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Full disclosure: I love TGYs. A lot. So the ability to have this Early Spring release was like opening a Christmas present to me.

Upon opening and inspecting my order, The floral notes, ever present in TGY, hit home straight away and I instinctively reach for my porcelain gaiwan and get to work on trying this out.

On first sip, you instantly get hit with the buttery light notes of the TGY and the floral aroma inhaled, mixes with the liquid and brings you that much closer to relaxation.

I honestly really, really, really, liked this tea.


Love this one!

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Creamy, rich, dark chocolate caramel! It has a nice earthy feel without the roasted flavour. It’s pretty darn good..

On a side note, I love the way David brings the farmers into the picture. Whilst sipping this tea, I was thinking of the He family, the work that went into producing this marvellous tea, and the general life of a tea farmer. I’m very grateful.

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I really enjoyed this one. The taste is amazingly green, as it should be, but then there is that sweet aftertaste I hadn’t expected. It really is an excellent quallity tea and I’m very happy to have had it.

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Of course, the bloomed ball is spectacular to look at. Light jasmine and some artificial peach flavour round out the taste of the tea. I don’t get any bitterness, and it’s a cool tea to have here and there, but a bit gimmicky as well. I wouldn’t say no to a pot, but I don’t think I’d buy more for myself.

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Brews a nice, quality cup of jasmine tea. The jasmine flavour can be a bit strong at times, but you can adjust the quantity of pearls and figure it out. I use 4 pears for a 12oz mug and I get 2 nice infusions out of them.

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drank Silver Needle by Teavana
72 tasting notes

Nice light grassy taste with subtle nutty undertones; very subtle. Very enjoyable.

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The taste comes off alright, though I think I’d rather have the pu-erh or the Yunnan Black separated. The tea blend seems like a perfect fit for a first cup of the day; if not for one small issue I have- one steep only! Sure there are plenty teas that are good for only one infusion, but a single steep pu-erh? A single steep Yunnan black? I don’t think so… how is it that combining two fantastic teas, somehow lessens it’s versatility?

But for what it is, it’s pretty nice.

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Delicious! This Mao Feng is uncomplicated and straightforward. Light, creamy, savoury taste with an aroma of…let’s just call it “dinner”. You know that feeling you get in your stomach when dinner is ready and the plate is in front of you and you are just about to dig in? That’s what this smells like. It smells like that good feeling…

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This disgusting stuff, full of crap that escapes any infuser I use. Can’t even taste the pu-erh… just tastes like …. I have no idea, couldn’t finish the cup.

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Overpriced but good. Whisks up a nice bright green tea. Matcha is actually the reason I found Teavana. I’ve had matcha quite a few times from local vendors in LA and upon moving to SD I was eager to find a tea shop that sells it, one quick search on the internet directed me to a “little” store I had never heard of before- Teavana. Bought a tin of this and enjoyed it immensely. I’ve bought several of them over the years and the consistency has been spot on. I’m sure there are better quality matchas, in fact, I know there are, but the convenience of driving 10 mins to Teavana, trumps a scavanger hunt… at least for now.

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Tea for me.


San Diego, CA



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