6059 Tasting Notes

drank Tamarind Gui Fei by Butiki Teas
6059 tasting notes

Kittenna dropped this one off with me, but i feel like this is from omgsrsly’s bag. I had a couple steepings of this one tonight and i am a fan! Again, an oolong that i am a fan of. I like this a lot better than the tamarind pop whatever tea that stacy made, though i didn’t hate that one. :) Christmas evening tea! deeeelicious!


Yes – this is from OMGsrsly :) I merely stole some from her baggie and gave it to you since I though it would interest you.

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I’m super glad that this was another tea that wasn’t for me given HI’s notoriously awful customer service. Kittenna share this one with me and while i DO like the flavour blending of this one, i cannot get past the tea base that HI uses. It’s like a lot of 52 tea black tea bases – just doesn’t add much to the tea and the undernotes in the tea just don’t work. Thanks so much for the share though Kittenna! always appreciate trying new teas!


Yeah, their base leaves much to be desired.


I can handle the base in this one, but it could definitely be better. Love the flavouring though.

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kittenna shared this one with me via the free samples this company was giving away. I’m pretty sure her words were “this one is…weird” lol I’m inclined to agree. while this might work for some, this one doesn’t work for me. The smell is all wrong for me – i didn’t brew it in the paper but it still has a bleachy, musty weird smell to me. Initial sips are a taste that also doesn’t jive with what i’m looking for in a tea.

I appreciate the share, and i’m glad some folks are enjoying this one, but it’s just not for me!


I have a sample and afraid to try


it’s not pour down the sink bad..but the couple sips were more than enough for me

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drank Smoked Maple Banana by Butiki Teas
6059 tasting notes

noms! this one is from kittenna and i was super glad to get a sample of this. I missed being able to order this one which made me super sad. I’m glad i was right to want this one as it’s fantastic. I love the smoke and the banana and it makes me happy. The maple is really in the aftertaste, and i added just a few drops to the last half of my cup to see what that would do – amaaazing! lol I really did love this cup! Thanks so much for sharing kittenna!


You might get more of this then, unless I change my mind with cup #2… I was just not in love.

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I’ve been sipping on this one most of the afternoon. It’s another really refreshing, light puerh. The first few sips were clean, slightly like spring water… as i had subsequent steeps, it became slightly nutty and then trended towards green tea/vegetal like :)

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drank Darjeeling Tea by Twinings
6059 tasting notes

sample from raritea Most of the time darjeelings are just not my thing. They’re too fussy and the tastes is never anything i’m craving. this is a pretty decent tea. Not much else to say on the subject besides it was a decent cup of tea this morning :)

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oh. god. omgsrsly sent this my way, and she received it from dinosara. Can i just say that i love you both…of course now i want moar! I’ve had a couple steeps of this one this morning and it is amaaazing. Seriously…not a fan of oolongs as a general rule but holy mother of all that is caramel, THIS is delicious….it smells divine! it tastes like liquid gold… yum. yum…and did i mention….yum? thank you so much ladies! (now to find some that i can buy)


Sounds delish :D


it’s drool worthy


If you find it for purchase, please count me in.

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Another from omgsrsly expect that to be a trend lately while i get through the samples from her, Kittenna and bear with me! I feel like i’ve had a tea from this estate before but who knows how i’d be able to check without sorting lol This one feels like it needs milk. I don’t have a large nuber of teas in my cupboard that require any sort of addition (milk, honey, maple syrup etc….) because i like the no fuss of things.

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tea from omgsrsly today is surprisingly busy at work, all things considered, so not sure how many sipdowns i’ll get through unless i bust out the herbals tonight. This is an interesting one for me. It’s a juicy, slightly malty (but more juicy) assam. It’s not super bold, but there’s enough character here for it to not be a wimpy cup of tea. I had this one first thing today to kick off the day! thanks lady!

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haha omgsrsly sent this one to me (sipdown!) I actually don’t mind it…but i think i’d like it better without the apple. It adds a weird sort of fruity taste to it whereas the rest of the ingredients work a little better together. Still though, will be interesting to compare this one to the black tea base version :) thanks lady!

Final Count: 112 (9.5 sipdowns a day for the rest of the days i’m home would get me back to my goal for the end of the year….totally doable. maybe. )

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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