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And my computer is back to its same old terrible refusal to connect to the internet again, well, except in brief little stints here and there. I really hate this thing, but it is what I get for rushing and getting something cheap, this is my punishment sigh But, whinging aside, I was able to enjoy some warm springlike weather today, the air was warm so the windows were opened, fresh air makes everything better!

So today’s continuation into Oolong week is brought to us by M&K’s Tea Company and their Tangerine Dream. This tea is a blend of Fenghuang Dan Cong Oolongs (specifically Mi Lan Xiang and Yu Lan Xiang) dried tangerines, tangerine peel, dried orange peel, and tangerine oil while also being coated with orange blossom extract, holy orange batman, that sounds like a citrus lover’s paradise. It may be way known by now that I am very finicky about my citrus teas, I want them to taste like the fruit and not like bathroom spray, also I like them to not be black teas (sorry citrus blacks, I just never really liked you) so it was not a real shock that I had to pick up a sample of this tea. Something about mixing tangerine with Dan Cong Oolongs just sounds decadent as all get out. So, opening up the package and giving it a good sniff, and oh my, that is rather rich and citrusy sweet, lots of tangerine, like a fresh juicy tangerine sitting next to a vase of flowers. The floral notes of orange blossom, grapefruit flower (everyone should sniff that plant at least once) orchids, honeysuckles, and magnolias blend so wonderfully with the sweet tangerine notes.

I decided to go western style for this one, so into my tea alchemy device it went for steeping. The now soggy leaves and peel, and rather plump no longer dry tangerine smell delicious! Juicy citrus, heady florals, and honey sweetness mix for a surprisingly mellow aroma, this tea does not overwhelm. The liquid is immensely juicy smelling, it really is like someone sliced into a tangerine next to a bouquet of flowers and a dish of slightly warm honey. If you are into tangerine, fair warning, this might smell a bit mouthwatering.

First off, the tea is both juicy and smooth, it is an interesting effect. The citrus cause a juicy mouthwatering effect and the oolong gives a silky smooth feeling, which is a pretty fun blend of textures for my mouth. Taste-wise, ok, imagine taking a section of tangerine and popping it into your mouth and then sipping some very floral and honey sweet Dan Cong Oolong, right as the Oolong hits the mid taste you bite down on the piece of tangerine. So what started as a tiny hint of citrus blooms into very juicy, ripe, tangerine. It dances with the floral notes of the Oolong to the back of the throat and lingers long after finishing. Guys, I am going to level with you, I have purchases several of M&K’s Teas and I am always struck by how clever the blends are, but this one took the cake for me, it is so delicious and I keep kicking myself for not getting more. I am going to straight up say this might be my new go-to summer time tea, I want to try cold brewing it, gongfu brewing it, grandpa steeping it, I want to see what all this tea can do, because just taking it western style was amazing!

Blog and photos: http://ramblingbutterflythoughts.blogspot.com/2015/03/m-tea-company-tangerine-dream-tea-review.html

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It has just come to my attention that this is my 500th blog post, since I only just noticed this I did not come up with an epic plan or some celebration, oops. Ok, I lied, I did celebrate, the only way I know how! I celebrated by acquiring more Scourge because I HAVE AN ADDICTION!! Also I found out who my first match is in the league…it is the most experienced guy at Tabletop, whose PHR army I have admired for a while, and who is totally going to stomp me into oblivion. But I wanted to play against his PHR as a way to see if I wanted to take them up as a second army, so go me!

Onward to Oolong Week! Today we are having a looksie at Tea Leaf Co’s (or TeaLC if you prefer) Soul Good, a blend of Oolong (of the green variety) Apple Pieces, Ginger, and Natural Essence, all of these are certified organic. I found myself rather intrigued by the idea of mixing a green oolong and apples together, fruit and flowers just sound pleasant in my mind. And the aroma is quite floral, with notes of orchid and hyacinth, and then hello chestnut and of course apples. The blend of spices and apples give it a cider feel, which is fun mixed with flowers.

I decided to do a kinda psuedo gongfu thing, mixing western and eastern steeping styles, which seems like fun with this kind of blended tea. The aroma of the soggy leaves is a blend of flowers and fruit, though not a fruit I was expecting! There is the apple and spice, orchid and…cantaloupe? This is not the first time I have had an apple tea smell like melon, so my nose did not do as big of a double take as it maybe should have. The liquid is a blend of warm apple cider, ginger, orchids, and a bit of distant melon at the finish.

The taste of this tea is an interesting thing. It starts off with a blend of sweet and tart apples, it wavers more towards tart as it moves to the midtaste, the ginger pops up in the midtaste as well. Around the end the blend of flowers and melon show back up, specifically orchid and cantaloupe, ah cantaloupe, my least favorite melon (maybe? I used to hate watermelon and now I love it, tastes are weird) but I admit that I do not hate it, it blends really well with the orchid and lingering apples. I am a bit wishy washy on this tea, I am not a fan of tart apples, so I wish it would have been all sweet, all the time, but I did really like the balance of spice and flowers.

For blog and photos: http://ramblingbutterflythoughts.blogspot.com/2015/03/tea-leaf-co-soul-good-tea-review.html




Congratulations on 500 notes!



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For the first time in what seems like ages (it really hasn’t been that long, just feels like it) I got mail! There was an adorably tiny box sitting by my door with China Post labels and a list of the contents inside, which was a teapot! A while ago I did a thing on Influenster that landed me a $25 ebay gift card (and I have another on the way, happy dance) and I was browsing on ebay right before Chinese New Year…for teapots…like I do…and found a shop having a sale on a beautiful little Zi Sha Xi Shi, claimed to be handmade, so I said, why not? I have wanted a Xi Shi for my Green Oolongs for a while (my original Green Oolong pot shall be repurposed for either Bao Zhong or Osmanthus Oolong, I love that pot, but the top handle makes it a giant pain to clean, so using it for a tea I do not drink as much of works for me) because this pots are adorable, I call them sphere pots and have decided that mine is a dude for some reason. Perhaps I shall call it Baron Harkonnen because I am not a good person.

So, it is Thursday, meaning I am cracking open an older notebook and reviewing a tea from my mysterious past (aka, last year) specifically Upton Tea Imports’ “New Style” Fairy Oolong, a 2014 Pre-Chingming Oolong that I had the pleasure of ordering the day it came out (conveniently I was going to place an order with Upton soon and I got an email saying there were new Oolongs, because of course I get alerted when there are new Oolongs) from Hunan. Not really sure why it is called a fairy oolong, it does look similar to a vibrantly green Shui Xian, so maybe that is why? Regardless, I am a sucker for whimsy and Oolongs, so I tossed it into my cart. Holy moly, this is one massively floral oolong, rather heady, with notes of sweet honeysuckle, orchid, and hyacinth. There is also a note of mineral (specifically spring water) and a touch of buttery vegetal, like lima beans. Mmm, lima beans, I really want some now, my mom makes the best and I am hungry.

Into the gaiwan the leaves went, aw, this was back when I only had the one chipped white gaiwan, I now have eight gaiwans, how things have changed in a year! The brewed leaves are so vibrantly green, and very floral. Strong notes of orchid waft from the steamy leaves, there are lesser notes of honeysuckle and hyacinth, but oh man that orchid! The liquid is a blend of buttery, orchid, and a touch vegetal, just a tiny bit of distant beans sneaking in at the end.

The first steep, as expected, starts out rather light and fairly smooth, not as smooth as some oolongs, it has a bit of a vegetal sharpness similar to green teas. The taste is super sweet, like honeysuckle nectar, this moves to mineral and a touch of green at the finish.

Second steep’s aroma is light, sweet, and very orchid heavy, so much flower! The taste is also super floral, it starts out orchid and hyacinth and then moves onto sweet honeysuckle for a delicate finish. This steep was not as complex as the first steep but that flower explosion made up for a lack of complexity.

For the final steep the aroma is still super orchid heavy, but now it is joined by delicate mineral notes, like water being poured on a slab of limestone. The taste starts out buttery and sweet, with notes of lima beans that fade to honey and orchid. Lastly the tea ends with a lingering mineral note with a touch of honey. I really liked this tea, it was super floral and sweet, and that mineral note was awesome, I do not find that in teas as often as I would like. Because apparently I like licking rocks or something like that.

For blog and photos: http://ramblingbutterflythoughts.blogspot.com/2015/03/upton-tea-imports-new-style-fairy.html

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There is some serious derp going on over here, like really heavy derp, I sit at my computer, flipping from tab to tab, in a great attempt to do something and keep getting distracted. Yours truly was having a lot of pain last night and to rectify it I took some muscle relaxers (the only thing I can take for my fibro pain when my daily meds are not strong enough) the pain is much diminished, but the side effect of being in a brain fog is not very fun. Also, I want everyone to know that when I get a new email, my phone goes all Mass Effect and says ‘Assuming Direct Control’ thank you Harbinger, you always make me smile.

Time to get my rambling on! Today What-Cha is taking us on an Oolong adventure to Kenya, with Kenya Hand Rolled Purple Varietal Oolong Tea, yay for purple teas! I find them very intriguing, all of them I have tried get to wear the coveted ‘well that was certainly different’ title. So, just a quick rundown on what makes this tea purple, just in case you don’t know…ANTHOCYANIN! Seriously, go outside and just shout that word, it feels great, from the Greek Anthos and Kyanos, which translates to blue flower, that is all it is, a pigment with a lot of epic science behind it that would take a whole blog post to explain (tempting as that is.) What is most important is this pigment in tea is thought to make it drought and pest resistant, along with boosting the antioxidants, fun stuff! Also I have decided that all purple teas are officially Drow (or Shadow Elves, my dark elves of choice) teas. The aroma of these dark twisty leaves is earthy and sweet, very sweet actually, blending notes of loam and mineral with plums, raisins, and honey. I will admit the earthy notes and sweet fruity notes mixing together are a little odd, though not unpleasant, my nose finds you intriguing oh great dark elf tea.

Brewing time! I am using my funky green gaiwan that does not get enough use lately (poor neglected thing) that I sometimes pretend is a houhin. I love this thing because it holds a lot, good for those days when I want to gongfu up some tea but want a big ol’ cup of the stuff (or several big ol’ cups) again the aroma of the (now wet) leaves can be described as odd but good, like cooked plums, sauteed veggies, and earthiness. Reminds me of eggplant just a little, specifically cooked eggplant, along with a bit of mineral and a hint of salt. The liquid is a fun blend of regular cooked plums, umeboshi (picked plums, delicious) mineral, loam, and salt. It has a sharpness to it along with mellowness from the earthy quality.

The first steep is fairly mild, it starts out with a blend of sweet, extremely juicy, ripe plum, then it moves on to mineral and a touch of loam. Around the end of the sipping experience there is a touch of fruity sharpness that causes a salivary explosion and then immediate sweet, honey aftertaste.

Onward to the second steep! So, this gave me a little bit of a giggle, the aroma of the second steep had a definite plum and mineral note, but it also had a note of cooked collards. Oh be still my heart, the sultry aroma of collards makes my mouth water. It made me giggle because of the many memories I have of my grandfather having to cook collards outside because they stink up the house. Ok, awesome, the tea even has a slight note of collards! It is faint, but just at the beginning there is that delightful earthy green taste of cooked collards. This moves on to cooked plums and then finishes with earthy loam and minerals.

And now we finish with steep number three, which has a very mild aroma, like distant plums and loam with a hint of umeboshi. This steep’s taste is pretty intense, lots of plums and a hint of prunes, very mouthwatering. The plums gradually fade to earthiness that is reminiscent of clean dirt. Yes, it tastes like dirt, but it does not taste dirty, I like the taste of dirt so I found this pleasant, but I could see some people going eww at this. This was a weird tea, it was unlike most Oolongs I have had, in fact it was unlike most teas I have had, I really enjoyed it and will probably be getting more, but it is definitely an ‘I have to be in the right mood for it’ kinda tea.

For photos and blog: http://ramblingbutterflythoughts.blogspot.com/2015/03/what-cha-kenya-hand-rolled-purple.html


Youngest is delighted with the Mass Effect reference.

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This is not on the website anymore, so I am assuming RLT no longer carries it, so no blog post, just a random rambling while I sip it. The aroma is nice and toasty, like roasted buckwheat, grains, and sesame seeds. More of a nutty roasted tea than a sweet roasted tea, which I am ok with, because it is a roasted tea and it has to be terrible before I dislike sniffing it. There is also a faint underlying floral tone to it as well.

The wet leaves and liquid have more of a sweet toasted aroma, still very grainy. The first steep is pretty mild, I actually taste the salmon I just finished eating more so than the tea. But after many swallows to wash the fish out of my mouth I can taste slightly sweet grain and a touch of flowery. Pretty mild, but also pleasant.

Second steep is more grainy and roasted, it is an ok tea, not the best ever, but could be a good everyday roasted tea.

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FINISHED! Ok, no, I lied…maybe. My army is finished, all my little Prowlers and Reapers are finished, they need to be varnished (waiting for a less damp day to take them out and varnish and photograph them) but, I still have to paint the tiny tiny infantry (ughhhhh so tiny, little 10mm dudes) and finish the basing for my ships. Then I just have the Harbinger, Desolator, and the inevitable other guys who join my army, but there is not as much of a rush since the league starts off at 750 points, and true I can get the Desolator in on that level, it would leave me very short on other little dudes to bring onto the board. Now the real question is, do I get Ravagers or Stalkers for my Harbinger to carry, or do I hold out for the Oppressor’s release. Ben spoils me rotten with all my minis, me thinks he is buttering me up to paint his army.

It can’t be Oolong week without looking at Eco-Cha Artisan Teas, and it is time to finally ramble about Mr Lin’s Lightly Roasted Dong Ding Oolong (Inaugural Winter Harvest 2014) which you all might remember me babbling about back when their Indiegogo campaign went live. And yes, I totally backed them, it was part of my birthday present to myself (and part of my travel money since this was back when I was in PA) I went for the $50 perk meaning I got a fancy new teapot for my collection, not that I seasoned it for this tea, since a roasted tea-pot is already in my collection. This tea is super fancy because it was only available for the backers of the campaign, but future harvests will be available for the general public, which is awesome. This extra fancy tea smells delightful, but I do have a weakness for roasted teas (especially Dong Ding) so it is no surprise that the aroma of this tea fills me with squishy glee. There are notes of toasted sesame, honey, caramelized sugar, distant spicebush flowers, roasted butternut squash, and a finish of delicate orchid. It reminds me a little of Halva and flowers, just the right blend of roasted and sweet to make me swoon.

Into the pot it goes, my much loved and very often used yixing for roasted oolongs. The aroma of the leaves is rather complex! It is a blend of roasted sesame, butternut squash, honeysuckles, orchids, sesame butter, and spicebush. The liquid of the first steep (correctly it is called soup, but that makes me think of soup and confuses my hungry brain) also has a complex aroma, blending squash (again butternut, but with a hint of acorn this time as well) sesame butter and a finish of delicate honeysuckle nectar.

First steep, and yes, I am sitting down, because I expect this tea to knock my socks off…ok, ok, I know it does, since this is from my notebook and I have been sipping this tea a lot. It has become one of my go to ‘I feel bad and need a healing tea’ teas, it makes my soul feel good. First off, mouthfeel, it is very smooth, a blend of buttery and velvety, it coats my mouth without being oily. It starts out sweet and gently toasted, with notes of sesame seeds and honey. This builds to honeysuckles and spicebush, almost to the point of headiness, and then it moves on to butternut squash and honey at the finish which lingers for quite a while.

And the journey continues with steep two, the aroma is strong with spicebush, roasted sesame seeds, and butternut squash. It is still floral (hint the spicebush, even bordering on Asiatic Lily) but it lacks the honeysuckle and is replaced with a stronger roasted note. The taste certainly takes its cues from the aroma! The mouthfeel is still velvety, but it has a tiny edge to it now, it feels like it wakes up my mouth a bit. It starts roasted sesame and honey and then moves to an explosion of spicebush and squash, this then moves on to roasted squash and nuttiness that builds into the finish that lingers. It warms my mouth and body and makes me feel relaxed and heavy.

Third steeping, and the aroma is still delightful, hello spicebush and toasted sesame, hello lily and squash, you are so wonderfully fragrant and I have to be careful to not burn my nose while sniffing you. The taste of this steep is a perfect balance of roasted and floral, sweetness and savory. It has notes of buttery vegetables (like buttery sauteed bok choy) honeysuckles, spicecbush, lilies, squash, sesame, toasted grains. This steep might be my favorite!

So, I end my reviews at three steeps (my personal notes, however tend to be longer) and let me say, this tea has staying power! I have gotten up to seven steeps, with the last couple steeps being me just drinking it grandpa style. I have brewed it in my travel steeper and in a gaiwan and loved both, I have accidentally been distracted and come back to a tragically oversteeped tea and found it still drinkable and really good. Honestly I cannot manage to screw this tea up no matter what I do (not that I am going to try really hard, I do have a limited supply after all) I love this tea, it is a work of art! Totally worth spending my travel money on it, I have absolutely no regrets!

Blog and photos: http://ramblingbutterflythoughts.blogspot.com/2015/03/eco-cha-artisan-teas-mr-lins-lightly.html

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Here I sit with my favorite paintbrush and a pot of Bleached Bone paint working on an Intruder Beta, slowly I finish my army. I am still thinking I might finish my army by the 9th (first day of the league, also the day I go for allergy testing, so that is going to be exciting) I hope that the Intruder Alphas I requested arrive before the league because they are so much better than my stupid Art Deco Pillbugs (it is what I call my Invaders) plus I hate painting them. Something about the way their lines…line up…really just annoy me. Plus they just look cooler, and looking cool while raining plasma on your enemies is very important to me.

So, it is with great joy that I kick off Oolong Week! Oolong might be my favorite kind of tea, sure on some days I prefer a different tea, but I can almost always say on the grand scope that Oolongs are my fave. And what a better way to start of the week of the Black Dragon than with new store Tea Ave! They had their grand opening yesterday, and for those who follow me on Instagram, you know they sent out an amazing promo of three tea samples, an aroma cup set, and a gift card (which when I have spending money again I am so using) so yeah, they certainly got my attention. I decided to start out with Cape Jasmine Oolong, an Ali Shan Oolong (yeah, you remember correctly, that is one of my favorite mountains for green oolongs) scented with Cape Jasmine (which, if I am reading correctly, is a kind of Gardenia) in the traditional way rather than just tossing flowers in with the tea and calling it a day. In my humble opinion, scented teas are far superior to teas with flowers tossed in because you are getting the essence of the flower rather than the added plant tastes you get with flower bits. Anyway, the aroma of this tea is heavenly, it is a thing of beauty, flowery, heady beauty. Seriously, it is amazing. It blends orchid, jasmine, gardenia, honeysuckle, honey, cream…it is like I am a hummingbird and someone gave me a free pass to a conservatory. Yes, I have a weakness for conservatories, they are just so pretty and they smell heavenly…like this tea.

I am using the double whammy of gaiwan and aroma cup set to brew the leaves, and I am pleased to say that I have not once spilled or burned myself while doing the epic cup flip. As a notoriously clumsy person, this is really an impressive feat! The brewed leaves are sweet and creamy, and of course very floral, it blends the aroma of jasmine, orchid, honeysuckle, and gardenia in a heady floral dance. The liquid, ok guys, I am going to be honest, I am at a loss for words, almost. Imagine taking the nectar of these flowers and making a cup of it, it smells just like that, honey sweet and delightfully floral. I spent quite a bit of time sniffing the tea, it was a good way to wait for it to cool.

The flower nectar comparison continues! Good heavens this is delicious, it is of course a bit mild because it is a first steep, but it is delightfully smooth. The creamy notes mixed with the smooth texture gives it a bit of a buttery feel, which makes my mouth happy, it coats the mouth with sweetness and floral notes. And oh those heady floral notes, it blends jasmine, orchid, and gardenia perfectly, it manages to be intensely floral while not being like perfume. First steep is made of win.

Smelling the tea (the aroma cup is so fun! I do not burn my nose as often!) the liquid is much sweeter and headier, there is a flower explosion in my nose! Oh by the flowery heavens this tea is going to haunt my dreams for all eternity, it smells like a steamy conservatory in full bloom, it is sleepy and beautiful. This might be the most girly tea I have ever sipped, I feel like a princess while drinking it, like I am drowning in flower nectar. It reminds me of a combination of a conservatory and my favorite flowers from my mom and grandmother’s gardens in the South. The notes of honeysuckle, gardenia, orchid, and jasmine are so heady, but again, it is not like cloying perfume.

I found the third steep was pretty much identical to the second in aroma. There was more sweetness and the jasmine and gardenia are overtaken by the tea’s natural honeysuckle and orchid notes. So even as the scented qualities fade, the base tea is delightful. The finish is honey sweet and creamy, and it lingers. I won’t lie, I motored through my sample at more or less light speed, I will be buying more of this tea for my collection, it does such amazing things to my brain. It feels and tastes beautiful, and I really do feel like royalty while sipping it.

For blog and photos: http://ramblingbutterflythoughts.blogspot.com/2015/03/tea-ave-cape-jasmine-oolong-tea-review.html

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I am a nerdy, obsessive, crafty, tea blogging, gaming nut. Yeah, that about sums me up! Ok, you want something more informative….

I am a Geek, hardcore fan-girl Geek. It shapes my life. I spend a large chunk of my life painting miniatures and contemplating my various army layouts. I hoard dice, get obsessed with games, and will talk about whatever fandom, game, etc that I am obsessed over until I am blue in the face. I am not just a gamer girl type Geek, I also fit in the collecting knowledge and spending way too much time reading and researching category of Geek.

But there is more to me than just being a giant nerd. I love tea, always have and have just gotten more and more obsessed as I get older. I love trying new teas and then writing lengthy descriptions about them on my blog, I love reading and researching the history and culture of tea, I love collecting tea pots and fancy tea tools.

When the weather allows it, I love to go mushroom hunting. I don’t eat them, instead I use them for photography and spore prints. I love nature and worked as a Naturalist in the Northwoods one summer, it might have been the best job ever.

I have Fibromyalgia, it sucks, but I feel people who are going to interact with me should know since I tend to vanish because of it so fair warning! I do tend to not vanish very long though. Also I have some ‘social disorders’ which basically translates to I am really awkward and bad at socializing, so forgive any lack of social graces.

I also have cats, love the ocean and all aquatic life, have teal hair, love cheese, and collect hats.

My favorite tea is definitely Oolong, but I also love Japanese greens and…ok I just love tea actually :P I am not a huge fan of lemony black teas or tart fruit teas. I also loathe hibiscus (usually)

This is my actual tea wishlist, you know that I actually update and keep track of…I tend to forget Steepster’s https://www.facebook.com/notes/amanda-wilson/tea-wishlishtshopping-list-perpetually-in-progress/10152336515414411 I use my steepster WL to keep track of teas I have had and really want more of :P

I was previously Amanda, I go by Alexsia now though will answer to the other name as well, I know dealing with name changes can be a giant pain


Kansas City, MO



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