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Additional notes: Just wanted to say that I’m still very impressed with this one. I see the black oolong leaves and I think it will be like a Fujian charcoal tasting oolong, but it is just buttery. It’s like a buttery flavored tea without the vegetableness of a tea that is green. And with maple and pecan, of course!


Yes, this is one yummy tea!

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This blend was one of the many reasons I just had to order from Della Terra again. I love it! The most prominent note is apple. The lovely sweet actual apple flavor that Della Terra has and not the perfumey apple (They have two apple flavors for some reason.) I didn’t really taste much of a hazelnut flavor.. but the blend really has a nice apple and nutty flavor to it that kind of reminds me of honey nut cheerios that I haven’t had in forever (with apple added to it.) I don’t think I’ve had a green rooibos in a while which sounds weird here but goes amazingly well with it. Another one to love from DT.

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drank Mate Vanilla Mint by Teaopia
1576 tasting notes

Thanks so much Crow Kettle for sending a bit of this one to try. With the last yerba mate I tried, I’m finding yerba mate is quickly moving up my list of favorite types of tea, and this one certainly supports that! I love this one. It has a lovely earthy mate flavor with delicious mint and a hint of vanilla that smooths it out. With the second steep, I poured just boiled water, which made the taste a bit tangy. So I’ll definitely not use boiling water in the future.. 200 degrees sounds better! I’ll be needing some more delicious yerba mates in the future! But hopefully in the long future.. I shouldn’t be ordering any teas anytime soon.

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drank Raspberry Truffle by Butiki Teas
1576 tasting notes

Additional notes: sample sipdown! I’m not sure WHAT is going on with my tastebuds lately… it seems like every black tea I’ve been having tastes like chalky woodchips. And it doesn’t matter how I steep the tea… it’s still chalky woodchips. It better fix itself. I don’t want these delicious teas to taste terrible!

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Additional notes: I was craving a vanilla white tea but I didn’t think I had any. Going through my steepster cupboard to pick something, I saw this one! It’s a vanilla white tea made even better by pineapple and peppercorn. So so good and not just because I was craving it. It’s sweet, fruity, creamy and fresh. The new name for this one is Snow Fairy ( I guess that means it’s sold seasonally now?). I seem to be one of two people that tried it before the name change. I love this blend!


Interesting! I don’t think I’d heard of this one before! (Or Snow Fairy)

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Additional notes: Sipping this one again and I’m noticing much more rooibos this time. I wish this blend had more yerba mate in it. And more PUMPKIN. My favorite tea from Della Terra is Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie because they put pumpkin pie filling pieces in the blend and that is just genius. But at least Fusion adds pumpkin pieces to their pumpkin blend and not just the spices.

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Additional notes: I’m sipping this one again. I kind of oversteeped the second cup and it tastes a bit cedar like. The first cup was great though! Thinking of my last “ghostly” tasting note, I’d say the thing that most convinced me that ghosts are real is the St. Augustine lighthouse episode of Ghost Hunters from years ago. Very creepy.

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This one sounded like an amazing combination — pu-erh, chocolate, chai? But then when I took the package out to steep it, I noticed orange peels. I really don’t like the idea of anything with chocolate and citrus. It’s just too weird. Well, I steeped it anyway. The flavors are there, equally accounted for, but there isn’t MUCH flavor there. The orange and chocolate combo isn’t as terrible as I would have thought. I really have no idea how it would seem so spicy anyway, since there is hardly any spices here. The chocolate melted a bit. And Della Terra’s pu-erh is mild tasting like their black tea, so any of the DT pu-erhs are perfect to start with. It seems I’ve been drinking many DT teas lately, and not just the ones I just bought.

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drank Coconut green by Zen Tea
1576 tasting notes

I wanted a genmaicha today but I couldn’t find the one I was looking for… so this was my next choice!

This blend is a typical green sencha with little specks of coconut in it. I waited for the water to cool a while and steeped for two minutes. Right away I could tell how sweet it would taste by the fragrance! It is so sweet and creamy. The coconut is perfect with the buttery sencha. I wouldn’t call the sencha “brisk” like the description does though. This is exactly the type of coconut I love. Smooth, silky, buttery sweet deliciousness!

2 min, 15 sec

I had bought only a sample to try couple of months ago and I ordered a 100gr tin quickly after. It’s definitely my favourite coconut tea, it mixes so well with the sencha. I much prefer this to their coconut oolong which seems to be one of their most popular tea though.

Tea Sipper

I just bought the sample too. But there is a few teaspoons. I have plenty of samples, so they last a whhiiillle. haha.

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Sample sipdown! I don’t know if I steeped this weird or not, but I really don’t like it this time around. And I didn’t get any cream at all. Definitely not the cream flavor that some of the new DT blends have. It couldn’t have aged that much in such a short time? The bergamot isn’t the best either. I guess I’m surprised since DT is usually so great and EGCs are usually my favorite. This definitely wouldn’t be a replacement for my favorite EGCs. Lowering the rating from an 89.

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Hi! I love tea and trying new ones – it adds a bit of variety to my day! Books, music, TV & movies are my thing… and tea, of course.

Some of my favorite teas:
52 Teas – zoomdweebies.com

Most of the teas listed in my cupboard are actually sample sizes. I don’t really have 2,000 ounces of tea around here! I was bored one day and found out that most of them have only one teaspoon left… maybe two. But I like keeping them in my cupboard list for reference to what I could be sipping. Usually, I write tasting notes once for each tea. I’m still drinking them, just not writing tasting notes each time!

My dislikes: hibiscus, ginger (unless in chai), charcoal type flavors

My ratings:
95-100 – Super awesome deliciousness favorites
80-95 – Also pretty delicious
65-80 – Pretty good
40-65 – Okay
1-40 – Probably won’t want to sip it again

I’m planning on being a Steepsterer as long as there IS a Steepster, so if you’re not hearing from me, that means something happened to my health… if you know what I mean. :D

Happy sipping!



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