535 Tasting Notes

drank Chamomile by Adagio Teas
535 tasting notes

I’ve only ever had bagged or mixed chamomile teas, and never on its own, so adventure time!
I received this as a sample in my most recent Adagio order (bagged). This smells mainly of honey. It is really lovely. But the bags are kinda crazy. It looked liked it actually had enough product for 2 cups of tea instead of just 1. The bags are also pretty large and didn’t fit well in my cup.
This tastes pretty woodsy to me. There is some of that honey flavor, but it is in the background. I think that next time I make this, I’ll use twice the water, as I think it’ll help mellow the really intense flavors out.
Not something I’m totally into, but good for avoiding caffeine.

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This really mostly tastes of mint and chamomile. I wish the mint was stronger though, it tastes less-than-fresh to me? Maybe I’m just a mint snob!
Not really noticing it making me any more sleepy. In the future I think I’d pass this one up for just plain mint (it’d be cheaper).

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Such a beautiful tea! I love opening the tin I have this in and taking a deep breath. It is bright smells of lychee, melon, and somehow, something akin to springwater.
Flavor wise, it is also excellent with lots of melon notes. I normally steep this 3 times. I really have enjoyed this tea.

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I tried this at a higher temp and longer steep time and really didn’t care for it as much. For me, the perfect temp is somewhere between 200-180F at 3-4 min.
The flavors are leather, nuts, smoke, and general manliness. This fits the character perfectly and I actually enjoy this on special occasions.

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This is almost gone! I probably have 2 cuppas left. I think that a bunch of my teas are just about out now.
This has that odd creaminess, but beyond that it is a pretty good tea. It is very assertive. The berry notes are very tasty and I generally liked it.

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I actually really love this one! I got a second box because I went through the first one so quickly. It reminds me a bit of these little hard candies that we were given while reading James and the Giant Peach during 4th grade. The peach flavor is more on par in this than any other peach tea I’ve had; which is surprising. Very much recommended for people who like herbals or want a good late night tea.

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drank Mayan Cocoa Spice by Yogi Tea
535 tasting notes

Wow. Tonight was one of those nights where I guess I needed a migraine pill, but now I don’t get to sleep!
I’ve had this one for a very long time and I’m actually surprised that the baggies still smell relatively fresh. I used two baggies just in case it is a bit weak now. Somehow this is way better than what I remember? I wish I would’ve let it steep just a bit longer. It has just a bit of a fake-sugar taste which I don’t appreciate. But the spices are pretty light and mainly cinnamon. The chocolate is there, but could use some body.

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This tea is pretty good and I’m almost finished with it! (about 1 cuppa left) The only thing I really hate about it is that it is very astringent/bitter when left to its own devices. You have to be very careful about steep times or else it’ll just be ruined.
This has notes of Earl Grey, blueberry, and black tea. I like this most with milk, but is pretty tasty without it too.

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drank Swiss Vervaine Melange by Teavana
535 tasting notes

I normally avoid this tea, but I’m trying to relax because I’ve had very little sleep+lots of panic attacks recently. No sleep means more tea+drawing+tv for me.
This still smells very much like popcorn to me. I think the flavor has toned down quite a bit, I have had this one for a very long time. The lemon stood out much more on this steep (8min). Maybe I’ve finally made this drinkable?


I hope you feel better!


Oh thank you! I just need some more sleep I think. This actually may have helped a tiny bit?

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wave Sorry I haven’t been around lately everyone. I do miss it around here. I have a grumpy tummy so I thought this might do the trick. I used to rely on mint teas the most, but I have stopped favoring it lately. This tea smells and tastes mainly of lavender, not chamomile. This one is very soothing and great for nighttime.

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