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Hubby got up and asked me what I wanted to do today since it’s my birthday. I had decided before today that if he asked I wanted to o shopping and go to a tea shop. We had an enjoyable day & ended up at Teavana (I had never been to one and wanted to see what all the hoopla was about-closest one is an hour away), Qdoba’s for lunch, and a store called Garden Gate we’ve never been to before. Gonna have to budget more time for that one if we go back.

I had signed up for Teavana’s email newsletter and just gotten a $10 off $30 coupon & my mom had just given me a $5 Starbucks gift card someone had given her that she wouldn’t use.. Armed with that and the knowledge of upselling I felt I was ready to go.

I bought a few teas to try @ home and Hubby picked out a couple, have to leave him at home next time .. He has expensive tastes. I was planning on using birthday $ my parents far me and after he started asking for ones he wanted he said I could save my birthday $. Yeah.. More tea later for me!

I got this tea steeped up to go & wasn’t sure what to expect of it. An almond I have tried before was not quite to my liking, so I didn’t want I buy 2 oz on a chance so I felt this was a good one to try just a cup of.

She poured a little of what was in the cup in a little tasting cup to be sure she had the right sugar mixture for me. I agreed it was fine and gave the rest if that to Hubby. I really enjoyed this more than I expected to. It reminded me exactly of the roasted sugar coated nuts you smell in the mall all the time, especially around Christmas and steeped up a pretty pink color. I could see myself enjoying this again, but would more likely be an occasional tea for me as it was very rich. I know she overleafed this more than I would have, so maybe a little less leaf & it would be something I would enjoy more often.

Flavors: Nuts


Happy birthday! I’m glad you enjoyed celebrating with some tea :)


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!


Thanks for all the birthdays wishes! & yes, it was nice to celebrate with some new tea. :) I think Hubby even enjoyed smelling and sampling a few teas more than he thought he would.


Happy birthday :-)

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drank Jasmine Green Tea by Bentley's
189 tasting notes

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drank Eggnog & Pralines by Butiki Teas
189 tasting notes

Still liking this one today.. a favorite of the green variety so far for me. I had forgotten I had wanted to try this one with some milk or cream this time, but still good without. I think the flavors blend so well with the green that I don’t notice the base so much.

So tempted to go buy an ounce of this since it’s a green that I like. I’m hoping to slowly encourage my taste buds to be more fond of greens… but not sure if I like it “that” much.

I have enough for one more small cup, and if I haven’t decided by then, I will have to see if there is any left & decide from there. If I do grab an ounce, I might be tempted to try the nutmeg cream as well since I saw so many good reviews of it too.

Flavors: Cream, Nuts

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 15 sec 1 tsp

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drank Candy Corn Black Tea by 52teas
189 tasting notes

Thanks EvaGrimm for sending a sample of this awhile back. It looked like so much fun, I could almost not bear to use it up.

I wanted a black tea this morning, and decided on this one. My old is subsiding, finally, so hope I get accurate taste on this one.

I dry leaf smells sweet and vanilla. Steeped I get sweet honey vanilla, not exactly candy corn, but good. As it cools I get more vanilla and less honey.

I could see this being a great blend in the Fall with apple pie, and other Fall treats.

Flavors: Honey


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drank Black Tea by Shan Valley
189 tasting notes

Hubby had some of this a couple of days ago and raved that “this is what tea should taste like”. Mind you, he is generally a coffee drinker… black, no sugar, no cream.

I had a sip, but still suffering from a cold so not trusting my taste buds completely. I’ll give it a rating when I recover.

Deep, rich, bold tea flavor, but not bitter, even when Hubby steeped it a bit too long. I have a feeling this may be a re-order to keep around as a basic rich black tea for him.

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Thanks MissB for such a generous sample of this wonderful tea! You must have known I would just love it.. and you got it right… I do.

I wasn’t sure if I should try this one with the remnants of my head cold or not, but I have been looking through my S&V catalog lately trying to decide when/what to order from them. You see, when MissB sent me a generous sample of Candy Cane & a sample of Cinnamon Chocolate Brownie from S&V I really liked them so I went online looking to see what all they offered and found they had a catalog, it arrived safely and is sitting on the end table by the couch with notes by things I might like to order… narrowing it down is the problem. Anyway, the Coconut Macaroon was one at the top of my list to try… & here she sent it to me.. just like she knew :) I just couldn’t wait a couple of more days.

Dry, I couldn’t make out much fragrance, but my nose isn’t working well either. Steeped, this came through as true coconut macaroon. You know the ones like you get at the Chinese buffet that are dense and sweet and yummy? I hope when I get completely better that I like it even more.

My mom and sister love coconut macaroons too… do I dare share?!?! I’m not sure how my mom would feel about a flavored teas, but my sister enjoys iced fruit teas… bet she’ll love this.

Flavors: Coconut


Mmmmm. Macaroons.

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I tried a bit of this one yesterday afternoon. My taste buds are still recovering from a cold so I’m not sure about my thoughts on this one yet.

Yesterday I got caramel and black tea, not much more. I’m hoping that since my tastebuds are inept at the current time that I will enjoy this one more in a few days… Hopefully picking up the pumpkin and the cheesecake. If not, still a very drinkable cup, just hoping it will live up to it’s name for me.

I will hold off on rating this one for now until I can give it a fair shake. Thanks so much Crowkettle for sharing this one with me.

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I saw VarieTEA had a tasting note for this and I wanted another black tea this afternoon so I grabbed it. If you read my tasting note a bit ago, you’ll know I have a cold and can’t taste much, so don’t take my note as completely accurate :)

I’ve had this one several times before.. a sample I bought from Della Terra. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but still a good tea. I imagined a red hot or cinnamon disk candy when I ordered this one, but I get sweet candy cinnamon of a different kind, no heat, and maybe it’s the strawberry from the pop rocks that give it the odd sweet un-cinnamon smell/taste… ??

I don’t know if I’ll find that red hot/ cinnamon disk candy flavored tea, but I think I’ll be ok w/o it until next fall. I’m dreaming of warmer weather and Spring right now… even though the temperatures have fallen yet again and we are expecting heavy snow Sunday/Monday next week Ugh!


When you do get around to wanting it, you should try H and S’s Hot cinnamon spice. I have some sachets I could send you if you’re interested.


Thanks keychange for the offer! I have the decaf version of Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon… One of my first purchases after finding Steepster & looking for spicy cinnamon teas. :).

I like it, but the black tea overpowers the cinnamon for me .. & I generally like blacks. I’ve tried steeping it at different temps, some are better than others. I’ve considered trying their herbal version sometime.

That’s so interesting! I can’t taste the black base at all! (although I have the caffeinated version, so perhaps that accounts for the difference, although you wouldn’t think so)


I wondered too if it had something to do with it being the decaf version, but I wouldn’t think so.

It might be because I enjoy spicy and cinnamon things.. Maybe I’ve developed a tolerance to the stronger flavors of it and it just doesn’t come across as strong to me .. ?

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drank Pomiscus by Della Terra Teas
189 tasting notes

I had this tea a couple days ago and opted not to post due to my last of tastebuds with this crazy cold I’ve had. I would have called it blueberry black when I tried it then.

This morning I thought I’d give it another try since I’m gaining some taste back and wanted a black tea this morning. I completely forgot I had it steeping so I don’t think it fair to rate it this time either. Today I get lots of floral, raspberry black tea w/ no tartness/acidity you might expect with pomegranate.

I wouldn’t have picked this one out myself because I don’t often go for fruit (or floral)teas, except for apple, coconut, or pineapple, but I do find my tastes are changing and I’ve come to enjoy a few of them more and more. I guess up to now I’ve mainly avoided berry and banana teas.. Hubby likes the berry flavored teas (& even some floral), go figure!

I will give this one another try when I get my head cleared up and my tasters back, and give it a fair rating then. :) As it sits right now, it’s a more drinkable cup than I expected I would get from it.

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drank Pomiscus by Della Terra Teas
189 tasting notes

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37 yr old wife and mother who left her day job to take care of our son. Now running a property management business with my hubby.

I grew up on Lipton -hot w/milk & sugar, Lipton iced w/fresh spearmint and sugar, and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime … Don’t criticize.

I came across Good Earth Original Sweet and Spicy out of chance and it spurred my interested in trying new teas because it was a flavor I had never had before in a tea. I’m now new to the world of loose leaf teas and looking forward to learning what I like as I journey through some new flavors. Hubby has always enjoyed the occasional cup when we’ve been out and about at restaurants.. now we will find out what good teas are really all about! On with the adventures!

Still relatively new to loose leaf, but I’m learning… Coconut, cinnamon, chai, chocolate, mint, & pineapple are just a few of the flavors I enjoy. I have found that I can do green teas so long as there are other flavors as well and it isn’t the primary flavor. I have only found 1 rooibos blend that was too woodsy for me, most of the time the base is hidden or blends well enough w/flavored versions for my liking. I’m beginning to enjoy fruit teas more and more. I occasionally like a straight black tea.

Hubby likes milder flavors, any base, berry flavors, sweet aromas, sometimes tart, and or floral, and chocolate to my surprise! Almost the opposite of me.. go figure!

My 8 year old just took interest and loves root beer.. so far Butterbeer is a hit, but we haven’t tried any root beer or cola teas yet.. soon thanks to the Marvelous MissB for sending some samples. He enjoyed Winter Nog (Della Terra) recently, but turned away something else I gave him.. darn if I can’t remember now what it was!



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