The Iron Goddess High Grade Oolong holds an entirely different type of divinity. This goddess rocks your world, plain and simple. She may even induce a sense of spirituali-tea.

The dry leaves exemplify “herbaceous”. All the notes are culinary veggies straight from the East: bok choy and mustard greens, thrown in with some kale and broccoli. (Be careful where you drink this, lest you get mauled by slavering Buddhist vegans.) Once steeped, the aroma takes on more delicacy, but never, not once, are you hit with the flowery notes that characterize most Tieguanyin.

The first infusion represents what’s possible when an oolong tastes honestly good of its own accord. No complicated flavor-patterns that force you to shut your eyes against in the the onslaught of their loquacious haze. This is sheer accessibili-tea. Nothing Iron about this Goddess; she is all about giving–giving you the experience of… Full review here: http://snooteablog.com/2013/09/14/snooty-tea-review-tea-setter-round-2/

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At the moment, I don’t have enough time to keep Steepster cup-dated with reviews, so if you’re looking for the latest leaves in my Snooty cup, hit up snooteablog.com. Most of the teas I review end up on there.

Some people drink tea because they think it has nine thousand-plus health benefits and saves the rainforest while eliminating world hunger and solving the energy crisis.

I just drink it because it’s good.


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