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drank Blueberry Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
5775 tasting notes

Had this again this week, with peaches! :) I’m really enjoying this, though I am very near to a sipdown on this one. Luckily some of my restocks should be here soon and i have some free matchas from the referral program I’m thinking about cashing in soon. :) I’m digging the blueberry and peach combo this morning as it’s nice and refreshing on my throat.

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Thanks to Kittenna for the sample of this one to try. While i don’t mind this tea, it’s not a great tea. it’s a peachy tea with a hint of ginger, and there is an artificial taste to it as other have mentioned.


Hmm, I rather liked this one! Wouldn’t buy again, but not too bad!

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drank Ginger Pear by Simpson & Vail
5775 tasting notes

aaaah I understand now why kittenna likes this one. It really is a nice pear tea. Ginger? Not so much. However, that is MORE than ok with me since all i’m really after is the pear. I don’t really get the perfumey-ness, instead i just have a strong desire for the pear to be a little more OOMPHY! It’s not that it doesn’t taste like pear…it does..but the tea as a whole seems muted a wee bit. That being said, I’ve been drinking it all night and it re-steeps really nicely, without losing much in the way of flavour.

Thank you kittenna for sharing your precious pear tea with me! S&V DOES have a green pear tea so we may need to check that one out next :)


Yes, I saw that they have flavoured greens. Somehow I missed that the first time around… so yeah, I want to try the green pear! And the plain pear black, probably, although I do like the ginger well enough in here (if you get a piece of ginger in the infuser, you’ll taste it).

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Oooh i like this one :) Again, i either went in on it with Kittenna or she gave me a taste. Either way thanks to Kittenna who arranged things!

I REALLY am enjoying this one even if the apple is totally subtle. It is totally tasty cake like and delicious. I let a friend try this without telling her what it was and she was like “caaaake!” I am for sure going to look to try more of the S&V teas – at the very least there are likely a few more dessert type teas that I want to try.

Edit: mmmm this resteeps really nicely!

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 30 sec

Apple teas, when they’re done properly, are soooo good!


This was a purchase, split between the three of us :)

Donna A

English Toffee Black and Pumpkin Pie Black are 2 more good ones from S&V.

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drank Creme Brulee by Simpson & Vail
5775 tasting notes

mmmm I can’t recall if this was one of the teas I purchased or just one that kittenna let me sample. I know…that’s bad lol In either case, thanks go to her for getting this into my life :) One thing i’ve learned about S&V teas is that they are SMELLY! haha I’ve had to lock all the ones i received into tupperware containers so that they don’t dominate the entire house. However, they also, appear to taste exactly like they smell.

This one, is quite yummy, though I’m not sure i’d call it creme brulee exactly. It’s sweet…and caramelly and there’s a vanilla/custardy sip at the end of this. But it doesn’t scream creme brule to me. it IS however a delicious tasty dessert tea. :)


Also a purchase! Haha. I also don’t recall thinking creme brulee, but liking it.

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I figured i’d better give this a shot since it’s out to at least Kittenna from the weekend and i haven’t even tried it yet. I can’t remember what prompted me to pick this one up when i was in sanfrancisco as i wasn’t even really sure about my tea preferences, but pick it, i did.

I must say that i guessed on the amount of tea to put in this one since i don’t have a scale (shush kittenna!). Whatever the case though, it’s turned out quite nice. This tea is unbelivably sweet, but not in an artificial way. It’s not a strong, bold black…instead there’s a fruity, breadiness? to the tea. There’s no bitterness. I’m not entirely sure how to describe this…in part because we’re having system issues at work again and i’m focused on that. I’m looking forward to a few additional steeps tonight when i get home though. I also really want to do this in a gaiwan when it comes because i think this will be a much more interesting experience that way.


I’ve had this too and it’s really good!


I think Raritea grabbed some as well. Hopefully I will try mine soon – this is a high rating from you! :P


I did take some and now I’m more excited than ever to try it!


Bonnie – yeah i saw your tasting note. I couldn’t do this nearly the justice that you did heh.


I have some formosa you might like Sil, it’s a bit old but its yours if you want it!


Sil, I tend to blab on when I enjoy a good tea!

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drank Boo-Berry Cotton Candy by 52teas
5775 tasting notes

Heh sip down! Thanks to raritea for this one. It’s one that I missed out on picking up when it was reblended and I always regretted it. Raritea was nice enough to let me satisfy my curiosity. I can safely say that I’m glad I didn’t pick up a package of this. While its a pleasant enough tea, I’m not really feeling the whole cotton candy or blueberry in the intensity that I’d like for this kind of blend. Instead it comes across as a a tea stuck trying to be both and not really succeeding in doing either really well. Now, that being said, its still an enjoyable tea that im glad I got to try :) plus its a green tea!

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This was a little bitter today, or at least had a bit of bitterness behind the tasty caramelness of the tea. I may have steeped this a bit long though since it was at work and I was distracted. Still a decent blend and something that i’m going to enjoy figuring out how to best brew.

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drank Florence by Harney & Sons
5775 tasting notes

My tastebuds seem to be back to normal, or at least mostly back to normal for black teas so I thought i’d chance a bit of my sample from Hesper June today because I’ve been dying to try them since they arrived!

I have to say this is a pretty tasty tea. I’m digging the chocolatey hazelnut flavour that’s not too in your face but is still strong enough to appreciate. There’s not “artificial” taste to this tea which is great. I think i was expecting a bit more chocolate than is present but it’s still a great cup of tea!

Thank you so much Hesper June for letting me try this one! I’m excited to try the others that you sent me :)

Hesper June

You are welcome! I am so glad you liked it:)

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drank Yu Lu Yan Cha Black by Verdant Tea
5775 tasting notes

I absolutely will not do this justice wiht this tasting note as I’m at work and brewed this western style. I fully intend to do more steepings tonight when i get home, as well as try this gonfu style once my gaiwan arrives..but for now, this is what i have!

This isn’t a malty tea for me. There’s a definite chocolate feel, but different from laoshan black or some of the other black teas i enjoy. As i sip this, there’s a note at the end of my sips that’s almost fruity, but i suspect is just the honey note coming through. (I’m still not sure my tastebuds are 100%) It’s not as rich and bold as other blacks, but it’s wonderfully smooth and delightful as i sip through this. It makes me wish i’d packed my leaves to bring to work for resteeps.

Edit: Some tasty re-steeps tonight that have really been enjoyable.

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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