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drank Pineapple Sencha by Den's Tea
6407 tasting notes

Thank you stephanie for sharing this one with me via Terri :) I’ve been wanting to try this one forever but since i know i’m not the biggest sencha fan, haven’t gotten around to placing an order. With butiki gone, i need to find a suitable replacement for my pineapple tea that doesn’t have coconut. blech. this one is pretty good. It’s still not as pineappley as i want it to be but it IS pure pineapple and green stuff lol. I mean, i can taste the sencha, which is a good thing as far as teas – you want to be able to taste the base imo…but for me, i’d love this just a little more if the base backed off a bit and let the pineapple be stronger.

All that aside though, this might be a good fix for those times that i just want pineapple damnit! :) Thanks for letting me try this one stephanie!!

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drank Noel à Québec by Jardin du Thé
6407 tasting notes

noms. this is one from MissB and it’s super tasty. It reminds me of another tea though, that i can’t place and it’s driving me crazy. Maybe one of bayswaters teas? This one is less nutty though…and more sweet, maple..that’s been watered down. It’s not maple syrup…it’s more like something with an echo of maple on it. Delicious though! and a rather enjoyable flavoured cup! thanks missb!

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drank Jingle Bells by Lupicia
6407 tasting notes

Pretty sure this one was from kittenna this one is potent – super grape smell. brewed up, this is grapey but there’s a floral scent under it. it tastes like a floral sort of champagne like tea. I LOVE the smell but the taste of this one is better in the after taste than in the actual sip. lol Not a fan but i’m glad to have tried it.


I’m totally the same way with this. I wish it just tasted like it smells.

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drank Pumpkin Irish Cream by Butiki Teas
6407 tasting notes

aaah the unmistakable smell of stacy’s particular pumpkin smell haha. This one is nice since i didn’t restock her other pumpkin tea, though it’s not my favourite of the last batch of stacy teas. It’ll be enjoyable to drink but i won’t be upset when it’s gone.


i somehow totally missed this one :(


I can share. I have a decent amount, I think.

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drank Watermelon Lime Slushie by Butiki Teas
6407 tasting notes

mmm this one is tastier than i thought it would be. I really like stacy’s watermelon flavouring and her lime makes me happy. this IS a softer sort of blending and i like it quite a bit. I can totally see where the slushie comes from :) i’ll enjoy this one while i’ve got it!

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Another sample from Teavivre – i’m trying to get to these sooner rather than later since Angel is generous about sharing her teas with us. This is one i’d order again. I’ve been sipping it on and off this morning in between other teas and it’s really nice. It’s got a creamy sort of feel like it – almost like a creamy cocoa except it’s not really cocoa like at all. it’s a smooth puerh…not really earthy.

Later steeps are giving me a much more dark chocolate sort of vibe while retaining that initial creaminess. A little like chocolate and coffee…with hints of leather like..i am a fan.


“… Angel is generous about sharing her teas with us.” +1 Angel is awesome!

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this one is a generous sample from teavivre. It was on my wishlist to try so i was super happy to get this one as part of the teas angel sent on. This one tastes familiar. I can’t seem to place it this morning but it reminds me of another tea that i’ve had….while also reminding me of more of a oolong type tea. there’s a sweetness here that’s nice, but there’s also an underlying almost mineral like taste to me. On the whole, while it’s nice…it’ s not a tea for me.

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drank White Rhino by Butiki Teas
6407 tasting notes

first cup of tea from this morning. Working from home today in an effort to be more productive work wise AND get a chance to work through some of the teas i want to try. I have the travelling tea box here too that i need to get to work on, but may save that for tomorrow :) still adore this and wish there was a way to get more :(

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drank Pumpkin Ginger Spice by Traveling Tea
6407 tasting notes

this is back in my cupboard courtesy of terri and that makes me SUPER happy. This is especially potent since my previous experience with this tea was from a bag terri had already opened and shared with me. with this bag, it was sealed and super fresh. Opening it was an explosion of delicious ginger and pumpkin. i love this tea…it’s ginger and REAL pumpkin chunks…and spice. make no mistake, this is a pumpkin SPICE tea…but damn it’s good. thank you so much for this terri!

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Terri HarpLady

I’m still enjoying mine, & hopefully we’ll get to order this every year from now on.


yes please!

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I had a large cup of this one last night before bed. I’ve got oodles of this one and really need to drink more of it. I think part of the reason i don’t reach for it as often is that i prefer the kaphaa to this one from tea Gschwedner. this is lemony with a little vanilla but not my favourite. I’ll enjoy it while i have it left but i’m not sure that i’d restock it with so many other options i prefer


Oh, I need to make tea syrup with this one. That could be really tasty.

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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