6046 Tasting Notes

drank Raspberry Cream by 52teas
6046 tasting notes

Backlog from this afternoon. Trying to relax tonight a bit before my calls with China tonight. It’s been a busy week that is soooo nearly over. Still enjoying this one even without much “cream” in it.

Also mixed the last little bit of this with the last little bit of the other tea i’m about to log for some chocolate raspberry goodness!

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This tea makes me happy. happy happy happy. I can’t even explain why but it’s so delicious and yummy. it’s like drinking cake.

Edit: This resteeps really nicely too mmmmm


I got a 2 oz bag in the mail today. WEEE!

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drank Keemun by Red Blossom Tea Company
6046 tasting notes

mmmm pulled this one out of the cupboard today since i’m not having my usual matcha smoothie. I wanted a good solid kick you in the face kind of bold tea to get me going. What i really like about this one are the almost smokey notes that are present throughout the sip. It’s nothing like a lapsang souchong but it adds a depth of character to the tea that I can really get behind this morning. mmmmmm

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Pu-erh Caramel Chai by Tealux
6046 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! on this one because i’m sending the rest out in a swap for someone else to try. This one is sort of like a cross between scottish toffee caramel puerh and a chai with a bit too much clove. It’s not a BAD blend, but it’s not really a great tea either. somewhere in the middle of the road for me.

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drank Lime Chiffon by Della Terra Teas
6046 tasting notes

So needed to end the night with something I knew that I’d like. Not nearly as far along in my sipdowns as I’d like but I have a couple now, just on the edge heh. Standing count tonight is 220 with 4 days to go…still like 10 teas a day but I think I can manage it lol

I’m just so thankful for sample sizes….maybe I’ll celebrate if I can get to 150 by posting in the swap thread to help slim down some of my bigger bags of things. Really excited about the travelling tea box even if it is forever away from now. Hopefully some new teas to try with that and some goodies to share with others.

Today was a good day.

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drank Wild Blueberry by Tealux
6046 tasting notes

I am beginning to think that tealux (not tealuxe) is a company i can scratch off my list. There haven’t been too many of their teas so far that have blown me out of the water and there is something just slightly “off” about them.

While i don’t get the hatred that IB had for this one, i can understand her dislike. My cup tastes more like blueberries but it’s in the aftertaste not in the initial sip or the aroma. Maybe it’s just the greens that they haven’t quite figured out. Tomorrow i’ll try some of the blacks and see how that goes.


I like their selection of straight teas at reasonable prices for samples, so I suspect I’ll make another order with them because of that. I’ve liked some of the flavoured teas I’ve had, but they weren’t crazy awesome or anything, but then again, that only happens with a select few companies. I’m just happy that everything is sample-sized!


I haven’t actually tried any of their flavoured teas, so I’ll keep this in mind. :)


Yeah…so far more miss than hit, kinda like adagio for me lol but sample sizes at reasonable prices make me super happy, ESP since we split the order to get free shipping

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Well this tea has redeemed my faith in tealux by a little, though not much. i actually thought i liked this tea quite a bit until it sat for a little while. I think they did a disservice to this tea by adding the mint in the quantity they did. This was a brilliant execution of a lime mojito, until it sat for a bit and the mint overpowered everything. I think i want to try this chilled to see if that helps to balance out the flavours a bit more.

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drank Japanese Thin Mint by Tealux
6046 tasting notes

Mint? check. Chocolate? yeah, no so much. If there was even a hint of chocolate i’d be trying this again but right now it’s just an average boring cup of mint tea. So, i’m going to pass this off to another, to see if they can make it work for them!


Psssssst sample?


Spreadsheet it so I remember! You do know you have your own box at my house now right? Lol.


Score. I was contemplating starting you your own tonight. But I don’t have the time/energy to sort through and find anything right now. Once I move and have more space to organize, I will figure out a better system or something.

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drank Wanderlust by Yumchaa
6046 tasting notes

thank you Scheherazade for this sample. Jury is still out on this one but man did the aroma of this steeped tea blow me away. Talk about apple crumble in a cup. What i’m not sold on is the weakness of the tea, which may just be my steeping times or the leaf, so i’m not going to hold it against the tea just yet. I have more left to try this again with, so we shall see! Either way happy to try it :)

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drank Orzo - Caramel & Honey by Lupicia
6046 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! and the best kind of sipdown. Having one last cup of this so i could compare it to the buckwheat tea i picked up in china, and then the rest is off to tastybrew in a swap :) I do still quite like this one, though it’s a different beast than the buckwheat one. This one is closer to watered down coffee and is lacking the sweetness that the buckwheat one has that i prefer…though this certainly isn’t bitter.


Man, I snapped that up just in time!


Yeah you should get a couple cups out of it :) I quite enjoy it and I know kittenna loves it heh

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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