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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