1276 Tasting Notes

drank Summer Fruits by Tavalon Tea
1276 tasting notes

’Here’s Hoping’ traveling teabox Round #2 // Tea #13
This one turned out very nice, even though I accidentally steeped it for around four minutes. Not bitter at all. The green tea was tasty, but the fruit flavor was difficult to guess. The description just says “soft fruits” so I have no idea what that means. haha. At times it tasted like cucumber, mild pickle, cantaloupe. At least it was always some sort of produce! Maybe it’s my fault, since it steeped for four minutes.
Steep # 1 // 30 min after boiling // 4 min



Tea Sipper

yep, pickle. :D

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drank Lemon Rose Bud by Fusion Teas
1276 tasting notes

’Here’s Hoping’ traveling teabox Round #2 // Tea #12
Somehow I didn’t manage to order this one in Fusion’s Black Friday sample sale! I think I just wanted to go with one oolong. Their oolongs are nice. The dry blend has plenty of roses, both buds and petals, but they don’t really make an appearance in the flavor. The lemon is dominant, more sweet than tart and I don’t think it’s just the lemongrass that is making it so lemony. It’s very tasty! Very refreshing.. would probably make for the perfect iced blend. I’m guessing the oolong base was great, but it was tough to tell through all that lemon.
Steep #1 // 30 min after boiling // 3 min
Steep #2 // 30 min after boiling // 4 min

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’Here’s Hoping’ traveling teabox Round #2 // Tea #11
The dry leaves here is a CTC black tea mixed with longer black leaves, as well as some strawberry leaves. Hmm… I’m not getting any hints of strawberry here at all, but to be fair, I was sipping this while eating raspberries. The black tea also seems a bit mild for being half CTC, but it’s tasty anyway. You can’t really beat these raspberries though, so I’ll blame those.
Steep #1 // just boiled // 3 min

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drank Pear Spice by Design a Tea
1276 tasting notes

’Here’s Hoping’ traveling teabox Round #2 // Tea #10
Steep #1 // just boiled // 3 min
Oh my gosh, the pear is very accurate! Design a Tea, I’m not doubting you, if I was before! I’ve had a few pear teas in the past and they are usually way off, gross, or there is a drying effect to the mouth. This tastes exactly like juicy, sweet pear! It doesn’t have hints of artificial at all. It wins the pear flavored tea contest! The spices are nice with it as well, I think it’s mostly cinnamon, but the pear is definitely front and center. The black tea is perfect with the flavor too. Not too heavy, not too light.

Steep #2 // a few minutes after boiling // 3 min
Sadly, this steep lost the pear flavor, but I probably didn’t steep it as I should have. I like the slightly stronger spice flavor this time around anyway. I’m tried a couple from Design A Tea, and now I’m impressed. I want to steal this one from the teabox, but I will leave the few remaining teaspoons there for others to taste the magic!


The Ice Wine from Design a Tea also has a great pear flavor. I think I put that one in the box as well. I really like DAT’s take on pear. It’s one of my favorites.

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drank Green Jade by Wild Tea Qi
1276 tasting notes
’Here’s Hoping’ traveling teabox Round #2 // Tea #9

This is an odd one. I haven’t seen leaves like this before. They look like that white tea with big crescents, but here, the crescents are smaller, green, and slightly less curved. Interesting! The instructions say to use a tablespoon, but I went with a teaspoon and a half.

Steep #1 // 40 min after boiling // 1 1/2 min
The cup is a mellow yellow color. The flavor is kind of like a mao feng, the creamed corn that I love in those sorts of teas, but I could swear I was getting hints of pine needle. Sipping the cup when it was cooler, there was a ton more pine needle flavor! I wonder why. The flavor is on the lighter side, but it seemed like if I had let the tea steep longer, it would have been too brisk. But this cup was good as is.

Steep #2 // 30 min after boiling // 2 min
This cup is sweeter, it still has a creamy flavor, though sometimes the mao feng has a second steep that tastes like strawberry for some reason. Still pine needles! I really like this, but I’ll leave the last couple teaspoons for others in the teabox.

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drank Mango White by The Tea Nation
1276 tasting notes

’Here’s Hoping’ traveling teabox Round #2 // Tea #8
This paired really well with my raspberry shortcake tonight. The teabag also had to sink to the bottom of the mug, so I had to use my dipper infuser to nab it out… it reminded me of those fishtank grabbers, which is only from the movie ET for me. Anyway, this isn’t a bad little teabag. A decent taste of mango, sometimes candy sweet, sometimes a little plasticy, kind of like that lychee was earlier. The white tea paired well with it as well. Not the best white tea ever though. I’ve tried The Tea Nation’s Earl Grey and I liked that one too, though that one is better.
Steep #1 // 25 min after boiling // 2-3 min

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’Here’s Hoping’ traveling teabox Round #2 // Tea #7
Now I usually don’t like ginger, but whoa, this chai could be on my Top 10 chai list… The dry blend itself looks really well balanced.. the black tea leaves, perfect amount of spices. Oh well, call me a tea nerd, I know! I see cinnamon, ginger, cloves. The flavor is perfect – the right amount of robustness to be tough but not over-power the spices, which is pretty strong itself, but there is also a sweetness.. I’m not sure from what.. maybe the flavoring that should be there? I wouldn’t call this particularly like gingerbread or an unusual amount of ginger. Ginger is my kryptonite, but with chai, it’s okay. I might take the last remaining couple teaspoons of this from the teabox. I think I’ve loved every tea I’ve tried from Simpson & Vail. There will be a S&V order at some point, but definitely not in the next year when I’m already planning on a couple orders.
Steep #1 // just boiled // 3 1/2 min
Steep #2 // just boiled // 4 min

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drank Black Currant Tea by Cameron's
1276 tasting notes

’Here’s Hoping’ traveling teabox Round #2 // Tea #6
Steep #1 // just boiled // 3 min
I had to try this one with such a high rating! I really don’t think black currant is for me though. This isn’t a bad flavor, but it’s pretty light anyway, both the flavor and the black tea itself. I think there was one blackberry leaf in the infuser and it made itself known in the cup anyway! Not too much else to say…

Whoa do I have to get moving with this teabox if I want to mail it in a week. so many teas to try! Basically if I want to try it, and there is only a teaspoon left, I’m taking it out for later. Trying the teas with more than one teaspoon now!

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drank Graveyard Mist by 52teas
1276 tasting notes

’Here’s Hoping’ traveling teabox Round #2 // Tea #5
Steep #1 // 25 min after boiling // 1 1/2 min
Steep #2 // 20 min after boiling // 2-3 min
Another one I’ve always wanted to try. Wooee – I’m kind of surprised at how strong this one is… especially with these parameters! I also only used one teaspoon. If I had let it steep any longer, the green tea would have been bitter. But I love the refreshing spearmint… I just wish there was more mallow. It’s a nice combination though, especially with the green tea. It basically tastes exactly as I imagined, but with a stronger green base. The second cup was just as nice as the first.


No other spearmint tea will ever compare. * sigh *

Tea Sipper

Zen’s Moroccan Mint is pretty good!


I’ll have to check that out! Just tried Teavana’s MM and it was horrid!


I second Zen’s Moroccan Mint. It’s delicious. Hands down one of my favorite summertime iced teas.

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drank Lychee Licious by Fusion Teas
1276 tasting notes

Another one from my Black Friday Fusion samples, just trying now. I don’t think I wanted to try this for the lychee, but for the other ingredients: strawberry, rose, jasmine. All of the lychee teas I’ve tried have tasted like plastic to me, albeit a very fresh tasting plastic, so if all five or so teas have tasted like plastic, that should be an accurate lychee, right? This is the same. I really don’t taste any jasmine or any rose but there is a hint of strawberry. I like the sencha base and it also has a really nice texture, very silky. If I had to choose a lychee blend to have in stock, it would be this one, but it isn’t a favorite. I thought of ESP Emporium’s Lychee tea and searching for the description for that one, it looks like the same ingredients. No wonder I thought of that one. I don’t think ESP’s teas are all that bad… I liked the five or so I bought and even the free samples they sent along ended up being pretty tasty. I just got an e-mail today actually: 30% off all teas using code TEASALE30 at espemporium.com until 5/18/14.
Steep #1 // 30 min after boiling // 3 min steep

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Hi! I love tea and trying new ones – it adds a bit of variety to my day! Books, music, TV & movies are my thing… and tea, of course.

Some of my favorite teas:
52 Teas – zoomdweebies.com

Most of the teas listed in my cupboard are actually sample sizes. I don’t really have 2,000 ounces of tea around here! I was bored one day and found out that most of them have only one teaspoon left… maybe two. But I like keeping them in my cupboard list for reference to what I could be sipping. Usually, I write tasting notes once for each tea. I’m still drinking them, just not writing tasting notes each time!

My dislikes: hibiscus, ginger (unless in chai), charcoal type flavors

My ratings:
95-100 – Super awesome deliciousness favorites
80-95 – Also pretty delicious
65-80 – Pretty good
40-65 – Okay
1-40 – Probably won’t want to sip it again

I’m planning on being a Steepsterer as long as there IS a Steepster, so if you’re not hearing from me, that means something happened to my health… if you know what I mean. :D

Happy sipping!



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