594 Tasting Notes

drank Wild Sweet Orange by Tazo
594 tasting notes

So I was trapped in an airplane for more than 6 hours (all flying time, gotta love cross-country trips, coast to coast) and this was offered up under the tea selections. Since they had no hot chocolate and I was thirsty for something that was not water, I gave it a try.

First time I’ve flown first class on my own dime so I was trying to appreciate the super service. Seriously, I’m thinking of calling the airline to commend one of the flight attendants. I got a really nice real ceramic mug and a short juice glass to put the bag in afterward.

I steeped this tea for the 5 minutes that the package stated and it tasted very very tart. I didn’t taste any ginger or licorice root but there was orange flavour and definitely hibiscus all over this. I added a couple of sugars to try to tone down the hibiscus (seriously, how much sugar is in one of those sugar packets, can’t be a teaspoon) and it was marginally better. Added some sweetness obviously and the orange flavour came through more as well as the lemongrass which I do not approve of in this brew at all.

Second steep at 7 minutes was very lightly flavoured orange water that was not worth the steep but I had to try. Drank it anyway. Gotta stay hydrated on an airplane!

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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Late at night, just called the New Year. I have an early flight so I just decided to stay up and drink tea.

My second tea of the new year, this came in the first steepster select package. I could not get the temp exact in a regular kettle so this poured at 180 degrees F according to the repurposed meat thermometer. Hey, we use what we got.

This smells very oolong and quite floral. I’m fairly new to oolongs in general so this note might be a bit uninspired. Still pretty much in the ‘it tastes like a green oolong’ phase of oolongs.

This is a bit roasty and a little bit cloying from the flower, I suppose lilac. It’s quite interesting. I added a bit of sugar to bring out the flavour for me and I’m drinking it quite hot for me. Cooled down a bit brings out more of the oolong for me though there is still a bit of lilac aftertaste. If further steeps are better or worse I will edit.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Drinking this up, is it a sip down if we don’t know if we have more in the giant box of tea in my living room and I have no intention go looking for it? This tea bag came in my catalogue a while ago and traveled with me to Mass.

This is actually really quite pleasant. I would drink this again absolutely. I don’t pick up much of the tea base but the fruit flavours are lovely, sweet and tart in equal measures. It perhaps tastes a bit medicinal in the after aftertaste but I’m someone who likes cherry cough drops so I’m okay with that. Would like to try again with the correct water to teabag ratio because I was just guessing with this one. Perhaps in the future.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Royal we I guess, I live by myself with cats.


cats count as ‘we’. =0)


Cats may have invented the royal we.

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My first impression of the dry leaf is that it is extremely smelly. Smells like traditional Xmas but I don’t actually like traditional Xmas smells so there’s that. Very smelly. If I liked it I might say aromatic, but I don’t.

Well now that it has cooled down a bit, I don’t hate it. It finishes with cinnamon which I am not a fan of but it is not overwhelming. The bergamot is strong enough to turn my mother off when she took a sip. It kind of tastes like stale crackers with an aftertaste of spice to me. Not very appealing since my last experience with stale crackers involved a meal worm in it. Yesterday. So this is 0 for 3 for this Verdant box for me. Hopefully January will be better.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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I need to fix this tea entry when I get back to having a real computer.

This is a really deep intense rich black tea out of Kenya. Apparently a Chinese hybrid varietal. Very interesting. I gentled it down a bit with milk and sugar and it is really quite pleasant. I’ll start heating water up for the second steep in a minute but the first was very very nice. Ever since I discovered Justea, I have found a fondness for nice Kenyan teas. Also any of my friends living in Vancouver BC should PM me, speaking of Justea.

ETA: 2nd steep was good but the 3rd was really weak. A two steep tea for me.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Seriously, it’s about a free thing.


lol if i lived in vancouver i’d bug you. I’m really like justea’s kenyan black. it’s on the reorder list at some point :)


It’s a thing actually. A tea cupping class I got from supporting their most recent campaign that I can’t get to so I thought I’d offer it to the people on here. If it weren’t a week long in the evenings I’d drive up myself.


oh that’s awesome!


Oh? I’m in Vancouver. Do you need me to get it to you somehow?


It is a class to attend by the Justea guys.


missB..she’s offering to let YOU go silly goose… (well someone in vancouver)


Sil – I… bought the 3 pack so I can share some Justea with you, or slip some into a little envelope once it shows up here.

Starfevre – that’s too bad about missing the cupping class! That sounds like it’d be quite the experience.


hahahahahaha of course you did


In theory I could attend but I am just not up for that much driving anytime soon.

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Trying this out since it came in my club. It smells very spicy and the back of my throat is already protesting the dry smell. It seems exactly like the teas that I hate very much. Waiting for the water to heat up.

Have to close this note to look at the ingredients to see what it is that I’m smelling besides ginger. The Verdant website doesn’t show it.

Edit: I don’t know where my previous edit went. Boo. I think the spice is sasparilla because I can’t recognize it and I’m not familiar with that one. It is very spicy. I’m hoping the sugar I put in wil gentle this blend.

First steep was 2ish minutes. The blend is sweet but the ginger and yabao itself put a shudder down my spine and there is an unpleasant pricking at the back of my throat from one of the spices. Warming sensation from more than just the warm water. Trying to drink this quickly because I do not like.

Thinking I won’t go for any more steeps due to the headache onset almost immediately after I started drinking. Not the tea for me.

190 °F / 87 °C

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drank Karigane #22 by Kettl
594 tasting notes

I really think I am not experienced enough in the various green tea flavours, being a green tea newbie for the most part, to really fully appreciate this tea. It smells very robustly green and vegetal, although I could not tell you what plant. It smells like a strange combination of edamame and spinach to me but I have no idea what nori smells like so it could be that too. Not so much grass.

I managed with the tools I have to steep this in approximately 175 degree temp as stated by the really unrefined meat thermometer my mom got me for this purpose. Best I could get on short notice from a pretty rural Massachusetts grocery store, really, and I broke her crappy gravity infuser the first day so I was grateful for the teabags that came with this. The tea ball she has is not a very fine mesh.

First steep: definitely a deep and rich cup, nothing simple about this. Picking up some grass now, especially in the aftertaste. I can sort of taste the nuttiness in the cup but nothing specifically hazelnut.

I am super craving something sweet so I am debating whether to go to the next steep now or make a detour. I have about 3 more tea hours this afternoon to play with.

Second steep: the vegetal smell is weaker and the grass is much brighter this steep. I drank this one warmer and I definitely get ‘chewy’ this time around. There is more taste up front and it matches the aftertaste better and soy beans is what I am getting. I like this steep better than the first.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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drank Wuyishan Black by Steepster
594 tasting notes

Steeped this at lower than the suggested parameters because I’m stuck with just a stovetop kettle at my parent’s place and the meat thermometer said this was at 180 when I tested it at the beginning of the steep.

This is altogether way too smokey for my tastes. I can’t pick up much beyond that. I’ll likely not try a second steep because of it so I will have the second pouch available for trading when I get home. I did not bring it with me. Glad I did not serve this to my mother as I’m pretty sure she would hate it. I wish I could pick up the sour cherry and caramel notes as they sound delicious.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Or maybe I will put it in the tea box.

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Since I can’t do scroll bars on the iPad, which is what I have when I travel so my parameters were 2 teaspoons in the big mug with boiling water and 3 minutes steep time. I also made a cup for my mother and she likes it a lot.

It smells really nice. I don’t remember drinking it the last time although I obviously did since I have a tasting note from a year ago but a year ago I would have just been starting out at steepster. I think my tastes have changed since then. So let’s see.

This definitely tastes like caramel. Enough so that it wish it were thicker so that I could chew on it. Not much aftertaste at all besides what I burp up because drinking from my mom’s oddly shaped mugs tends to involve a lot of slurping. A little drying after the fact. It still smells so nice. I’m not going to change the rating because without the tea of the month sample pack I would not have ordered this again and I stand by that statement. Still, a nice sweet little interlude to an otherwise not very good day.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

It took me a while to figure this out on my ipad (someone else on steepster made a comment about it), you can’t “slide” the slider bar but you can just tap the spot and the slider will move to it. It is hard to be exact with this method, but that is how you can do it.


Tried that. It worked before I upgraded to iOS 7 but not after. Stupid apple.


I still use that method with iOS 7, no problem. Make sure you are not trying to tap too close to where the marker is already located.


Alright it worked but it was very frustrating and took at least 20 taps to get it right. Bleh.

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First steep was very nice though my bitterness conversation earlier made me paranoid and I over sugared it. I’ll try better next steep. It’s very chocolatey and it tasted malty to me and I definitely can taste the sweet potato.

2nd steep was also very tasty but I couldn’t pick up much to differentiate from the first steep. I like this tea a lot.


you can’t go wrong with zhu rong..it’s zhu right!

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Single, vegetarian, asexual, 5 cats. Airplane Engineer. I drink most of my tea with a bit of sugar and all the ones with a black tea base with a little bit of milk too. I’m super sensitive to bitterness and spiciness so I tend to avoid those.

I am also a flavoured matcha latte fanatic.


Renton, WA, USA

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