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357 Tasting Notes

I couldn’t wait any longer to try this. The try my sizes are big enough to make at least 2 16oz mugs so I have some left for when I finally kick this cold and can truly taste it.

I’ve always totally disregarded any tea with any mention of chocolate associated with the flavor. I think I had a couple low quality, artificially flavored chocolate teas that made think chocolate and tea were just not a good combo. Seriously, like the left over milk from cocoa krispies mixed with tea. Gross. But then I tried the infamous Laoshan Black and Laoshan black chocolate Genmaicha and whole new world of flavors opened up.

So I decided to give Dark Chocolate Tea a try. The kukicha twig tea is what really sold it to me in the description. The roasty flavor sounded like an obvious compliment to dark chocolate. It’s also got Yunnan and a little nilgiri to add some complexity. And of course cocoa nibs. (I also just read the description again and there is espresso powder, that would normally turn me off, but I didn’t notice it at all)

Yum. I’m so thankful to have gotten over my fear of chocolate tea. This tea is so crazy tasty. Especially once it cools a bit. The chocolate flavor really emerges and the nilgiri and kukicha balance it so well. I’m so glad I have more to try when I can really taste all the flavors.

I wonder if it resteaps as well as cinnamon swirl bread. I doubt it, but I’m off to give it a try.

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drank Alpine Punch by DAVIDsTEA
357 tasting notes

I’m in complete shock. Seriously. I made this tea because it was the only thing in my sample pouch that was totally herbal and I didn’t mind wasting if I couldn’t taste it. This was one of the samples I received with my David’s order. Not chosen by me. Nor would I have ever chosen a rooibos. I have never liked them. The after taste just kills me. But, wow, this one is really good! Maybe my cold is doing me a favor and blocking the aftertaste in which case it goes to show there is often a silver lining!

Anyway, I’m so glad I made this. Too bad there isn’t enough for another mug on a day I’m not sick. I don’t know if I would order it only because I’m not entirely sure of what it normally tastes like. Or maybe I should order some to have on hand for occasions such as this. Hmmm…


The rooibos is hardly noticeable in this one at all, IMO. Try to acquire a bit more in a swap?

yssah - Love is Tea (LIT)

a lot of people are under the weather these days, i hope y’all get well soon!

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This cold has got me down. In the last two weeks, I’ve had the actual flu, which turned into a sinus infection and eye infection. Last friday I finally felt 75% better. Saturday morning I woke up with another cold. I fear this one is turning into another sinus infection. One of the many annoyances of being sick is that I have all these teas to try and my tasters aren’t working properly! I’m trying my best not to waste any new ones before I can actually enjoy them, but I couldn’t wait on this one any longer, and I was hopeful it would be a strongly flavored chai that would make me feel a tad bit better.

I made it using the stovetop method so that I had the highest chance of getting the most flavor out of it and added some milk and honey. This is an amazing chai. The spices are so perfect and I love that the ginger and peppercorn make it a little spicy. I wish I could taste the Laoshan Black underneath and but I’m sure that’s cause my taster is on the fritz.

I’m currently on my 3rd steep of this. For number three I added more water to the pan, brought it to boil and then covered it and let it sit while I ran errands. Still just as strong in flavor and spice. This time I used almond milk as dairy isn’t doing my any favors with my sinuses.

I think I’ll try for #4, cause, why not?


It’s probably a compliment to this chai that you liked it even while you had a cold! I hope you feel better soon!


Thanks! Yes, it could be my new favorite. I might have to do a taste test between this one and Yogic. Have you had that yet?


No, haven’t tried Yogic. Will keep that in mind. :)


It’s a really good one. I didn’t list it in the teas for swapping, but I’d be willing to part with a bit since you seem to enjoy the chai’s as well!

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Wow! First tasting note for this tea. I feel so powerful!

I bought this matcha when I bought my first batch from Red Leaf last week. It’s not the first one I’ve tried, but the first one I’m writing about as it needs a presence on the site. I bought this as I love to drink grapefruit juice and tea in the AM, but sometimes the drinks don’t mix so well, one hot, one cold, one bitter and sweet, one vegetal. I’m not sure what made me think two things that don’t taste all that great together in two separate glasses would taste very good together in one glass, but alas, they do! The grapefruit flavor is spot on perfect. Not the sugary sweet canned flavor of grapefruit, but the fresh squeezed fully pulpy flavor. I feel like I’m actually drinking a glass of grapefruit juice. I will be restocking and having this for breakfast every day. I’m so happy with it.

Classic Base
Robust Flavor

Made using cold method and only water. The little dude asked if I was having bug juice for breakfast. Of course I said yes. I’m keeping this yummy secret only for myself for a while. I can see my husband hoarding in on this one.


I love grapefruit and this is one I’ve been thinking of getting. Now I have to! :)


I was curious bout this one! Nice to know it’s fresh grapefruit. I think it needs to go on my shopping list.

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drank Autumn Citrus by sTEAp Shoppe
357 tasting notes

Backlog from yesterday.

This another from sTEAp Shoppe and another winner. I don’t typically like citrus-y or fruity teas, but this mentions being good for when you have a cold and as I seem to be living in a period of neverending colds from the little creatures in my house, I thought I’d give it a go. Super glad I did. It tastes like a soothing lemony-apple cider, which is funny as there isn’t any apple in it anywhere. It must be the mulling spices that just make me think of apple cider. I really like the look of this too. Thew whole slices of lemon and lime are really appealing. I’m going to need to order more of this soon as I almost went through my whole sample pack yesterday and my cold is still holding strong. Definite winner.

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drank Coconut Cream Pie by 52teas
357 tasting notes

This is my first tea from 52 teas. And it was a great one to start with. I made it with honey and frothed milk to make a latte and it was literally like drinking a cup of coconut cream pie. Glad I grabbed his last bag of this. Sorry guys ;-)

I’m glad to see he reblends the super popular ones. I’ll reorder this for sure.

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I got this in a sample size on a whim when I placed order at sTeap. I have never liked smoky teas, but wanted it give it another try. I was excited for the s’mores aspect of this tea but a little apprehensive of the smoky. Well my distaste of smokey flavor won out. I can’t say I dislike this. I added some honey and frothed milk and I’m still drinking it. But the smoke flavor just isn’t for me. It always seems meaty to me, which confuses my tongue. It’s a simple tongue. But, I think if you don’t mind smokey this is probably a super good tea. I love the chocolate and gooey marshmallow flavor. I think if it didnt have the LS I’d be raving about it.


Glad I didn’t order that one. I’ve found smoky teas are not for me!

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I thought I’d go back to an old favorite today and see how it stands up to all the yummy new teas I’ve tried recently. I’m quite happy to say that I still love this. It’s not as complex as some of the newer ones, but still incredibly tasty. I think I might mix this and the cinnamon swirl bread sometime. I think they have really complimentary flavors, French almond pastry and cinnamon bread. Yep. That will be crazy good.

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After Azzrian wrote about this tea on a couple occasions, I couldn’t resist ordering it. I love cinnamon swirl bread. Cinnamon raison english muffins, cinnamon toast, any combination of cinnamon and dough really.

The mailman surprised me with the box of teas from sTEAp yesterday and it took all my restraint to not make this last night, but I can’t have any black teas in the evening or I won’t sleep. So once I got the kitchen cleaned up after breakfast (which is always an undertaking) I rewarded myself with this one.

I wasn’t sure how much to put in my cup as it isn’t listed on the package. I emailed their customer service and they responded within minutes, which is impressive in general, but on a Saturday morning is really amazing. I’m glad I asked, too, as they suggested 1TBSP per 16oz mug, not my normal amount.

I got the water boiling and poured it over my leaves. Oh my. It smelled amazing. Luckily, I only had to wait 2 minutes to try it. This tea is not one of those teas that smells great and then tastes mediocre. It smells great and tastes even better. I have no idea how that bread flavor gets in there, but it’s there. Is that the pu her? I’ve only had pu ehr once and really didn’t like it so I’ve never been back. One of these days I’ll try it again.

Anyway, I love this tea. I didn’t add anything to it (becoming a theme lately!) and it tastes just a little sweet on its on. I bet it’d be good with a splash of steamed milk. But right now I’m enjoying it on its own. And I’ve only been through 1 steep so far, 4 or so more to go.

Ahh, rainy saturday, you can’t get me down today!

UPDATE: 2nd steep, absolutely no loss of flavor. I was scared some of the cinnamon would be lost. Nope. I’m in love.

UPDATE: 3rd steep. Still no flavor loss. Crazy. This time I added some raw honey and steamed milk. Now it’s more like a cinnamon roll with gooey frosting. Dude.

UPDATE: 4th steep. Same as #3. I just realized that 4 steeps of 16oz each is 64oz. I’ve had 64oz and I’m already thinking about when I’m going to make this again, even though I have many other new ones to try. I’ve adjusted the rating to 100. It earned it.


:) Yup this is a goodie!


Janet got this blend right using a nice bready puerh and sweet cinnamon. (When you try puerh again remember that there is a world of difference between them and you can get tips from the discussion board tab). Anyway, I liked this one too!


I NEED some of this!


LOL @ DUDE. :)


this stuff sounds amazing.


It is and I still NEED to order some! I want to SOOOO badly but I really have totally put myself on a NO ORDER streak at least until I see if I make bill money this month! ACK!

Terri HarpLady

It does sound tasty :)

Marcel Duchamp

Sounds amazing.


Yes, you should all get it, and don’t mess around with a sample size. You’ll be reordering right away if you do!


I just went for it! Got a tin! Woohoo!


@Tealizzy Nice! You won’t regret it!

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I’ve had this tea first thing in the morning for the last week. And it’s a very tasty genmai cha. When I make it straight I don’t detect much matcha (which is what I want first thing the AM). To make it perfect, I add a 1/2 tsp of the culinary tea matcha powder. When it’s time to resteep I just add a little more matcha. I think this is the way to go with the genmais + matcha. I’ve found that very few of the genmai+matcha have enough matcha for my taste. The only brands that have enough matcha from the get go are american tea room and rishi. They actually look like the picture listed for this tea. Nonetheless, this is still a good tea. With altering, super good.

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I love tea. And I love beer. I spent my twenties thoroughly enjoying all that beer has to offer but now that I’m into my thirties and a stay at home mom of 2 little kids and 1 big kid, I spend more time enjoying tea.

I joined steepster in Feb 2013 and it’s crazy how much my tastes have changed since joining. Before, I liked cream and honey in all teas and loved mostly dessert blacks. Now I almost rarely drink them, but enjoy them from time to time. What I love more than anything are straight rich black teas, Fujian, Laoshan, Rizhao, etc… I also love pretty much any black tea that the little leaf hoppers have gotten their teeth on.

I’m still not too into the green/white/oolong varieties. I keep trying to but my tastes are evolving pretty slowly on that front.

Overall, I just enjoy tea. Something about it that just settles me.


Portland, OR

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