8063 Tasting Notes

drank Yi Hong Mao Feng by Maison des 3 Thes
8063 tasting notes

All this talk of maison des trois thes made me want to pull this one out of my cupboard. I have some puerh from there as well that i need to get around to trying but that’s on the list of things to do in 2017 haha.

This is a seriously easy drinking tea…delicious without being something that needs to be heavily thought about. I ended up drinking down my cup without even realising it, so i’ll need to make better notes next time i have it! however i think that speaks to it’s tastiness :)

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drank Silver Himalaya by Mariage Frères
8063 tasting notes

Having a weird past couple of days. I’ve been unable to sleep at night, getting very little sleep. Not sure if it’s the things i’m eating or what, but i need to get back on track. Trying to spend a bit of today drinking some tea and relaxing as it’s back to work for me tomorrow (yay for extra bank holidays). Thinking about also taking thrs and friday off just to have a few days to spend at home doing nothing before the year starts up again – esp since i have 3wks and 3 days i’m carrying over :(

Pulled this tea out as i always love drinking it but never think to pull it out regularly. In part because it’ll be a pain to get again unless we take another trip to Paris.

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Finally back with my tea…too busy doing nothing to drink much today but i did have a cup of this one. haha hopefully i’ll be more inclined to drink tea tomorrow and the rest of the week.

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guys…. i totally forgot i was aiming for 55 this year not 50…which means i COULD hit my sipdown goal as long as the tea that i want to show up, doesn’t show up lol. i am still digging this one, even if there’s not much new to say about it

Final Count: 59




lol yeah i saw that the other day.


And here’s me trying to get to 200 :’)

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smokey tea sample from angel this is a really nicely done smokey tea. It’s not overpowering and this smoke is quite nice. As always, i added just a tiny splash of maple syrup and this was delightful.

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sample from christina that i’m finally getting around to trying. I am a fan of this one, it’s a little different but on the whole the taste is light, refreshing and if there are any sort of health benefits, then extra yay! :)


I have a whole bag of this and have yet to try it. A guy smuggled some seeds into the country and grew it and sent some to me and I really need to try it!


it’s different from your usual but still a tasty cup imo.

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Still drinking this one. Only a few more days in the year where i’ll actually have a chance to drink tea so enjoying some of my older teas today. Pretty sure 2015 was just not my favourite year for tea OR wine haha. not sure about the tea front for 2016 is supposed to be a great year for wine!

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drank Days of Heaven by August Uncommon Tea
8063 tasting notes


this was a free sample that i picked up from AU and honestly, no matter who i steep it, i might as well just be drinking a chamomile tea. There’s no sense of any other flavours coming through on this – and there’s just a whole lot of chamomile and more chamomile.

Final Count: 61

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drank Outlaw by August Uncommon Tea
8063 tasting notes

Finished this one today as well – just trying to get through some sipdowns so that i’m at least close to my goal. haha. This one just doesn’t seem to work for me as it’s intended. all i get are the smokey notes, not matter how much i play with the leaf and steeping times. It’s a REALLY nice smokey tea, with a little maple but the other flavours are absent for me, making this one a miss.

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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