7181 Tasting Notes

drank Golden Honey Dew by Lupicia
7181 tasting notes

cup from yesterday. Not much to say on this one besides the fact that i am still loving it. Summer tends to be about more fruity blends for me and sadly, i don’t have many of those in my cupboard. Might mean i need to pick some up from tea gschwe….when i’m in chicago in a week or so.

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Final tea of the evening – saved this one for before bed. I am a fan of chamomile tea and this one is no exception. I think the only downside to this one, was that the powder just didn’t seem to want to disperse, so i had a little sludge at the bottom of my cup. All that aside, this was a really pleasant chamomile tea. I added a little slash of honey and sat on the balcony listening to the fireworks go off. I didn’t get much in the way of mint, it’s really just a hint in the background of the cup and that’s fine with me.

Thanks again for sharing these with me Will! I really think these have a place in tea cupboards – especially from the perspective of being able to travel without any fussing about.


What are your fav chamomile teas? I too am a fan. :P

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Finished this one up tonight. We tried an oven rib recipe, so tonight’s meal was corn on the cob, ribs, fries and gravy heh. I figured i might as well use that as an excuse to finish this up tonight, with some being split off for tea friends. I’ve enjoyed this one, though it’s no special dark sigh I’d order it again though, so that says something.

Final Count for June: 107 – about 27 away from where i wanted to be, but not too shabby considering i picked up about 55 teas in Paris that i didn’t anticipate getting.

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I picked this one up on a whim a while back and haven’t had a lot of time to sit with it. I picked up a little to share with tea friends, so today i split it up and sat down with it to try it out. First off, i’d much rather someone else take it out of the bamboo for me lol. That was a tough split, getting it out. Secondly, holy is this stuff packed tight at the top. Breaking it apart to share was an experience for sure. :)

Brewed up, this took multiple infusions for it to really open up, even after i did a super short steep and then let the wet leaves sit. What i enjoyed the most about this was the smell. The aroma of the leaves is really interesting. Hints of menthol, reminded me a little of the eucalyptus from the other tea i had today…almost woodsy but more like a woody menthol. I really enjoyed it.

Short steepings kept this one from going bitter…i was picking up notes of the menthol like quality from the aroma as well as a bamboo sort of taste. there’s a very slight floral taste to this, but nothing super strong. a light brew throughout but not lacking in taste. an interesting experience for sure!

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Another from the generous Will @ Chi whole leaf. So i’m sort of hit or miss with mint, sometimes i love it, sometimes i don’t but generally i am more likely to not like it, when it’s that sort of OMG IN YOUR FACE sort of mint experience…though i do love me some jr mints and york peppermint patties :)

As soon as the water hit this one, i was instantly transported back to my day at the spa. Something about the mint + eucalyptus was entirely soothing. I just wanted to stand there with the cup in my face, inhaling. I am rather enjoying this one. There’s absolutely that green mint tea happening here..but the additional of the eucalyptus makes this super interesting. It’s “almost” like when you brush your teeth and then suck in cold air..that pow sort of feeling, though not as intense as with toothpaste. I think just a dollop of honey added to this one would make it perfect for me, to get a little sweetness running through the mint and cool-ness. win for me! thanks Will!

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Another sample from the generous Will. This one was really nice. A little bit of a kick to the chai, but not SUPER strong. The clove taste didn’t overpower (i hate that in chai’s) and the ginger was really great. I am always a fan of ginger related teas and this one is no exception. Also a really interesting constrast from the floral which has that sour pop and freshness to it. this is more heavy, spicy… i think this would be pretty great in winter, especially brewed up in some milk! thanks will!

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as you likely know, i am NOT a fan of floral teas. This brew though? Really tasty! Not only is the colour superb, but for those that aren’t a fan of hibby, it’s not overpowering. I rather enjoy hibiscus, so no fear for me on that one, but with this blend it’s a really nice pop to the blend. I could see this being a really nice summer treat as a cold drink. Thanks again for the sample Will!

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Thank you for the samples! I am opting to try these in the order i think i’ll like them the least :)`I am wholly not a fan of yerba mate, but i DO like the other ingredients in this brew.

Brewed up, while the colour isn’t very appealing, the aroma isn’t have bad. This one tastes largely like licorice root to me, with that sweetness from licorice being overpowering. It’s unfortunate because i think i’d rather enjoy this one a bit more if there was just a little less sweetness. Over all though, the ease of brewing this one, and the fact that it doesn’t have that yerba mate taste to it that i wholly dislike, means that it’s not too bad.


Will be interested to see what you think of the green mint.


should be able to get to it today… trying them all today i hope since i was neglectful about being prompt with reviewing these for Will and i have the day off today. Plus then i can NOT add them to my cupboard haha


A little slow here, too…still have three to go.

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drank Paris s'éveille by Betjeman and Barton
7181 tasting notes

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling and am currently working on trying to get my other half to as many place in the world as possible.


Toronto, ON

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